Groin Pain when walking

Groin pain is among the most commonly experienced physical pain, especially by those who are involved with sports. When we talk about the causes of groin pain, there are a lot of them ranging from a minor strain to many other serious conditions like a hernia. Hence, you have to know when to see a doctor if you are experiencing groin pain when walking.

When pain starts at the exact spot where your leg meets the pelvis, it is known as groin pain. There are a few other injuries that can be caused in that area but the most common is groin pain. The severity of groin pain, though, depends upon the cause that has led to it. Sportspersons might strain so badly that it turns into a severe groin pain while the pain is found to be mild in normal cases. 

Depending upon the extent of the damage, the treatment can be done by simply using ice packs to other more complicated solutions like physical therapy or surgery. Having said that, it is a lot more important to know exactly when it becomes necessary to visit a doctor when it comes to groin pain. But for the time being, let us look at the common causes of groin pain. 

Common Causes Of Groin Pain

Among the many causes of groin pain, there are some that are a lot more common than others. Although most of the time, the cause for the pain is clear as it is caused due to a sudden sprain or jerk, yet, there are times when the problem is not quite clear and groin pain when walking is caused by some other factors. 

The less common causes and those that are not evident from the onset are abdominal, pelvic, or nerve conditions. These conditions can also generate groin pain and it is these causes that may turn out to be confusing owing to the fact that they are rare. 

The most common cause of groin pain, though, is muscle strain which is also referred to as a pulled groin muscle. This is caused due to an awkward movement of the hip joint or injuries caused while playing a sport. These are fairly obvious right from the point of the muscle pull and even the intensity is clear enough for you to decide whether to seek medical help or not. It is so because the pain is sharp and at times makes even climbing up stairs unbearable. If such a sharp pain persists, it is best to visit a physiotherapist at the earliest. 

Less Known Causes

Another lesser common cause of groin pain when walking or indulging in any physical activity is kidney stones. Yes, it might sound a little unrelated but kidney stones can at times cause severe groin pain. It, more often than not, occurs in the flank area and also has a bunch of other effects along with it. 

Apart from these, there are quite a few more causes of groin pain ranging from a fracture in the hip to hip labrum tear and inguinal hernia. All of these causes, though, are quite rare and are not at all found to be common. Yet, it is wise to visit a doctor if the groin pain caused by anything other than an athletic injury continues to get severe or persists. 

When To See A Doctor For Groin Pain? 

There are a few warning signs that need to be heeded if you are to ensure that your groin doesn’t cause many problems. Let us outline them one by one: 

  • To begin with, if you’ve received an injury and you are pretty sure about the cause and the pain persists, don’t waste any more time. Visit a doctor at the earliest and explain your injury to her if you are to get rid of the pain at the earliest.
  • Groin pain can also sometimes be caused by other medical conditions, such as those mentioned above. Hence, if your groin pain has also brought with it other symptoms such as high fever or nausea, make sure you get immediate medical attention.
  • Sudden groin pain when walking, if severe on one side, can be a result of testicular torsion and it requires immediate medical attention. 

Whenever you decide to visit a doctor for groin pain, he will ask a bunch of questions regarding the pain. These questions will be regarding the specifics of the pain and the probable causes like an injury. Make sure you answer all the questions carefully for the doctor to be able to diagnose your pain properly. It will also involve a physical examination that is necessary for the doctor to accurately determine the cause behind your groin pain. 

Take Away

In a nutshell, there are many causes of groin pain but not all of them merit medical attention. Yet, there are certain cases when the pain is unrelenting and you should not delay visiting a doctor in such cases. If overlooked, severe groin pain when walking can turn out to be the cause of many other medical conditions, which can reach extremes. 

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