10 home remedies for abdominal pain

Abdominal pain is something that everyone had faced sometimes or frequently. That pain occurring between the pelvic regions and chest is often known as stomach ache is abdominal pain. It is not of serious concern and nature but it can be sharp, achy, dull, crampy and intermittent. Having abdominal pain is like losing the peace of your mind. The causes of the same are not due to the underlying disease. The location of this pain is usually somewhere in the part below the ribs and above the pelvis. It is quite uncomfortable and here in this blog, we will see 10 ways to treat abdominal pain with home remedies.

Some common or severe causes of abdominal pain:

Distention of an organConstipationDiarrhea
Loss of blood supply to an organGasStress or muscle pain
Lactose IntolerantGastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Kidney infectionKidney StoneGallstones

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10 home remedies for curing abdominal pain

  1. Ripe banana:

    Banana happens to be one of the easiest to digest food for the people with a volatile stomach. Bananas also contain pectin which helps to bind the stool in case you have diarrhea. So, it can soothe your abdominal pain if it is of a mild nature. (Also read: Banana in Constipation)

  2. Fresh ginger recipe:

    Because of ginger’s natural anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in making an upset stomach good. You can try natural ginger ale or ginger tea to get rid of the wind trapped in your stomach. You can also grate ginger in your meals for that tint of taste. Try to consume up to 4 grams of ginger per day to help yourself with bloating, increasing absorption of food and enhancing digestion. It can be good to go remedy to cure abrupt abdominal pain.

  3. Cinnamon:

    Several antioxidants present in cinnamon will help you to deal with damage and irritation in your digestive tract. You can add 1 tablespoon of cinnamon powder to your meals or simply add it to your boiling water making it a tea. Drink this tea two to three times daily to help ease your digestion problems.

  4. Apple cider vinegar:

    ACV is naturally acidic and therefore aids in digestion by speeding up the breakdown process. ACV basically aids stomach acid levels to rise up and this way it aids digestion. This will prevent abdominal pain by gas and bloating which is otherwise very common if you have slow digestion. You can have two tablespoons of ACV in lukewarm or normal water half an hour before your meals.

  5. Fennel tea:

    Fennel seeds are an effective aid to digestion and bloating. They relieve you from gas and abdominal pain. The seed also has properties of diuretic. It can help soothe muscles of the gastrointestinal system and relax them to get you rid of those stomach cramps. Boil water and add a tablespoon of fennel seeds in it. Strain and drink that water two times a day.  

  6. Warm lemon water/lemon tea:

    Drinking lemon with warm water will help you cure many of your stomach issues. This happens because the acidic property of lemon helps in digesting the undigested food. Drinking one lemon or half lemon in warm water on an empty stomach two times can help you resolve your abdominal pain issues. Although you should not consume too much of this drink as it can cause severe acidity if not consumed in moderation.

  7. Peppermint:

    It enhances your digestion process. Peppermint has an antispasmodic effect that helps you relieve gas by relieving you from that cringy pain. Fresh mint has natural painkilling properties. It soothes muscle tension, stomach contradictions.

  8. Chamomile tea:

    This tea helps indigestion. It also helps in curing sleeping disorders and issues. It has some sedative properties that calm your nerves down. If you have a stomach ache due to digestion problems, then chamomile tea is the perfect answer to your problems. It has antioxidants that will help you in digesting food and hence reducing the chances of abdominal pain due to gas.

  9. Rice water:

    Rice water has some association with curing abdominal pain. Sounds weird right? But it has some properties that can help you get rid of upper abdominal pain. The water that is left after you boil rice releases compounds that can help reduce the pain of ulcers or gastritis. You can add some honey or lemon juice to add some flavor before drinking one glass. It is amazingly beneficial with diarrhea and the pain associated with it.

  10. Cumin:

    Cumin seeds act as antimicrobial and help in reducing intestinal inflammation by letting you pass gas. Its properties help you reduce indigestion and excess stomach acids. You can mix 1-2 tablespoons of ground or powdered cumin seeds simply to boiling water and drink it after it cools down. It will help you get rid of the upset stomach soon. You can also mix powdered roasted cumin seeds to your meals. It will add taste and help you with digestion too.

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Take Away

So, you can try these natural and easy remedies to get rid of stomach pain before trying any OTC medication. These home remedies could work on alleviating your symptoms but you should see your doctor if you observe bloody stool, blood vomit, high fever, swelling in the abdomen area, difficulty in breathing and yellowing of skin and eyes. You should take medical guidance in case you see any of these aggressive symptoms as they might need immediate medical attention. Mild and moderate symptoms can be curbed by these home remedies but some heavy and too painful symptoms might be a sign of some impending disease or disorder that needs proper medication.

Apart from this, welcoming some healthy lifestyle changes will definitely keep you away from stomach issues.  These changes include drinking plenty of water to have regulated and smooth digestion, eating smaller meals at regular intervals, eating a nutritious and healthy diet and regular exercising will help you stay fit and healthy. Even, if you have some chronic intestinal disorders, follow your doctor’s prescribed diet and regime to avoid heartburn and inflammation that could be unbearable.

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