How to sleep during piles

How you sleep during piles plays a great role in managing the symptoms and the disease condition. The sleeping habits and positions that you follow throughout your disease can either help you prevent the condition from getting worse or deteriorate the symptoms and make life harder for you.

What to eat, what to wear. what exercise to do, best positions to sit with piles, or how to sleep with hemorrhoids  are some of the most common concerns that every piles patient may have.

How to sleep with piles or hemorrhoids?

The way you sleep is one of the foremost ways to manage your piles condition. Whenever you go to sleep, maintain a position that does not exert any pressure on your anal area.  Here are a few tips that you can follow if you have hemorrhoids or piles:

  • Sleep on a soft mattress. Sleeping on a hard mattress can worsen the condition.
  • Wear comfortable cloths while sleeping. Sleeping in any tight-fit clothes may irritate the skin.
  • If possible, sleep without wearing underwear. If you sleep without any innerwear, the skin in your anal area gets space to breathe and heal.
  • Do not sleep on your back. Doing so can exert pressure on your anal area and create more pain.
  • Do not eat any spicy foods before going to bed. Eating spicy and oily foods might make you want to rush to the toilet again and again which is not good for your piles.

sleep with piles or hemorrhoids

Best sleeping positions for piles or hemorrhoids

If you have piles or hemorrhoids, sleeping on your side is the best way to manage the symptoms. Sleeping on your side is less likely to put any kind of pressure on your back.

You can also lie down with a soft pillow beneath your knees. This will relieve the pressure in your anal canal and also help in reducing the load of your abdominal weight on your pelvic floor.

Why does piles pain increase by the end of the day?

Most piles patients complain of experiencing intense pain by the end of the day or by the time they go to sleep. As the day passes by, there is an increase in the pressure exerted on the pelvic region and the anal area. Moreover, if the person keeps walking, moving, and going to the toilet throughout the day, the irritation in and around the skin worsens by the end of the day.

To get rid of all the piles discomfort and go to bed in a comfortable position, the patient can follow these practices:

  • Keep drinking water throughout the day and stay hydrated.
  • Do not wear tight-fit clothes. Sleep in comfortable clothes if you have piles.
  • Do not move or walk too much.
  • Do not lift any amount of weight that might make you strain.
  • Take sitz baths at least four times in the day.
  • Do not scratch or touch the piles site.

piles patients

Is it piles or is it fissure?

Anorectal diseases like piles and fissures exhibit almost similar symptoms. In both diseases, the patient experiences pain in his or her anal area, faces problems while passing stool, or finds it difficult to walk, sit, or sleep. However, the sleeping positions in both piles and fissure have a great deal. (Also read: Differences between piles and fissure)

In case of either piles or fissures, it is important to consult with an experienced proctologist or general surgeon to understand the disease and avail the best possible treatment.

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Can spicy food cause trouble sleeping with piles?

Yes, eating spicy and oily food right before going to sleep can be problematic. Spicy food may disturb your digestive process and make you go to the toilet at short intervals. So, if you want to have a good sleep it is better to avoid such food and eat something light that does not cause you any such problem.

How to use a pillow while sleeping with piles?

If you have piles or hemorrhoids, you can use a soft pillow and rest your feet on the top while sleeping. Sleeping while resting your feet on a soft pillow will help you prevent any pressure in your pelvic area.

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