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What is LASIK Eye Surgery?

LASIK is one of the most common techniques to correct vision problems caused by refractive errors, including hyperopia, myopia, and astigmatism. LASIK stands for laser in situ keratomileusis. By undergoing LASIK eye surgery, you can completely get rid of spectacles and contact lenses for a very long term.

If you wish to undergo LASIK surgery in Kochi, you can contact Pristyn Care and consult our best LASIK surgeons for free.

USFDA-Approved Procedures

USFDA-Approved Procedures

Support in Insurance Claim

Support in Insurance Claim

No-Cost EMI

No-Cost EMI

Same-day discharge

Same-day discharge


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Who is eligible for LASIK surgery?
  • You must be older than 18.
  • The cornea must be healthy.
  • Your eye prescription must be stable for at least a year or two.
  • Your best corrected vision (visual acuity) must be at least 20/40.
  • There must not be any active eye disease present.
Why advanced LASIK eye surgery?
  • USFDA-approved treatment
  • Get improved vision
  • No long-downtime
Why Pristyn Care for LASIK surgery?
  • 15+ years experienced eye specialists
  • Free doctor consultation
  • Assistance in insurance claim
  • Free cab facility on surgery day
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Steps Involved in LASIK Eye Surgery

At Pristyn Care, we use all types of LASIK to correct refractive errors, including conventional LASIK, SMILE, Contoura, and others. The procedure involves the following steps:

  • The doctor puts eye drops in your eyes to numb them. Then a lid speculum is placed inside the eyes to hold them open. 
  • A suction ring is placed over the eyes to restrict cornea movements. 
  • Then the surgeon places the laser over the eye to remove the flap over the cornea. In standard LASIK, the flap is created using a scalpel. 
  • Once the flap is removed, the laser cuts tiny portions of the cornea to reshape it until the ideal shape is achieved. 
  • To correct myopia, the cornea is flattened a little bit, and to correct hyperopia, the cornea is made steep. 
  • After reshaping, the flap is placed back in the original position without any stitches and left to heal naturally. 

The corneal correction itself takes only 10 minutes, and the preparation takes around 15-20 minutes. Overall, the treatment takes around 30 minutes, and you can go back home on the same day. For more information, you can contact the best LASIK surgeon in Kochi and find out if you are an eligible candidate for LASIK surgery. 

Why Pristyn Care?

Delivering Seamless Surgical Experience in India


Pristyn Care is COVID-19 safe

Your safety is taken care of by thermal screening, social distancing, sanitized clinics and hospital rooms, sterilized surgical equipment and mandatory PPE kits during surgery.


Assisted Surgery Experience

A dedicated Care Coordinator assists you throughout the surgery journey from insurance paperwork, to free commute from home to hospital & back and admission-discharge process at the hospital.


Medical Expertise With Technology

Our surgeons spend a lot of time with you to diagnose your condition. You are assisted in all pre-surgery medical diagnostics. We offer advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical treatment. Our procedures are USFDA approved.


Post Surgery Care

We offer free follow-up consultations and instructions including dietary tips as well as exercises to every patient to ensure they have a smooth recovery to their daily routines.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the best LASIK surgeons in Kochi?

You can find the best LASIK surgeons or eye specialists in Kochi at Pristyn Care. We house a highly experienced team of ophthalmologists who are well-trained in all the advanced forms of refractive surgeries, including LASIK.

How much does LASIK surgery cost in Kochi?

LASIK eye surgery cost in Kochi ranges from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 1,00,000. The overall cost depends on multiple factors and varies for each patient. To get a closer estimate of LASIK operation cost, you can contact Pristyn Care and talk to our medical coordinators.

What factors impact the cost of LASIK surgery?

Here are the key factors that influence the cost of LASIK operation- 

  • Type of LASIK surgery 
  • Surgeon’s fee 
  • Diagnostic tests 
  • Hospital or clinic-related expenses 
  • Insurance availability 
  • Post-surgery care and support 
  • Follow-up consultation

How long will it take for the eyes to recover completely after the LASIK operation?

After having LASIK, your eyes will need around 2-3 weeks to heal completely. The flap that is created during the surgery is generally left to heal on its own after the procedure. The flap itself may heal within a week or may take a couple of weeks to heal. That’s why the doctor usually asks the patient to follow precautions for a month and monitor eye health properly.

Is LASIK surgery covered under insurance?

Yes, LASIK is covered by insurance but only under specific circumstances. The conditions in which LASIK surgery costs will be covered by insurance include- 

  • If vision problems arise due to injury or accident. 
  • If the refractive error develops as a side effect of other surgical procedures. 
  • The refractive error is higher than 7.5 diopters. 

Is LASIK surgery safe?

Yes, LASIK surgery is one of the safest methods to treat refractive errors. The laser used in the procedure is very advanced and detects even the slightest eye movements. Therefore, there are minimal chances of complications during the surgery. 

Is there an age limit for undergoing LASIK surgery?

No, there is no age limit for LASIK surgery. However, doctors usually suggest the procedure for people between the age of 20 to 30 years. After the age of 30, LASIK is recommended only when the vision is stable and eye health is optimal. For people who are above 40, other vision correction procedures are recommended as eye health declines very rapidly after 40. 

Is LASIK painful?

No, LASIK surgery is usually not painful


. During the procedure, numbing eye drops are used which ensures that the patient doesn’t feel any kind of pain or discomfort. 

How is contoura LASIK surgery different from conventional LASIK operation? 

While the conventional LASIK surgery maps about 200 points in the cornea, the Contoura LASIK maps around 22,000 points on the cornea for more accuracy. Contoura LASIK also has fewer complications as compared to the conventional technique and the damage to the tissues is relatively less.

What is the difference between PRK and LASIK?

The key difference between PRK and LASIK is the creation of a flap in the cornea. While LASIK surgery requires a thin flap to reshape the cornea, PRK removes the outer layer of the cornea completely. In both scenarios, the flap grows back over time.

How long will my vision be blurry after LASIK?

After LASIK, your vision will take around 24 to 48 hours to stabilize. The vision is usually blurry or hazy immediately after surgery as the flap is lifted during the procedure. As the flap adjusts itself and the eyes start to heal, the vision clears up automatically and you can see without using eyeglasses or contact lenses. 

How do I choose the best LASIK eye clinic? 

To choose the best LASIK eye clinic, you will have to keep the following points in mind:

  • The reputation of the clinic
  • The ophthalmology department
  • Technology, diagnostic and surgical equipment used to perform LASIK
  • The success rate of the clinic along with the patient satisfaction record
  • The quality of the medical services and price
  • Reviews of the clinic
  • The location of the clinic

Consider all these aspects while making a decision and you will be able to choose the best eye care clinic to undergo LASIK surgery in Kochi.

Can LASIK be done twice?

Yes. LASIK can be done twice if required to correct regressed vision and the procedure is safe. In some people, the vision regresses after 1 or 2 years of LASIK and they had to undergo the procedure again to regain clear vision. It is called Enhancement Surgery.

What is the average recovery time after LASIK?

The average recovery time after LASIK is around 3 to 4 weeks. However, each eye is different which means the exact recovery time for every eye is also different. Usually, the doctor gives an estimate on how long will it take for your eye to heal completely after LASIK surgery. 

What is the best age to undergo LASIK eye surgery? 

Though LASIK surgery can be performed at any age group, doctors often recommend that the ideal age range for LASIK is between 25 to 40 years. This is because the eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions usually stabilize by the age of 25. And a stable prescription is the eligibility criteria for a LASIK candidate.

How can I contact the best LASIK doctors near me in Kochi?

You can contact the best LASIK surgeons in Kochi near you through Pristyn Care. You can either download our Consult Doctors application to book an appointment with the eye specialists personally. Or you can talk to our medical coordinators to schedule your appointment with the best LASIK doctors near you.

What is the success rate of LASIK?

The success rate, as well as the patient satisfaction rate of LASIK vision correction, is higher than 96%. It can help the patients to achieve 20/20 vision in most cases with minimal complications.

Is the cornea test before LASIK important? 

Yes. The corneal thickness test is a very important test to determine the suitability of the person to undergo LASIK surgery. It is because the surgeon has to remove the corneal tissues to reshape the cornea and correct the refractive errors. If there are not sufficient corneal tissues, you won’t be eligible for LASIK operation.

Tips to choose the best hospital for LASIK surgery in Kochi

Finding the best LASIK eye surgery hospital in Kochi is a challenging task. Every city has numerous hospitals with different levels of amenities. And every patient has different criteria for choosing the hospital or clinic to undergo LASIK eye surgery in Kochi. Here are some key points that must be considered while making the decision- 

  • Quality of Service– Check how well the hospital staff tends to you and observe the environment closely. A good clinic or hospital follows the standard safety and hygiene protocols strictly and pays attention to the patient’s needs. 
  • Patient Experience- Do not forget to review the testimonials and reviews given by the previous patients. This will give you an insight into how the patients are treated at the hospitals. 
  • Treatment Cost- Every clinic and hospital charges a fixed amount for the treatments. You need to compare the treatment cost at different LASIK centers to find the one which is more affordable and provides optimal care without compromising the quality of service. 
  • Technology- Different techniques are used to perform LASIK surgery. And all medical centers don’t have all the latest technologies available. For instance, a LASIK center may use an excimer laser while others may use a femtosecond laser. So, make sure that you choose a clinic that has all technologies and doesn’t restrict your options for the type of LASIK. 

Keep the above-mentioned points in mind and discuss them with your choice of doctor to make an informed decision. 

Follow Proper Recovery Tips After LASIK Operation

If you undergo LASIK surgery in Kochi under the care of Pristyn Care surgeons, they will ensure that you follow the recovery tips properly to recover quickly and smoothly. Some of the tips that will further help you recover faster are:

  • Use the prescribed medications as directed by the doctor.
  • Keep your eyes moist.
  • Do not wash your eyes with soap or use chemical products, such as makeup, shampoo, hair color, that can irritate your eyes.
  • Do not swim or use hot tubs for at least 2 weeks after surgery.
  • Keep your eyes covered while going out in the sun.
  • Wear a protective shield to ensure that you don’t poke or rub your eyes in sleep.

Eat a healthy diet that will fasten up the healing process. If you have any doubts or concerns regarding the recovery or experience persistent pain or itchiness in the eyes, you can get back to our experts at any point.

How to prepare for LASIK Eye Surgery?

  • If you are an eligible candidate for LASIK surgery, the eye specialist will advise you to follow the tips below and to take some precautions to ensure that there are no major complications during the procedure and your eyes respond well to the treatment. These tips include:
  • Stop wearing the contact lenses before having LASIK. If you wear soft contacts, you’ll have to stop at least a week before the surgery. And if you wear hard contacts, you will have to stop wearing them at least a month before the procedure. This is important because wearing contact lenses can alter the shape of the cornea and affect the results.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes as you’ll be undergoing surgery in those same clothes. It is important that you follow this advice and wear clothes that are appropriate to wear in the operating room as well.
  • Ask your friend or family member to drive you back from the surgery center. Though you won’t be asleep during the procedure, the anesthesia will still have some lingering effects. Therefore, it is not safe for you to drive yourself.
  • Avoid wearing any makeup, perfume, or lotions on the day of surgery as these products act like contaminants for the face.
  • Do tell your surgeon about your medical history and any medication you are allergic to. This may impact the outcome of the surgery and the precautions you’ll have to take after surgery.

Benefits of LASIK Eye Treatment

LASIK treatment has become a popular way to restore clear vision in patients over the years. This is because it has many aspects that are beneficial for the patients. The key benefits of the LASIK eye treatment are:

  • Improved Vision- The patient can achieve 20/20 vision or perfect eyesight after LASIK.
  • Safety- The latest advancements and innovations in laser vision correction procedures make the surgery safer and precise.
  • Faster Healing- Being a minimally invasive surgery, LASIK has less downtime for the patient and the healing is also quick.
  • Minimal Complications- There are very few complications of LASIK surgery and even those ones can be managed with certain medicines or precautionary steps.
  • Less Expensive- Compared to the amount of money you spend on contact lenses, frames, and contact solutions over the years can easily make up for the expenses of LASIK surgery. And you’ll save more money when your vision is clear and you no longer need visual aids
  • Additional Adjustments- Another great benefit of LASIK is that if needed, you can undergo the procedure again to adjust your vision further if it changes.

Due to all these advantages, people are becoming more inclined to LASIK and other latest forms of vision correction too.

Types of LASIK in Kochi Performed At Pristyn Care 

Whether you want to undergo blade LASIK, bladeless LASIK, or premium LASIK surgery, Pristyn Care has all the latest technologies available so that you can choose from the best options. 

The different types of LASIK surgery performed by our eye specialists in Kochi include- 

  • Conventional LASIK is the most common type of LASIK surgery in Kochi. It involves using a scalpel to create the flap and then reshaping the corneal tissues by using the excimer laser. 
  • SBK (Sub-Bowman’s Keratomileusis) is also known as thin-flap LASIK. A very thin flap is created to access the corneal tissues. It preserves the corneal tissues and strengthens them. 
  • Femtosecond LASIK is a bladeless procedure in which the femtosecond laser is used to create the flap and the cornea is reshaped using the excimer laser. It provides fast visual recovery and provides aspheric treatment as well. 
  • SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) LASIK is another bladeless LASIK surgery that is suggested for people with a high risk of dry eyes. In this type of LASIK, only a femtosecond laser is used to create a lenticule and reshape the cornea. 
  • Contoura Vision LASIK is the premium type of LASIK where Femto laser, excimer laser, and topolyser are used to correct refractive power, remove corneal aberrations, and provide aspheric treatment. It involves creating a 3D map of the cornea and dividing it into 22,000 points. The laser focuses precisely on these 22,000 points to correct vision problems. 

Under the care of Pristyn Care’s LASIK surgeons in Kochi, you can opt for any of these types of LASIK eye surgery and achieve perfect vision.

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