Around 7 crore people in India have diabetes and around 10-15% of these people develop foot problems that start with ulcers. What’s even worse is that around 4-6% of the people having diabetic foot ulcers require amputation. If you get the ulcers and sores in your leg diagnosed at an early stage, you can prevent the condition from getting worse. 

And the good thing is that diabetic foot ulcer treatment cost is less in the early stages. Thus, if you seek treatment, the overall cost of treatment will be around Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 55,000. However, if the condition advances, diabetic foot ulcer treatment cost will go up to Rs. 3-4 lacs which is very expensive. 

In Kochi, the cost of diabetic foot ulcer treatment ranges from Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 4,45,000. The cost usually varies slightly in different cities.

Please note that this is only an estimated price which may vary from one patient to another. The cost of diabetic foot ulcers in Kochi may go higher or get lesser depending upon multiple factors. Therefore, it is recommended that you talk to the healthcare provider and get an estimate of the treatment cost specifically in your case. 

Why does the Cost of Diabetic Foot Ulcer Treatment Varies?

It is not only the city or location that impacts the overall cost of treatment for diabetic foot ulcers. There are a wide variety of factors that are accounted for while calculating the final price. Here is the list of factors that influence the cost of treatment:

Severity of the Condition 

Foot ulcers are categorized in five grades depending on the symptoms and extent of damage. If the ulcer has reached the deeper veins, muscles, and bones, it will be difficult to treat. Therefore, the cost will be higher than your expectations. In some situations, the condition is so severe that the patient’s leg may require amputation to prevent the ulcer infection from spreading to other parts of the body. 

Method of Treatment 

There are a wide variety of treatment procedures available for diabetic foot ulcers. In some cases, non-surgical procedures, like off-loading or oxygen therapy may be enough. However, in other cases, the patient may need debridement, reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, or complete vascular reconstruction to treat the condition. 

Non-surgical treatments will cost less and the price will go higher for surgical procedures. A complete vascular reconstruction will cost the highest. 

Doctor’s fee

As diabetic foot ulcer is a serious condition, it is important to seek help from a highly experienced doctor. An experienced doctor will charge more for consultation as well as to carry out the procedure. Thus, the treatment cost will again increase. 

Diagnostic Tests

To identify the extent of damage done to the bones, muscles, joints, and nerves, the doctor will suggest some tests. Though the tests are not that expensive, they will slightly increase the amount of money you have to spend. The most common tests are blood tests, X-ray, and MRI scans. 


The doctor will prescribe medications to control diabetes, antibiotics to treat the infection, and other medicines that are essential to treat the ulcer and promote healing. These medicines will add up to the overall expense of treatment. 

Hospital-Related Expense 

For surgery as well as non-surgical procedures, you will be admitted to the hospital. The admission, discharge, and bed charges are some other expenses that you will have to bear while seeking treatment for foot ulcers. 

Post-Surgery Care & Follow-ups 

You will have to take multiple follow-ups after starting your treatment. A foot ulcer usually takes months to heal completely. Thus, you will need to come back to the doctor so that he/she can monitor the recovery and readjust your medicines. You may also need support devices for leg movements during the healing period. Thus, the cost will again increase to some extent. 

Is Diabetic Foot Ulcer Surgery Cost in Kochi Covered Under Insurance?

Yes. Diabetic foot ulcers are a very serious condition that can be fatal. This condition comes under critical illnesses. Therefore, its treatment is medically necessary. 

You can contact your healthcare provider and find out how much of the diabetic foot ulcer treatment cost can be covered with your policy. The amount of coverage depends on the plan you purchase. If you bought a minimum plan, there is a possibility that only a part of the treatment will be covered by the insurance policy. And the rest of the treatment cost must be paid from your own pocket. 

Therefore, it is important that whenever you purchase health insurance, you account for all possibilities and get ample coverage against all kinds of diseases and ailments. 

Contact Pristyn Care for Cost-Effective Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcer in Kochi

Whether you reside in Kochi or any other part of India, Pristyn Care can help you get advanced diabetic foot ulcer treatment without worrying about the expenses. 

We provide No-Cost EMI service that allows the patients to pay for the treatment in easy installments. In addition, we also provide discounts on diagnostic tests, free deluxe room in the hospital, free cab service, free follow-ups, and insurance assistance as well. Pristyn Care has established a patient-centric healthcare system that pays attention to specific needs of the patients and makes their treatment journey simple and comfortable. 

*Disclaimer: The Cost mentioned in this blog is what Pristyn Care charges as per the City and Treatment and this cost may vary as well depending on the other factors which increase and decrease the cost. The market cost of the treatment may vary depending upon the healthcare service provider and the functional city.

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