The following is the story of Sujith, one of the patients from Pristyn Care who underwent laser surgery.

My name is Sujith. Through this testimonial, I wanted to share the wonderful experience I had with Pristyn Care. This is nothing promotional, It is simply what I feel about this organization. 

A few months ago, I suddenly started feeling pain and discomfort whenever I went to the loo. I ignored it in the beginning, but it caught my attention when I noticed bleeding a couple of weeks later. This was a clear indication for me to see a doctor. 

I went to a general physician to get my problem diagnosed and treated. The doctor told me to get some tests done first. I got all the told tests done and went back in a couple of days. 

This time I was told that I needed a few scams now, only then a diagnosis can be made. I did what I was told again. A week passed and I had been constantly running around for tests and scans with no diagnosis or treatment at all. Later on, I found out that the doctor had misdiagnosed me, and was treating me wrong.

I decided to go to a well-reviewed hospital for my treatment, and I read about Pristyn Care online. I made an appointment and met Dr. Naveen. He asked a few things about my issue and physically checked me. He diagnosed me rightly in the very first appointment without any tests. When we discussed treatment options, Dr. Naveen told me about their painless and stitch-less surgeries. We agreed on a day for the surgery in the coming week. 

Everything regarding the surgery, from my pick-and-drop to my paperwork, was done by the hospital, and I was not given any unnecessary hassle at all. 

My surgery was done successfully within a couple of hours, and as Dr. Naveen said, there were neither stitches nor pain. My Prystin Care Buddy, Piyush stood by my side the entire time I was in the hospital. He made sure I got my medications and meals on time and guided me through the recovery. Two days after the surgery, I was examined once again, and was discharged. I went for a follow-up a week later, and it was confirmed that my problem was gone once and for all. 

I have no words to express how satisfied I am with the services of Prystin care. I think the way they treat me should be the way for treatments in general, where the patient’s comfort and the condition are the top priority and everything is done to make sure they are at ease. I’m highly grateful to Dr. Naveen, Piyush, and the entire team, and I hope Pristyn Care expands and flourishes.


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