What Are The Different Types Of Colon Surgeries

Colorectal cancer is considered to be the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women in the world. Ulcerative colitis (UC) is another disease that has now become common among middle-aged and older persons. This is a type of inflammatory bowel disease that causes irritation and swelling of the colon or large intestine. To cure these diseases, doctors recommend several surgeries.

Why colon surgery is needed?

large intestine surgery is recommended by doctors in any of the cases discussed below-

Colon cancer
  • Excessive bleeding from the large intestine that cannot be controlled and needs surgery on an immediate basis so the affected port can be removed.
  • Bowel obstruction caused by a blocked colon is an emergency that may require a partial or total colectomy
  • As mentioned above, sometimes in the early stages of colon cancer a small section needs to be removed during colectomy.
  • In cases where medication is unable to cure Chron’s disease, colectomy is carried out to provide permanent relief.
  • If the patient is at a very high risk of colon cancer due to the formation of multiple precancerous colon polyps, one may choose to opt for a colectomy.

Types of the colon and rectal surgeries-

Depending on the severity of the disease and your physical health, doctors can recommend any of the following surgeries-


Colectomy or large bowel resection is commonly known as large intestine surgery. This is a surgical treatment in which a part of the whole colon or large intestine is removed.


There are four types of colectomy

  • Partial or subtotal colectomy in which part of the colon is removed
  • In total colectomy, the entire colon is removed
  • Proctocolectomy is the removal of the large intestine along with the rectum
  • In Hemicolectomy, the right or left portion of the colon is removed



It is a surgery that basically changes how your excretes waste and fecal matter. Doctors recommend this procedure to cure a blockage, an injury, Crohn’s disease, and even colorectal cancer. In this procedure, one end of your large intestine is diverted through an incision in the abdominal wall to an opening, known as a stoma. You should keep in mind that colostomies do not provide permanent solutions, especially in children with birth effects.

Endoscopic surgery-

This type of surgery allows the surgeon to see inside your colon and perform surgery with the help of a tube with a camera and light at the tip, known as a scope. This surgery also allows the surgeon to make the surgery without making any major incisions. This allows for faster recovery along with minimum pain and discomfort.

J-Pouch Procedure-

In this type of procedure, a pouch is created at the end of your small intestine and then attached to the anus. This procedure is recommended by doctors when your large intestine is completely removed. This helps to restore control over bowel function. The benefits of this surgery include preserving the anus, no need for permanent opening and a waste bag. This is a life-altering procedure which is done by expert doctors.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) Surgery-

In this type of colon surgery, your doctor may remove part of the bowel (large or small intestine). This surgery is considered to be the most effective for curing ulcerative colitis and also removing the risk of colon cancer. This can be done in two ways- an open or laparoscopic procedure


It is the most appropriate treatment when the rectum prolapse. During the surgery, the surgeon will make an incision in your abdomen and then separates the rectum from the surrounding tissue. After this, the rectum is lifted and sutured to your lower backbone, using a mesh-like material. It is vital you follow a liquid diet until your bowel function returns to normal completely. You will completely recover within four to six weeks.

Once the colectomy is complete, doctors suggest that patients limit their consumption of dairy products. You should consume low fat and high fiber foods. Regularly eat small meals is. Take care of the wound so that faster recovery is ensured. At Pristyn Care, our doctors use the most-advanced laparoscopic technique to provide various colon and rectal surgeries. Contact us now to know more about laparoscopic colorectal surgeries.

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