Kidney stones are the masses of minerals that form inside the kidneys. The excess of minerals such as calcium and uric acid that starts accumulating in the kidneys are the major reason for the development of kidney stones.

However, sometimes the actual cause of kidney stones remains unidentified. But, you must know about the major lifestyle factors that can trigger the formation of kidney stones.

Some of the major risk factors for kidney stones are:

  • Excess of protein diet
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Consuming too much of vitamin D

The most common advice that every doctor gives to deal with kidney stones is to stay hydrated- drink lots of water. 

Though we have heard it numerous times, do we actually drink enough water with kidney stones?

Let’s bring more emphasis here on how much water you should drink with kidney stones and why.

The human body is made up of 60-70 percent water. The kidneys perform the function of filtering fluid out of the blood and the urinary system then flushes out the concentrated filtrate in the form of urine.

In a day, the kidneys filter the entire 3-liter plasma volume for about 60 times. This means that about 180 liters of fluid are filtered each day. Out of these 180 liters, an average healthy human produces about 1-2 liters of urine daily. 

Therefore, the normal daily water intake recommendation for a normal human is about 2 liters, in order to compensate for the fluid removed in the form of urine and sweat. The problem of kidney stones arises when the per day output of urine is less than 1 liter. Thus, for a person with kidney stones, drinking enough water becomes even more important.

Having enough water flushes out the toxins and kidney stones

Staying hydrated is the key to stopping the existing kidney stones from growing. And if you drink enough water, it may also help in passing the stone. More water intake means more urine output, which in turn, means that the excess salts and minerals are flushed out of the body. Thus, excess salts cannot stick to the kidney stone and the stone won’t grow in size. In addition to this, water also helps in moving the stone so that it can travel through the urinary tract and eventually get removed through the urine.

Normally, if you have kidney stones, doctors recommend drinking about 3-4 litres (8-10 glasses of water) of water every day. This quantity makes up for the removed fluid and the surplus aids in the passage of the stone. 

healthy kidney-drink water for kidney stones

And if you exercise with kidney stones, the fluid intake should be slightly greater. Make sure that you drink enough water while exercising to prevent dehydration.

Also, the color of your urine can also tell you if you are drinking enough fluids or not. The color of urine under normal circumstances should be somewhere between pale yellow to deep amber. If you notice dark-colored urine, it means that you are dehydrated and need to drink more water.

Although water plays a crucial role in flushing kidney stones out, it is important to remember not to drink a lot of water in an attempt to flush kidney stones out faster. The chances of drinking too much water are rare, still, it can happen. And when it does, it overworks the kidneys and prevents them from functioning optimally. Also, it can dilute the sodium contents in your body and lead to adverse effects.

Other hydrating fluids that you can drink with kidney stones include:
coconut water good for kidney stones

  • Fresh lemon soda
  • Pomegranate juice
  • Coconut water
  • Mixed fruit juices (fresh and unsweetened)
  • Vegetable juices
  • Cucumber and lemon detox water
  • Watermelon mint detox water
    lemon cucumber detox water

These fluids will not only hydrate you but also have a cooling effect on your body. Especially, the detox water will readily flush out the excess minerals or toxins that contribute to kidney stone formation. 

Now that you know about the wonderful benefits of drinking enough water with kidney stones, you should also know about the drinks to avoid. There are certain drinks or beverages that can aggravate the symptoms of kidney stones.

Here are the things you must refrain from drinking when you have kidney stones:

  • Too much of caffeine (tea and coffee)
  • Carbonated colassay no to carbonated colas drinks
  • Drinks with artificial sweeteners
  • Avoid consuming alcohol as it has severe dehydrating effects on the body (Also read: What food causes kidney stones?)

What you eat and drink majorly affects the functioning of the body. And these effects are even more prominent when you are dealing with some ailment or problem. This is true in the case of kidney stones as well. Therefore, if you have kidney stones, you need to be extra aware of what is good for your kidneys and what is not. Drink plenty of water, eat the right foods, and avoid the wrong ones.

Kidney Stone Removal Surgery

Take Away

You should not rely solely on the water for getting rid of kidney stones. Seek medical consultation in time and get discuss with your doctor what you need to do to improve the condition. Timely treatment can save you from the severe discomforts and complications of kidney stones.

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