It is definitely not easy to live with an extremely painful and discomforting cyst on your lower back. The pilonidal sinus develops on the tailbone just near the crease between the buttocks. The most common reasons for this painful condition are the excessive coarse hair and long continuous hours of sitting in one position.

The sooner you identify the symptoms of pilonidal sinus, the shorter you have to live with it. Not paying attention to pilonidal sinus in its initial stages can make it severe and create more problems for you. 

pilonidal cyst-cyst on the tailbone

There are a few tips that can make life with pilonidal sinus a little bit easier. 

Let’s quickly get some insight into some of the things that can help you live with pilonidal sinus. 

  • Maintain proper hygiene of the area

If you are dealing with pilonidal sinus, maintaining good hygiene becomes all the more important. Make sure you properly clean the area every day with mild soap and wash off all the soap properly. Avoid using harsh soaps as they can further irritate the cyst. Keep the buttocks regions clean and dry. Doing so will help reduce the risk of infections in the pilonidal cyst.

  • Do not pressurize the buttocks region
    pressure on the tailbone cyst

Try to keep pressure off of the buttocks region as much as possible. Friction and excessive pressure can push more hair into the skin pits and further aggravate the condition of pilonidal sinus. For this purpose, you can also get yourself a coccyx pillow that will help minimize the pressure on the cyst region.

Avoid sitting continuously for prolonged periods
woman suffering from pilonidal sinus pain

Long sitting hours is one of the major risk factors for the pilonidal cyst. Prolonged sitting allows sweat and other particles to fester in the region and if these enter the skin pits, they can lead to infections in the cyst. Thus, if you are experiencing the troubles of pilonidal sinus, make sure you do not sit continuously for prolonged periods of time. 

  • Wear comfortable and airy clothes
    loose fitting clothes for pilonidal sinus

If you have pilonidal sinus, paying attention to what you wear becomes very important. Avoid wearing clothes and undergarments that are too tight as these can rub against the pilonidal cyst and irritate it, thereby adding even more to your misery. Instead, prefer loose and comfortable clothes so that the contact between the skin and the clothes can be minimized.

  • Use depilatory creams
    depilatory cream for pilonidal sinus

Hair entering the skin pits is the most widely believed cause of pilonidal sinus. Therefore, in order to prevent more hair from entering the skin, shave the hair in the region using depilatory creams. However, before using any hair removal cream, remember to discuss with your doctor so that any unprecedented side effects can be avoided.

  • Avoid vigorous exercises

Refrain from indulging in high-intensity rigorous exercises. These can put extra strain on the buttocks region and can worsen the pain and discomfort of pilonidal sinus. Also, avoid lifting heavy weights and other friction-creating activities. (Also read: Yoga for pilonidal sinus)

  • Try sitz baths
    sitz bath for pilonidal sinus

Sitz baths and Epsom salt baths work amazingly in draining pus from the infected pilonidal cyst and also promote faster healing of the cyst. All you need to do is fill the bath with warm water and add 3-4 spoons of Epsom salt in it. Sit in the bathtub for 20 minutes. This would not only drain the cyst but also soothe the pain and itching in the region.

  • Take your medicines on time

For pilonidal sinus in the initial stages, the doctor usually prescribes certain antibiotics to prevent the cyst from getting infected. In addition to antibiotics, your doctor may also have prescribed some pain-relieving medicines. Take your medicines on time and in proper doses. Do not overdose and do not in any case self-medicate.

Following the above-mentioned tips will certainly help you carry on with your routine life without much discomfort. 

Medical advice is necessary 

However, you should remember that you can’t dodge the discomforts of pilonidal sinus for long. Therefore, you should consult a specialist doctor and get pilonidal sinus treated as soon as possible. 

Proper diagnosis and timely treatment will save you from any unpleasant complications so that you can lead a healthy and pain-free life. 

Depending upon the severity of the condition, the treatment for pilonidal sinus can vary from home remedies to surgery. 

If you are looking for permanent riddance from the troubles of pilonidal sinus, undergoing laser treatment is the best choice. With the modern laser treatment, you can say goodbye to pilonidal sinus without any hassles and can go back to your normal life within no time. 

For more details on the laser treatment for pilonidal sinus, you can contact Pristyn Care. Our medical coordinators will guide you throughout the entire procedure and will answer any queries you have. 

Take Away

Living with pilonidal sinus can surely be difficult but a few lifestyle changes can help you get through it. Take proper precautions, eat healthy food, have a healthy lifestyle and seek medical consultation to get rid of pilonidal sinus faster. 

If you have yet not found a good doctor for your problem, Pristyn Care is just the right place for you. Book your appointment today and lead a happy and trouble-free life. 

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