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Painless Laparoscopic Hernia in Bangalore

Get the Most Advanced Hernia Treatment in a Daycare Procedure. Visit Pristyn Care Clinic for modern USFDA approved Hernia Repair with Laparoscopic Procedure.

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What is Hernia?

A hernia occurs when an internal organ bulges or protrudes through the weak muscle around it. Hernias are most common in certain parts of the body such as abdomen, groin, belly button or upper thigh area. They may also be seen where you have had an incision from previous surgery.


Chronic Constipation

Consuming tobacco or smoking

Genetics factors

Unhealthy diet


  • Risks
  • Why Painless Treatment?
  • Don’t Delay Laparoscopic Treatment
  • Why Pristyn Care?
  • Hassle-free Insurance Approval


A hernia is a protruding muscle of an organ through a weak spot in connective tissue.


Enlarged prostate


Straining while urinating


Poor oxygenation


Snoring pressures


Had inguinal hernias previously


Smoking or chronic constipation


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  • Enlarged prostate
  • Straining while urinating
  • Poor oxygenation
  • Snoring pressures
  • Had inguinal hernias previously
  • Smoking or chronic constipation

Why Painless Treatment?

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  • Minimally Invasive Procedure
  • 30 min procedure | 1-day discharge
  • *Join work in 48 hours
  • Most effective treatment

Don’t Delay Laparoscopic Treatment

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  • 3D Dual Sided Mesh & Tackers
  • No-Risk of Recurrence
  • No Pain | No Stitches | No Scars

Why Pristyn Care?

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  • 30% off on diagnostic tests
  • Confidential consultation
  • Single deluxe room
  • Free follow-ups post-surgery
  • 100% insurance claim

Hassle-free Insurance Approval

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  • All Insurances covered
  • No upfront payment
  • No running behind insurance authorities
  • Paperwork by Pristyn team on your behalf


Acid Reflux

Feeling of pressure in the abdomen

Chest pain

Difficulty swallowing

Lump or bulge in the affected area

Advantages of Laparoscopy Hernia Treatment over the Traditional Surgical Procedure

specificslaparoscopic surgeryopen surgery
Large incision
 Yes (generally 2 to 4 inches)
 Slow and painful
Risk of Recurrence
 Low risk
 High Risk
 Lesser and dissolvable Stitches
 Lots of stitches



During a physical exam, the doctor checks for the bulge in the growing area and you’ll likely be asked to stand and strain or cough. An imaging test like MRI or CT scan, abdominal ultrasound might be prescribed by a doctor in case diagnosis isn't readily apparent.


A 3D mesh hernia surgery is the most advanced treatment option available for a hernia repair. In a normal mesh repair, a synthetic mesh is used to cover the opening. While in the 3D mesh repair, a mesh made of polymer is used to cover the defect from three sides. This is used to treat large-sized hernias and reduce the risk of recurrence.

The laparoscopic technique is generally recommended and preferred by patients due to its lower recovery time, which is about 1-2 weeks. It is a surgical procedure in which a laparoscope, a telescope-like instrument, is inserted through a small incision in the abdomen. The camera on the laparoscope sends the video to the monitor, using which the specialists perform the surgery. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia.

Why Us ?

Advanced Technology
Patient Care

Advanced Technology

We at Pristyn Care provide the most advanced technologies like Laser & Laparoscopy to permanently cure diseases like Piles, Fissure, FIstula, Hernia, Gallbladder, etc. We assure you to bring your good time back


  • Painless procedure with no cuts
  • USFDA approved laser proceedings
  • All The Doctors are highly experienced
  • No recurrence


  • Within a day discharge
  • No cost EMI
  • Free post surgery follow ups
  • Free Pickup & Drop Facility for surgery

Patient Care

  • Hassle-free experience
  • Post surgery exercise and Diet plan
  • 24*7 personal coordinator
  • All insurances accepted

Advanced Medical Treatment

Pristyn Care offers reliable surgical procedures with laser-assisted and laparoscopic treatments to permanently cure diseases across Proctology Gynaecology, Urology, Vascular and ENT.

Insurance Support

Pristyn Care offers a hassle-free insurance claim. Our team does all the paperwork and you don't have to run after any insurance authorities to get your work done.


The high-quality surgical treatments and facilities offered by Pristyn Care are easy to afford compared to that of many other established corporate hospitals.

Patient Care

Taking care of our patients is our topmost priority. We ensure to provide a 'care-buddy' to each of our patients who responsibly assist them throughout their surgical journey.

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Frequently asked Questions

Is Hernia serious?

A hernia can turn severe if it is left untreated. The organ might get strangulated which can further cause complications in the body.


I am not able to drive, can Pristyn Care send a taxi in Bangalore?

There are four types of hernia commonly known and you will get the best hernia treatment in Bangalore for each one of them.

Inguinal Hernia

Nearly 70% of all the hernia patients get diagnosed with Inguinal Hernia. In this type of hernia, the intestines tear through the weak muscle of the abdominal wall.

Hiatal Hernia

This type of hernia occurs near the diaphragm and bulges through the chest cavity. Generally, a hiatal hernia happens to people who are 50-year-old or older.

Umbilical Hernia

Babies that are 6 months old or under get affected with an umbilical hernia. This type of hernia bulges near the bellybutton when intestines tear through the abdominal wall. By the time the child is 1-year-old, the umbilical hernia goes away, but it is advised that parents do visit the doctor for accurate consultancy.

Incisional Hernia

Yes, Pristyn Care team goes out of the way to help patients. We will send a taxi at the patient's address on the day of surgery. Moreover, once the patient is ready for discharge, our team member will call another taxi to drive the patient home.


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Convenient and advanced Hernia treatment. I am relieved of Hernia because of Pristyn Care.

I approached Pristyn Care when hernia pain became unbearable. I received the finest surgical treatment, timely follow ups and other services. Everybody in the team of Pristyn Care is efficient and supportive. I am happy with the cooperative experience at Pristyn Care.

Manish Arora

Varun Thakur

A hassle-free experience at PristynCare clinics. I was suffering inguinal hernia. Was very scared for surgery. But the doctor helped throughout the process even after the operation. I didn't feel any pain and recovered within a week. He is surely the best hernia surgeon in Bangalore.

Siddhath Joshi

Availed their services for my father. As my father has already gone surgeries before, so he was nervous. But the doctor assured him he won't have any complications post-surgery. He was treated completely and he didn't have any major complications also. PristynCare did provide a seamless surgical experience. They provide the most-advanced laparoscopic hernia surgery in Bangalore.

Saloni Negi

I had pain just below my chest. Without wasting ay time, I contacted Pristyn Care. The doctor was highly-experienced and very professional. PristynCare has the best hernia surgeon in Bangalore. The use the latest technology for curing gallstones, hysterectomy, etc.

Prerna Mehta

A-grade hernia surgery in Bangalore provided by PristynCare. They also provide free follow up and transportation services! An amazing experience.

Sparsh Das

If you are looking for hernia specialist in Bangalore, PristynCare have the best ones! I got my father treated from there and he was cured completely within a week. The medical coordinator was available round-the-clock.

Apoorav Singh

PristynCare has emerged as the best hospital for hernia surgery in Bangalore. Their medical procedures are covered by medical insurance. Not only that, but they also laparoscopic surgeries to treat hernia which ensures minimum pain and faster recovery. Kudos to their great service!

Brijesh Verma

I got myself checked at many hospitals but none of them were as good as PristynCare hernia doctor in Bangalore. He was kind and gentle. He also asked about any complications after the surgery. The most caring doctor I have come across in Bangalore.

Hitesh Bedi

I checked for many surgeons for treating hernia but they were not so trustworthy. Then my friend recommended PristynCare. I went to their clinic, where we were attended by the staff immediately. I was treated with laparoscopic surgery. I stayed overnight where the doctor monitored thoroughly. I was very comfortable there. Thanks to PristynCare I am completely cured of hernia. I can say with confidence the best surgeon in Bangalore I've come across.

Shubham Basu

An amazing experience! They provide the top-class hernia treatment in Bangalore within an affordable cost. Their facilities benefitted me a lot!

Bhaskar Banerjee

Firstly I was double-minded about the whole thing. But then it was a great experience at their clinic. Their hernia specialist doctor in Bangalore is highly-experienced. Very nice experience. Two thumbs up to PristynCare!

Deepti Chauhan

My husband is 65 years old. I took him to some hospital but they were unable to diagnose anything. His condition worsened and I contacted PristynCare medical coordinator. They immediately booked an appointment and was diagnosed thoroughly by their doctors. There they recommended laparoscopic surgery. He was treated and at present he's recovering. No pain as there were minimum cuts and he was discharged the same day. PristynCare doctors are the best doctors for hernia surgery in Bangalore.

Aseem Doval

Great experience! Pristyncare provide hernia operation in Bangalore at a very reasonable rate. They also provide free transportation services. Their diet plan helped me recover within two weeks after my surgery.

Deepak Roy

Visited their clinic for hernia treatment. Very well-mannered staff and clean and sanitized clinics. After my surgery, I can easily say they provide the best treatment for hernia in Bangalore.

Yogesh Jaiswal

I have come across many doctors in my life but I met the best hernia surgeon in Bangalore. He belongs from PristynCare. He listened to all my problems very intently. I didn't even feel any pain during the surgery. I even called him in the middle of night and he wasn't irritated.

Shikha Talwar

I would like to give credit to their medical coordinators who work tirelessly to ensure a hassle experience. Kudos to their effort! Recommend PristynCare for the best laparoscopic hernia surgery in Bangalore.

Arush Soni

If you are trying to find treatment for hernia, PristynCare has the best hernia surgeon in Bangalore. He was professional at the same time was very caring. He also made sure I was comfortable throughout the surgery.

Yash Rastogi

Hernia surgery in Bangalore tends to be very expensive. I was very happy when I got to know about PristynCare. Their day-care procedures are great. Two-thumbs up to their hardwork and effort.

Mudita Aggarwal

A wonderful experience at PristynCare. The doctor was highly experienced. My father was treated with utmost care at their clinic. I say confidently that he is the best specialist for hernia surgery in Bangalore.

Mohd. Shoaib

I wanted my father to get treated from the best hospital for hernia surgery in Bangalore. I got to know my relative about PristynCare. They indeed are the best. I was amazed by their services and unique facilities that too at such an affordable cost!

Vinod Chauhan

The most professional hernia doctor in Bangalore from PristynCare. An amazing experience! Their services are value-for money and the risk of recurrence is also low.

Abhimanyu Jaiswal

I have never met a hernia specialist in Bangalore who is so caring. I am very happy with their services. Thank you PristynCare for treating hernia.

Vivek Gupta

I had an awesome experience at PristynCare. Their doctor was very helpful in in guiding to my treatment. He wasn't rude at all. I would recommend PristynCare to anyone looking for hernia surgery in Bangalore. They have the best hernia surgeon in Bangalore.

Roshan Bedi

My son was treated by the best hernia surgeon in Bangalore from PristynCare. He is healthy now and fully active. They also provided free follow ups which was very useful.

Sushma Khanna

My husband have never undergone a surgery. So he was scared and nervous. But the doctors at PristynCare clinic took great care of him and explained him about laparoscopic surgery. On the day of the surgery, a PristynCare coordinator assisted him throughout the day as he lives alone in Bangalore. They even dropped him off after the operation. They provide the best laparoscopic hernia surgery in Bangalore. He was recovered within 2-3 days and was back to work after a week.

Tapas Perti

A highly competent doctors who was highly qualified with a lot of experience. Listened to my problems intently. The surgery was within my budget and it went great. The best hernia surgeon in Bangalore.

Aayush Pandit

Two thumbs up for using latest equipments for hernia surgery in Bangalore. Some hospitals still recommend open surgeries which are very painful and requires more time to heal. PristynCare ensures seamless surgical experience by using cutting edge technology.

Gauranga Paul

I am very happy about the whole experience. From going to the clinic till recovery, doctor was always checking up on me. They have the best hernia specialist in Bangalore.

Apoorva Verma

I availed their services last month. Pristyncare has highly-experienced hernia doctor in Bangalore. After asking few questions, he recommended the appropriate treatment. Thankfully, my insurance covered the entire surgery. They also provide free follow ups after the surgery. Two-thumbs up to their effort!

Juhi Jain

PristynCare in Bangalore is known for their services. You can avail a varied range of services under one roof. The best hernia doctor in Bangalore.

Vinay Gandhi

Wonderful experience at PristynCare. The doctor was very kind and he listened to me very politely. The best hernia doctor in Bangalore

Harsh Rathore

They use the latest technology for hernia treatment in Bangalore. I give them five stars for their services such as free follow ups and cab services. Thanks to PristynCare I am fully cured of hernia and there was no complications post-surgery.

Vaishnavi Rastogi

My dad was suffering from hernia. I got to know about PristynCare hernia specialist in Bangalore from my relatives. Must say never been to such a clinic which was so efficient. My dad is fully cured now. Thanks to PristynCare.

Rishabh Kalia

Kudos to such a great effort! I met the best doctor for hernia surgery in Bangalore from PristynCare. Their medical coordinator was very helpful and available 24x7.

Anurag Kohli

They operated me for hernia operation in Bangalore. Their post surgery tips and follow up helped me a lot to recover fast. Very nice experience!

Karan Goenka

No doubt PristynCare provides the best treatment for hernia in Bangalore. Their laparoscopic treatment ensures minimal pain. I even recovered within a two weeks.

Kshitij Nag

I would recommend this clinic for the best laparoscopic hernia surgery in Bangalore. The doctors were available 24x7. After the surgery, they also provided free transportation services as well as follow-up appointment.

Arjun Oberoi

Got myself treated for hernia. Clinics were very neat and clean. Their surgeon is the best hernia surgeon in Bangalore. I was very scared about the surgery but the doctor treated me with utmost care. Thank you Pristyn Care for such a hassle-free experience!

Angshumann Khataria

I am very satisfied with PristynCare. Their zero EMI policy proved to be very beneficial for me. They ensure a hassle-free experience by providing free transportation services. I would highly recommend for hernia surgery in Bangalore.

Vikas Arora

A hernia specialist in Bangalore is very difficult to find. Heard about PristynCare where the doctor was very friendly and helpful.


Very few hospitals provide hernia surgery at an affordable cost. PristynCare is the best hospital for hernia surgery in Bangalore.

Nikhil Bajaj

I was very skeptical about their service. But then also I availed them. I met their hernia specialist doctor in Bangalore who was very professional. He even asked if I had any problems after the surgery.

Mahesh Singh

The doctor, without any doubt, is the best doctor for hernia surgery in Bangalore. He listened to me intently as well as also suggested how to take care of my wounds. Thank you PristynCare for such a wonderful and pain-free experience.

Sukanya Banerjee

They provide hernia operation in Bangalore at an affordabe cost. Their clinics are also WiFi enabled.

Faiz Qureshi

PristynCare doctors indeed provide the best treatment for hernia in Bangalore. Their free follow ups and diet plan are very helpful.

Mansi Kapoor

I didn't know much about laparoscopic surgery but then I went to PristynCare clinic. My brother was treated there for hernia. He said the doctors were very nice. The best laparoscopic hernia surgery in Bangalore is provided by one and only PristynCare.

Nipa Bhattacharya

I have just shifted to Bangalore with my husband. He had a severe pain and I contacted PristynCare. Their medical coordinator took full responsibility of his treatment- from admission to follow up. I didn't have to run around for approval on my insurance. I must say the best hernia surgeon in Bangalore.

Vaibhav Bhatt

The best laparoscopic hernia surgery in Bangalore! Very satisfied! Thank you Pristyn Care for such a prompt service.

Ekta Khanna

Awesome experience at PristynCare clinic. Special thanks to the doctor for his helpful nature as well as professional attitude. He made me comfortable on the day of the surgery and promised me that I won't feel any pain. Thankful to him that he treated me with utmost care. One of the best hernia surgeons in Bangalore!

Pankaj Mishra

Got to know about PristynCare from my friend. He was diagnosed with hernia and needed laparoscopic surgery. He said the doctor was not only polite but he also very professional. I accompanied him to the clinic on the day of the surgery. I was so surprised to see such professionalism amongst the staff. The clinic was also very neat and clinic. They even dropped us home after surgery. I would recommend PristynCare for hernia surgery in Bangalore.

Simran Bamalwa

Wow! Amazed to see such a good hernia specialist in Bangalore. I owe it to PristynCare for providing such a great exeperience and ensuring such a fast recovery!

Laparoscopic Hernia Treatment- a painless solution by Pristyn Care

Doctors at Pristyn Care in Bangalore come across a very common question of how to reduce the risk of a hernia. These include some major dietary or lifestyle changes. Some of the instructions that our doctors suggest are-

  • Stop smoking. Smoking causes excessive coughing which puts pressure on your abdomen and can cause an inguinal hernia.
  • Incorporate high-fiber foods into the diet. Fiber-rich foods lower the risk of constipation which in turn leads to lesser straining.
  • Exercise the right way. Beneficial exercises such as yoga, pilates, sit-ups, running or cycling also reduce the occurrence of a hernia.
  • Maintain a healthy body weight. Maintaining a healthy body weight reduces the chances of a hernia as there is no extra pressure on your abdomen.
  • Avoid excessive straining. While passing a stool, straining and holding your breath creates greater pressure in the abdominal wall.
  • Drink at least 1.5-2 liters of fluids. Drinking lots of water and other liquids (not alcohol) everyday day ensures a regular bowel movement.

The most-advanced Hernia Treatment Now in Bangalore

Doctors at Pristyn Care Bangalore uses the latest laparoscopic procedure for treating hernia in a patient.

Benefits of laparoscopic surgery-

The laparoscopic surgery is recommended by doctors over traditional “open” surgery for the following reasons-

  • In the laparoscopic method, a mesh is used for reinforcement, so it has a lower recurrence rate.
  • The recovery process is much less painful. But if you have weak muscles then you might experience pain. Contact your doctor without wasting any time if you experience any kind of pain or discomfort.
  • No visible scarring.
  • These are day-care procedures, which means the surgery is completed on the same day.
  • A quicker return to daily chores. Many people return to work within a week or two.
  • There is no need for daily dressing.
  • The frequency of visits to the doctor is also lessened.

There is a high chance of recurrence of hernia at the site of incision if you do not take care of the wound properly. Pristyn Care has several clinics across Bangalore that are fully-equipped with the latest cutting edge technology for treating not only hernia but also gallstones, and hysterectomy. Our doctors are highly experienced as well as specially trained to provide this laparoscopic treatment.

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