The following story is shared by Sadiq, one of the patients from Pristyn Care who has successfully undergone fissure laser surgery. 

My name is Sadiq Khan, and I’m from Gwalior. I was facing the problem of fissure for one year. In the beginning, it didn’t bother me much. I treated it as a minor laceration caused by friction and thought it would heal in a few days by itself.

It started bothering me when it didn’t heal in over a week, and the pain I felt while relieving myself heightened. I went for over-the-counter creams and ointments and thought of giving it a few days. But I didn’t see any improvement. The pain increased, and I felt discomfort in sitting and walking too. That is when I decided to get proper medical consultation for it.

I searched for treatment options online, and also looked for hospitals that performed this treatment. I came across Pristyn Care, and read very good reviews about it. I called to book an appointment and got one the very next day. When I reached the hospital, I was greeted very politely and made to consult Dr. Akhil Jain. 

Dr. Jain asked me about my problem in detail and physically examined me too. He told me about the painless surgical treatment for fissure, and also said that it didn’t require any stitches. He gave me complete information and told me that the procedure would take not more than a couple of hours, and that I would be able to resume my regular schedule in two to three days. I readily agreed, and my surgery was to be in two days. 

On the day of my surgery, a car came to pick me up from home as the hospital had already arranged for pick and drop facilities. When I reached the hospital, I was taken to my ward. A nurse came and explained the process to be followed. I met with the doctor too, and he motivated me and told me there was nothing to worry about. I was given anesthesia for the surgery.

When I woke up after some hours, I was told that the surgery had been done.  Dr. Jain was true to his words.I was rather surprised because I felt completely normal. I felt no pain because of the surgery, there were zero stitches and no weakness or anything.

My Pristyn Care Buddy greatly helped me in the next two days. He made sure I got everything I needed to be fully comfortable and motivated and encouraged me for a speedy and efficient recovery. I was taken care of so well, it felt like my own family looking after me. When I was discharged, I was dropped home. 

After a week, I had a follow-up, where Dr. Jain examined me, and informed me that I was recovering well. I had another follow up a few weeks later, and it confirmed that my fissure had healed.

Dr. Jain supported me very much and kept in touch to make sure I was recovering well. I am very thankful to him and the entire team of Pristyn Care. 


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