Hydrocele appears like a soft swelling around the testicles (in the scrotum). It is a medical condition that arises when fluid fills in one or both testicles due to injury or trauma. Hydroceles may or may not be painful.

The swelling of the testicles is of course very uncomfortable to deal with on an everyday basis. A person suffering from hydrocele may also feel embarrassed to step out and meet people. And it is not just about the embarrassment, it is highly recommended to treat hydrocele in time to avoid any complications.

Since hydrocele is quite a common condition in males (both in infants and adults), there are various treatments available to get rid of it. Here you will get to know about the effective homeopathic treatment for hydrocele.

Best Homeopathic Medicines to Cure Hydrocele

The different types of medications provided by homeopathy are given here. Before you try out these medicines, be sure to consult your doctor.

  • Conium

Conium is one of the most widely prescribed homeopathic medicines for hydrocele. It is particularly very beneficial in the case of hydroceles that develop due to injury or trauma to the scrotum. Conium helps subside the sharp and cutting pain of hydrocele. It also reduces pain in the testicles and the spermatic cord, if present. A 30c potency of Conium is usually effective for treating hydroceles.

  • Arnica

Arnica is another popular homeopathic medicine for the treatment of hydroceles that form due to blows and injuries. Although Arnica is mostly used topically, some oral medicines containing highly diluted Arnica are also available. Arnica readily reduces the bruising in the scrotum and testes. Arnica also provides relief from the soreness and swelling in the scrotum. For hydroceles, Arnica 30c potency is recommended.

  • Berberis Vulgaris

Berberis Vulgaris is probably one of the most important medicines used in homeopathy. It is used for the treatment of a wide range of ailments, hydrocele being one of them. Berberis Vulgaris has excellent pain-relieving effects and thus reduces the smarting and stitching pain in the testes and scrotum. It also alleviates the burning sensation caused due to hydrocele. Like other medicines, a 30c potency of Berberis Vulgaris is administered for hydrocele treatment.

  • Nux Vomica

Nux Vomica is a homeopathic medicine for the treatment of various problems related to male genitalia. It is an excellent remedy for hydrocele as well. It is loaded with anti-inflammatory properties and thus it alleviates the pain and swelling of hydrocele. Nux Vomica is particularly helpful in cases where the hydrocele causes a drawing and constricting pain in the scrotum and testes. It reduces the sharp pain and thus provides relief from these discomforting hydroceles.

  • Clematis

Clematis 30c potency is yet another homeopathic medicine for painful hydroceles. The pain-relieving properties of Clematis subside the burning pain of the scrotum. This homeopathic remedy also reduces bruising in the scrotum and provides relief from the soreness of hydrocele. Although right-sided hydroceles are rare, if hydrocele in your case is right-sided, Clematis is probably the best homeopathic medicine you can take.

  • Rhododendron

This is one of the most widely prescribed homeopathic medicines for left-sided and congenital hydroceles. Rhododendron 30c is usually prescribed for this purpose. This homeopathy medicine reduces the drawing and bruising pain in the scrotum. If your testicles feel crushed, Rhododendron can benefit in this condition too.

  • Pulsatilla

Pulsatilla 30c is a homeopathic medicine very effective in the treatment of hydroceles that are present from birth. This medicine subsides the burning and aching pain of hydrocele. Pulsatilla also provides relief from the scrotal swelling and thus helps reduce soreness in the scrotum.

Take note– These homeopathic medicines mostly work wonderfully in doing away with the troubles of hydroceles. But in some severe cases, there is a possibility that hydrocele may reappear in some time even after the homeopathic treatment.

In such a recurring or severe case of hydrocele where medicines cannot treat the root cause, doctors recommend surgical treatment. There is no major complication involved in the modern hydrocelectomy procedure. It is actually really convenient and reliable.

A Brief Insight into Modern Surgical Treatment for Hydrocele- Hydrocelectomy

The technique of hydrocelectomy is standard and it is the only solution for hydrocele. Some doctors prefer using the open technique whereas some doctors also leverage the laser technique to perform hydrocelectomy. 

In open hydrocelectomy, the surgery is performed through an incision in the pelvis or the scrotum directly to drain the fluid. In laser hydrocelectomy, the surgeon uses a high-intensity laser beam to drain the scrotal fluid. The surgeon then removes the hydrocele sac and closes the incision, thereby preventing any further occurrences of hydrocele.

Laser hydrocelectomy is a very simple yet very effective technique that helps you get rid of this troublesome condition without any hassles. It is an absolutely safe procedure that guarantees a 100 percent complication-free riddance from hydroceles. The best part is that laser hydrocelectomy is absolutely painless and ensures a speedy recovery after the procedure. With just a few precautions, you can go back to your routine life in less than even a week. 

You can consult an expert urologist and talk to them about the most suitable treatment method for hydrocele.

The Bottom Line

Dealing with hydrocele can become a matter of great worry if you keep on delaying medical attention. In adults, this condition requires proper treatment in order to lead a healthy life. Some men may feel hesitant in opening up to a doctor regarding hydrocele, but you must know it is a fairly common condition. It is very much possible to get rid of hydrocele without any hiccups if you remain proactive towards your health.

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