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Do you experience difficulty and pain while sitting or wearing clothes? Or do you have a pimple-like structure causing swelling, redness, and itching at the bottom of your tailbone? If yes, then you may be suffering from pilonidal sinus. You must be look pilonidal sinus treatment without surgery. 

Let’s now look at some of the non-surgical methods to treat pilonidal sinus:

Home remedies for pilonidal sinus

 There are a number of home remedies that have proven to be effective in providing relief from the symptoms of pilonidal sinus naturally. Some of these home remedies are:

  • Applying tea tree oil helps in soothing the infection and thus provides relief
  • Sage oil helps prevent the infection from spreading
  • Castor oil helps in healing the cyst faster
  • Increasing the amount of Vitamin A intake helps in providing relief from the pain.
  • Apple cider vinegar balances the pH of the affected area and also flushes out the toxins
  • Black tea has anti-inflammatory properties and thus reduces the pain and swelling.

home remedies for pilonidal sinus

Warm compression techniques

Applying a hot and wet compress to the cyst a few times every day relieves pain and itching. Using a warm towel on the cyst can help in improving blood circulation. Due to the increased blood circulation, the pain gets reduced and the recovery from the cyst is improved. Using warm compression technique for about 15 minutes daily provides substantial relief from the troubles caused by pilonidal sinus.

Bathing in warm water soothes pilonidal sinus

If you are having pilonidal sinus, soaking the affected area in shallow and warm water can be very effective in providing relief. You can also try a sitz bath for the same. Sitz bath helps in reducing the pain and the risk of the cyst from worsening.

sitz bath for pilonidal sinus

Medications and Ointments

There are a number of medicines available for curing pilonidal sinus. Allopathy, Ayurveda and Homeopathy have effective medicines that bring major relief from pilonidal sinus.

In allopathy, broad-spectrum antibiotics are extensively used for treating the non-severe cases of pilonidal sinus. So, if the doctor diagnoses you with the early stage, you might not face any severe pain or inflammation, but rather only mild discomfort. In such a condition, your doctor will most likely prescribe some antibiotics. It will help in subsiding the bumpy cyst and heal the infection to minimize discomfort. Medicines like ibuprofen and acetaminophen are most widely used for reducing pain.

Other treatment for pilonidal sinus at home

Pilonidal sinus is quite a common condition in which an internal channel forms in the natal cleft just near the hips. Usually, when fluid and pus fills in this internal passage, it results in the formation of a cyst at the bottom of the tailbone. Thus, this cyst contains hair, dirt, and debris and infectious material. The most troublesome thing about this cyst is leakage of purulent discharge that has a foul smell. And, the person may notice some blood along with the discharge. You can imagine how troublesome this condition can be.

Pilonidal sinus is most commonly seen in people between the age of 15-40 years. Initially, in some cases, pilonidal sinus does not show any symptoms. But in other cases, a person may face intense pain and discomfort in carrying out his daily routine work. The earliest onset of pilonidal sinus coincides with the time when sex hormones are first produced. This shows that changes in hormones are one of the causes of pilonidal sinus.

You must know that obesity, long-sitting jobs, hairy and deep natal clefts, and family history of the condition make a person highly prone to pilonidal sinus. Also, pilonidal sinus is more common in men than in women probably due to the reason that men are hairier than women. 

Now that you’ve seen the causes of pilonidal sinus and its troubles, you must be wondering how to get rid of pilonidal sinus without surgery. Although surgery is considered to be the permanent solution for the problem, many people suffering from pilonidal sinus are hesitant to undergo surgery. Thus, they look out for alternative non-surgical methods.

Yes, there are some treatments that provide relief from pilonidal sinus without surgery as well.

Ayurveda for Pilonidal Sinus

In Ayurveda, a technique called Kshar Sutra is very common for treating pilonidal sinus. Kshar Sutra is an ayurvedic technique that makes the use of ayurvedic herbs to curb the infection. In this technique, the ayurvedic doctor places a thread laced with ayurvedic herbs in the sinus. The doctor recommends replacing the thread every 7 days. The entire procedure usually takes 4-8 weeks. Also, the duration of the treatment depends on the seriousness of the pilonidal sinus.

Homeopathy for pilonidal sinus

Homeopathy also has a variety of medicines that are effective against pilonidal sinus and are completely risk-free. Homeopathic medicines like Myristica, Silicea, Merc Sol, Hepar Sulph, and Calcarea Sulph are the best for the purpose. These medicines help in getting you rid of the pain, swelling, and itchiness that pilonidal sinus causes.

homeopathic medicines for pilonidal sinus

In addition to these medications, there are creams and ointments that have wonderful healing effects on the cyst. You can ask your doctor to prescribe topical antibiotics and antibacterial cream. Such creams and ointments fasten the healing process along with proper medications. Also, the doctors suggest using some depilatory creams(hair removal creams) for shaving the affected area. Doing so minimizes the chances of recurrence of pilonidal sinus.

A note not to miss!

The above-mentioned methods are very effective but this condition has a tendency to reappear. These may provide relief for some time but it is possible that you may have to face the discomforts again. If you are seeking a permanent solution to the problem, you should consult your doctor. If your doctor suggests that you should undergo the surgical treatment, do not fret. Choosing modern surgery for treatment is also absolutely fine.

The modern surgical treatment of pilonidal sinus is a minor procedure. Also, with the development of laser-based surgery, the procedure has become minimally-invasive and does not inflict any pain. Laser-based treatment also ensures that the problem won’t reappear. It is an absolutely safe procedure with a high success rate.

If you want to undergo laser treatment, you can get in touch with us. Pristyn Care has a team of highly skilled and experienced surgeons who can perform the surgery so that you can get rid of the troubles of pilonidal sinus once and for all.

Before you go, here is a fact related to pilonidal sinus:

Fact- During the second world war, about 80,000 soldiers had to be hospitalized due to pilonidal sinus. The reason for this was thought to be bumpy jeep rides. Due to this, the condition was called “Jeep drivers’ disease” for a while.

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