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A hydrocele is a discomforting condition that troubles men. In hydrocele, fluid assembles in the scrotum (sac around the testes). Due to the accumulation of fluid in the scrotum, it becomes swollen and appears enlarged. Hydroceles are really common in babies and it’s a fact that one out of 10 babies has the problem of hydrocele.  And, not just babies, hydrocele is a common problem in male adults as well.

If you are suffering from hydrocele, you may notice symptoms such as redness, itching, soreness, etc. Most people who suffer from hydrocele do not face pain, they just complain about painless swelling in the scrotum. But in some cases, a person may feel pain along with these other symptoms.

image showing normal testicles vs hydrocele

When these symptoms of hydrocele arise, you should not ignore or take them casually. There are numerous treatments available to cure the problem of hydrocele. You will be happy to know that there are also effective home remedies for hydrocele. 

Surgical Treatment For Hydrocele

Home remedies for hydrocele – How to cure hydrocele at home 

  • Eat lots of Fruits  

We all know that our diet plays an important role in building our health. In a condition like a hydrocele, having an exclusive fruit diet brings major relief to the symptoms. You must have apples, oranges, peaches, pineapple, and grapes in your regular diet. You can also go for only fruits diet for 3-5 days to witness an immediate significant relief in your symptoms of hydrocele. 

Also, you have to avoid tinned or canned fruits and juices. Such fruits and juices contain preservatives that are not helpful in hydrocele. So you must refrain from eating them. 

  • Eat boiled veggies more often

Eating boiled vegetables is an effective home remedy to shrink hydrocele

You can have boiled vegetables in your lunch and dinner. Or you can even have a fresh vegetable salad every day. It will make you feel light and reduce the heaviness and pain in the hydrocele. This is quite a simple yet effective remedy that you can follow to ease out the symptoms of hydrocele.

  • Try epsom salt bath to shrink hydrocele

epsom salt bath for hydrocele home treatment

Fill a tub with warm water and add 2-3 cups of Epsom salt to it. Relax in the tub for 15-20 minutes and keep the legs separated. The warm water stimulates the circulation of blood and body fluids. The Epsom salt helps in draining the fluid out of the hydrocele. The salt is enriched in magnesium that relaxes the muscles and brings a major relief to the tenderness due to hydrocele. Thus, the Epsom salt bath once or twice is really helpful in getting rid of hydrocele.

  • Herbal paste for hydrocele

You can make a paste of black pepper (around 5grms) and cumin powder in warm water. Apply this paste on the hydrocele affected part. Leave this paste for a few minutes, then wash it off with warm water. Remember to not use too hot water as it can lead to more inflammation of hydrocele.

  • Stay hydrated 

man drinking water

Make sure that you drink lots of water and healthy fluids that keep you hydrated and healthy. Especially, if you have hernia and hydrocele both, you must be careful to keep the body hydrated.

  • Black tea and ginger tea may work

Ginger tea for hydrocele home treatment

Black tea soothes out the pain and subsides the swelling of hydrocele. Having a small cup of ginger tea every day alleviates the pain and inflammation of hydrocele. 

  • Try aloe vera and amla juice

ALOE-VERA juice for hydrocele home treatment

Having a cup of aloe vera and amla juice (in equal proportions) every morning on empty stomach help in hydrocele. It relieves the inflammation, itching, and soreness that hydrocele causes.

  • Wear a scrotal supports for hydrocele

Wearing scrotal supports allow you to carry on with daily life. It also helps in coping with the heaviness or dragging down feeling that hydrocele causes.

  • Apply ice packs to reduce hydrocele pain and swelling

You can use ice packs or cold compression twice or thrice a week. This will help in easing out the discomforts of hydrocele and reduce the swelling.

  • Make healthy lifestyle choices 

Bring gradual and healthy changes in your lifestyle. Ditch the inactive lifestyle and maintain healthy body weight. Practice simple yoga asanas that are effective in curing hydrocele. You can perform Vajrasana, Garudasana (the eagle pose), and Gaumukhasana every morning. Just make sure you learn these asanas well or perform them under guidance. These yoga asanas will definitely help in bringing wonderful symptomatic relief from hydrocele.

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Effective home remedies for hydrocele treatment

Things to avoid when during hydrocele home treatment 

Other than following these home remedies, you should be aware of the things to refrain from. There are certain things that can aggravate the problem of hydrocele. Let’s gain an insight into them.

If you diagnosed with hydrocele and are trying to shrink hydrocele using home remedies, it is important to avoid doing activities or things that can worsen condition or the symptoms of hydrocele. Avoid doing these following things while you are using hydrocele home treatment or remedies to shrink the hydrocele- 

  • Avoid having stimulants (caffeinated drinks) such as tea and coffee. Limiting the consumption of tea and coffee will keep you safe from the chances of dehydration.
  • Smoking and drinking alcohol is a big no! These habits can worsen your condition of hydrocele.
  • Indulging in heavy or strenuous physical activities can land you in more trouble. Activities that involve pressure on the lower body can increase the pain and swelling of hydrocele. 
  • Tight clothing is not a good idea when you are dealing with the condition of hydrocele. It will only add up to your discomforts. So, choose loose-fitting and airy comfortable clothes.
  • Do not go to bed immediately after your meal. It will cause more heaviness in the hydrocele. Thus, maintain a gap of at least 1-2 hours between your meal and sleeping time.
  • Avoid having heavy meals after your lunch. Keep the dinner light and nutritious.
  • Putting extra strain or pressure while passing stools or urinating increases the risk of soreness of hydrocele. Therefore, you should ensure that you do not face the troubles of constipation.

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things to avoid if you have hydrocele

What if home remedies do not seem to work?

Home remedies for hydrocele treatment may completely cure mild cases of hydrocele. But in severe cases of hydrocele, there are chances that hydrocele home treatment may not help in curing the condition. Many times, hydroceles become recurrent and may  not respond effectively to non-surgical treatments. Surgery becomes necessary in such cases. If your doctor has suggested surgery, you should not delay surgery as it can lead to severe complications. It is wise to consult a urologist in the if you have severe symptoms of hydrocele of if hydrocele does not shrink even with home remedies. After proper diagnosis, the doctor may suggest you effective treatment for hydrocele depending upon your condition. Urologists at Pristyn Care specialise in performing laser hydrocelectomy which can be completed in under 30 minutes and is a permanent solution for hydrocele. Laser hydrocele surgery is a minimally invasive procedure and involves no blood loss, pain, sutures or downtime from regular life. the patient can resume his regular life after a rest of 1 or 2 days after the surgery.

Undergoing laser hydrocelectomy is indeed a much better and wiser decision rather than suffering from the condition and avoiding surgery.

You can contact us at Pristyn Care if you are looking for the best treatment of hydrocele. Our medical coordinator will get you in touch with one of the best specialist doctors. So stop worrying and receive the treatment that can put an end to the problem of hydrocele. You can also consult a urologist for hydrocele treatment from the comfort of your home, or anywhere else. 

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Will I have pain after hydrocele surgery?


You may experience mild swelling and pain in the area of the scrotum after surgery. Your surgeon will prescribe you pain medications to ease the pain. You can use ice packs for the first 24 hours to reduce swelling and pain.


What should I do if home remedies for hydrocele do not work?

If hydrocele home treatment or remedies do not work or if the swelling keeps increasing, you should consult a urologist without further delays.


Is laser surgery for hydrocele safe?

Laser hydrocelectomy is an absolutely safe procedure. There is no risk of complications associated with the laser treatment of hydrocele.



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