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Painless Laser treatment of Fissure in Bangalore

Getting the Most Advanced and Painless Treatment of Anal Fissure is easier than ever. Visit Pristyn Care Laser Clinic for the best-in-class Laser-assisted treatment of Anal Fissure in a daycare procedure.

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No Cuts.
No Wounds.
1 Day

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No Cuts.
No Wounds.
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What is Fissure?

A small tear in the moist, thin and tender mucosa tissues that are found around the anus and anal opening is diagnosed as Anal Fissure. The thin “mucosa” tissues are quite prone to damage if the person passes a hard stool regularly. Get fissure treatment at Pristyn Care in Bangalore.


Lifting heavy weights

Chronic diarrhoea

Chronic constipation


Straining too much while bowel movement


  • Risks
  • Why Painless Treatment?
  • Don’t Delay Laser Treatment
  • Why Pristyn Care?
  • Hassle-free Insurance Approval


Anal Fissure is a small tear in the lining of the anus.


Chronic anal fissure


Anal fistulas


Anal stenosis


Narrowed anal canal


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  • Chronic anal fissure
  • Anal fistulas
  • Anal stenosis
  • Narrowed anal canal

Why Painless Treatment?

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  • No cuts, No stitch, No piles
  • 30 Min Procedure | 1 Day Discharge
  • *Join work in 48 hours
  • Most effective treatment

Don’t Delay Laser Treatment

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  • Relief from pain while sitting
  • Relief from bleeding in stool
  • Reduces chances of anal cancer
  • Cures Inflammation in the anal region
  • Treats rectal prolapse

Why Pristyn Care?

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  • 30% off on diagnostic tests
  • Confidential consultation
  • Single deluxe room
  • Free follow-ups post-surgery
  • 100% insurance claim

Hassle-free Insurance Approval

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  • All Insurances covered
  • No upfront payment
  • No running behind insurance authorities
  • Paperwork by Pristyn team on your behalf


Visible crack in the lining of the anal opening

Small Lump or skin tag on the skin near the anal lining

Discomfort, mild pain and itching

Spasms in the ring of muscle at the end of your anus

Bleeding in the stool or on the toilet paper after a bowel movement

Advantages of Fissure Laser Treatment over the Traditional Surgical Procedure

featureslaser surgeryopen surgery
Cuts and wounds
Bleeding due to Cuts and Stitches
 Very Less
 More Bleeding
Diet Restrictions
Success Rate
Risk of Infection
 Very Less
Rest After Surgery
 Can Resume Work
 1-2 Month Rest
 Time Taking



Most often a gentle inspection of the anal region is required to see the cut or tear. On the basis of location of the Fissure, its cause can be identified. Colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy and anoscopy may be recommended for further test.


The laser is used to perform internal sphincterotomy. In this technique, laser energy radial emitting user probe is inserted into the fistulous tract which destroys fistula epithelium and obliterates the rest of the fistula channel/ tract. This procedure is almost bloodless and the surgeon has good control over the operation site. Additionally, the chronic fibrosed scar is debrided with the laser. This prevents any long term discomfort and enables a quicker recovery.

Why Us ?

Advanced Technology
Patient Care

Advanced Technology

We at Pristyn Care provide the most advanced technologies like Laser & Laparoscopy to permanently cure diseases like Piles, Fissure, FIstula, Hernia, Gallbladder, etc. We assure you to bring your good time back


  • Painless procedure with no cuts
  • USFDA approved laser proceedings
  • All The Doctors are highly experienced
  • No recurrence


  • Within a day discharge
  • No cost EMI
  • Free post surgery follow ups
  • Free Pickup & Drop Facility for surgery

Patient Care

  • Hassle-free experience
  • Post surgery exercise and Diet plan
  • 24*7 personal coordinator
  • All insurances accepted

Advanced Medical Treatment

Pristyn Care offers reliable surgical procedures with laser-assisted and laparoscopic treatments to permanently cure diseases across Proctology Gynaecology, Urology, Vascular and ENT.

Insurance Support

Pristyn Care offers a hassle-free insurance claim. Our team does all the paperwork and you don't have to run after any insurance authorities to get your work done.


The high-quality surgical treatments and facilities offered by Pristyn Care are easy to afford compared to that of many other established corporate hospitals.

Patient Care

Taking care of our patients is our topmost priority. We ensure to provide a 'care-buddy' to each of our patients who responsibly assist them throughout their surgical journey.

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Frequently asked Questions

Why choose “Laser Treatment” over “Open Surgery” for fissure?

Laser treatment does not cause any damage to the tissues and skin around the anus or pelvic area. It does not harm the internal organs or the reproductive system of the patient. It leaves behind no cuts, wounds or injured skin after the treatment. The post-surgery pain and recovery in laser treatment is simpler as compared to open surgery.


What diet to follow after laser surgery for fissure?

There are no restrictions on the diet and daily schedule or habits of the patient after the laser treatment. The patient is suggested to take rest for 24-36 hours after the laser treatment. The patient can continue their normal lifestyle and is released from the hospital in a healthy state after a couple of hours.


Is there any chance of infection by the laser surgery?

There is almost no risk of infection with laser treatment. There is no major usage of surgical equipment. So there are no chances of getting an infection around that affected areas or anywhere related to the treatment.


What is the success rate of laser surgery?

Laser surgery is 100% successful to give a permanent cure for anal fissure. Unlike open surgery, there is no chance that the patient will have the same disease again. Laser treatment for Anal Fissure is the best treatment and cure for anal fissures.


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Surprisingly seamless experience. I feel that Pristyn Care offers the best laser surgeries.

I had been suffering from Hemorrhoids and fissures for 8 years. I had tried every possible medication but my plight ended when i came in touch with Pristyn Care. The entire treatment was done and I was discharged to go home within 24 hours only.


Smita Aggarwal

It was a wonderful experience at Pristyn Care. From the moment I called them till the recovery, they were continuously with me. I live alone in Bangalore but their medical coordinator took care of everything even dropping me home after the surgery. They even called me for my post-surgery follow up. They took care of everything- from tests to scheduling an appointment. The doctor listened to me patiently. I thank everybody at Pristyn Care for providing a hassle-free experience.

Ratna Mehta

Had fissures with excessive pain and bleeding. Contacted PristynCare and my life changed. The doctors were awesome! Clinics are really neat and clean! They even gave me a free follow up. Polite and wonderful staff! I couldn't feel any pain with these laser surgeries. There was no infection. Within half an hour, I was completely treated of my condition.

Ratan Chaudhari

I am a 23 year old guy currently working in a MNC in Bangalore. My job requires me to sit for a good couple of hours. Unfortunately I developed fissures and was suffering from severe pain. I wanted a fast and painfree treatment. Hence, when I got to know about PristynCare, I immediately booked an appointment without wasting any time. After proper diagnosis, the doctor suggested me laser surgery. Thankfully, my medical insurance covered the surgery. I was operated on Friday night and was discharged the next day only. Thank you PristynCare for a painfree experience!

Subodh Chaturvedi

I have been suffering from chronic constipation for the last 15 years old. So this once I strained a lot while passing stool. Then it started to bleed whenever I went to the toilet. I went to the nearest Pristyn Care clinic and the doctor diagnosed me with fissures. I went for a laser surgery which was absolutely painfree. I recovered within a week also. I am completely cured of my condition and all because of Pristyn Care.

Ruhi Negi

Thank you Pristyn Care for such a great experience! My fissures is completely cured now. Highly-experienced doctors as well as cooperative staff! Kudos to their idea of a seamless surgical experience.

Rupak Joshi

I took the best decision by contacting PristynCare for fissures treatment in Bangalore. State-of-the-art clinics which are WiFi enabled. I availed their services for my brother. The doctor was highly-experienced and took great care of my brother!

Rupendra Dogra

Fissures are really painful. I left it untreated for over a week. And the situation worsened. I was looking for painless treatment then I came across Pristyn Care. They were extremely polite through the patient journey. I was like thoroughly convinced after seeing his credentials. He answered all my queries. I am very happy after consulting with him. The best patient care I have experienced till now.

Rupesh Chauhan

My mother was suffering from fissures because of excessive straining. Got treated her from the best doctor in Bangalore for fissures at Pristyn Care clinic. There was no waiting time, the doctor was professional and the surgery was covered by insurance. Two thumbs up to Pristyn Care for their wonderful services

Saarang Soni

The doctor is kind hearted and very decent. He looked at my symptoms of fissures and said that it can be cured fully with laser treatment. No matter how many times I contacted him, he listened to me intently. He prescribed medicines when only it was required. Its very difficult to find doctors who are so warm in Bangalore. Doubtlessly, he is the best doctor for fissures in Bangalore.

Saatvik Sood

Went there for fissures treatment. Their team handled the whole insurance process and other formalities. They provide the best laser treatment in Bangalore. So overall a good experience!

Sachchit Gupta

Pristyn Care took care of my disease which brought me on my toes. Now I am confident that it won't disturb me ever again. I would like to add that the service appeared to be really great.

Sachiv Sharma

Pristyn Care offered me what no one else could. I tried multiple treatments earlier, but all failed at permanence. The laser treatment didn't. I am happy and able to enjoy my life at fullest.

Sadabindu Kholiya

The doctor, without any doubt, is the best doctor for laser surgery in Bangalore. He listened to me intently as well as also suggested how to take care of my wounds. Thank you PristynCare for such a wonderful and pain-free experience.

Sadiksha Chatterjee

My friend got treated for fissures treatment in Bangalore from a super-specialty hospital. But his recovery was very painful and he had infection also. So I was scared for my surgery at PristynCare. But the doctor was highly-experienced for laser surgery and I didn't feel any pain at all. There were no complications also. PristynCare takes great care of their patients.

Sagar Bhattacharya

I felt like a cut near my anal region. Blood dripped from it sometimes. I had a burning sensation also. Pristyn Care doctor told me that it was a fissure and can be cured using a laser surgery. I scheduled an appointment for my surgery. It was completely painfree and I even recovered within a week. I thank Pristyn Care for providing me such a great experience!

Samprati Dhun

My sister is 16 years old. She has never undergone a surgery. So she was scared and nervous. But the doctors at PristynCare clinic took great care of her and explained her about laser surgery. On the day of the surgery, a PristynCare coordinator assisted her throughout the day. They even dropped us off after the operation. They provide the best fissures treatment in Bangalore. She recovered within 2-3 days and was back to usual acitivities after a week.

Samridh Makhaik

The painless fissures treatment in Bangalore is only possible at PristynCare. Their 24x7 medical coordinator was always there for me whenever I needed them. Two thumbs up to their continuous and prompt service

Sanatan Rajta

A wonderful experience at PristynCare. The doctor was highly experienced. My father was treated with utmost care at their clinic. I say confidently that he is the best specialist for fissures surgery in Bangalore.

Sandeep Kothiyal

I had my surgery for last month. I am fully active and healthy now. I must say their health buddies are really helpful and just a phone call away. I didn't have to run here and there for my insurance claim. I owe it to Pristyncare for such a great painfree treatment in Bangalore.

Sanjay Samal

I couldn't believe pain for fissures could be severe until I got one. I have never been under-the-knife so quite frankly I was very scared. Then I visited Pristyn Care and the doctor explained me everything about laser treatment. and believe me, it was completely painfree. The best fissures treatment in Bangalore I must say. Well done Pristyn Care!

Sankalp Koul

My brother was having fissures but the problem was there are very few clinics in Bangalore who provide treatment. I have seen PristynCare clinic near my house. So I took him there. I couldn't imagine they were so efficient. The doctor was very professional and generous. They provide the best laser treatment for fissures in Bangalore.

Sanug Sarin

I have seen many doctors in Bangalore but none of them were so polite like the ones at PristynCare. I got the fissures treatment in Bangalore within my budget and it was possible only because of PristynCare. Really a great experience!

Satyendra Handa

I was operated by the best fissures doctor in Bangalore. The PristynCare doctor was so experienced that he knew exactly what treatment I required. I didn't feel any sort of pain during my surgery. And he said that I will recover within a week and I did. I am cured completely of fissures and very satisfied with their clinics and staff.

Sauanand Khitoliya

The most professional fissures doctor in Bangalore from PristynCare. An amazing experience! Their services are value-for money and the risk of recurrence is also low.

Saudeep Garg

PristynCare clinic are equipped with the latest technology for treating fissures. I didn't have to wait for my appointment and their staff was also very polite. One of the most professional fissure clinic in Bangalore I've been to.

Sandeep Maheshwari

I was very skeptical about their service. But then also I availed them. I met their fissures specialist doctor in Bangalore who was very professional. He even asked if I had any problems after the surgery.

Savita Bhandari

There are few fissure hospital in Bangalore which provide laser treatment at an affordable cost. Pristyn Care is one of them. Their doctors are very professional. The doctor even provided me a set of instructions after the surgery which helped me recover within a week. Pristyn Care coordinator helped me throughout the process even after the surgery. My fissure is completely recovered now and all because of Pristyn Care.

Savitri Verma

The most-effective fissure laser treatment in Bangalore is provided by Pristyn Care. Their clinics are very neat and clean. Their doctors are very cooperative. It was a hassle-free experience. My health insurance covered the whole surgery. It was all possible because of Pristyn Care!

Seshvar Aggarwal

Doctors in Bangalore have very few experience in curing fissures. So I was very skeptical about consulting a doctor. But I still made up my mind and went to Pristyn Care. I was amazed by his cooperation and care. He listened to me very intently throughout the examination. I thought after the laser surgery he won't remember me. But I contacted him after a month, he recognised me in a second and asked me how am I recovering. He is the best doctor for fissure treatment in Bangalore.

Shaan Rathore

The doctors are generally in a hurry to write a prescription. But I was so happy when the doctor listened to me so patiently. He also made so comfortable when I got to know about surgery. I was having a little discomfort after the surgery, but then I went for my follow up and then he said its completely natural and gave me some pain-killers. He is the best fissure surgeon in Bangalore.

Shailendra Panigrahi

The best fissure treatment in Bangalore is provided by Pristyn Care. I availed their services for treating my grandfather. As he is very old I thought laser surgery is not suitable for him. But the doctor at the clinic cleared my doubt that laser treatment can be performed in any age group and that there would be no major complications. As promised, my grandfather is completely cured of fissures now and there were no complications also. He said he didn't feel any pain during the surgery.

Shaktik Chatterjee

Very few doctors are so generous and friendly. I was scared alot as I have never been under the knife! The doctor from PristynCare was so experienced that he made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedure. He is the best fissures surgeon in Bangalore! The clinic was equipped fully for fissures treatment.

Shivam Sharda

PristynCare made sure I have a pleasant experience since day one. I contacted them as I was unable to find best fissures treatment in Bangalore that fitted my budget. I made the right choice by contacting them. They also provided me a free follow up after my surgery which is rarely provided by other health clinics.

Shivanath Kaur

Getting an affordable fissure laser treatment in Bangalore is really tough. Pristyn Care is known to provide the most-effective laser treatment for curing fissures. Their coordinators are available round-the-clock to help their patients in every step. I was amazed by their clinics. Their package also involves free follow up and transportation services!

Shivendra Shetty

During my bowel movement, streaks of blood came out with tremendous pain. I contacted PristynCare coordinator. The fissures doctor was very generous. He made me comfortable and talked to me there is nothing to be ashamed of. I got treated by laser surgery and I must say it was completely pain-free. There was no bleeding. Their laser clinics are very well maintained .They provide the best fissures laser surgery in Bangalore. After visiting their clinic, I got to know that they also treat fissures, fistulas, etc.

Shobhita Sethi

I have heard fissure surgery in Bangalore can be very painful. The government hospitals are very unhygienic. Pristyn Care clinics are very neat and clean. They use laser treatment which is absolutely painless. Got recovered within a week. Thank you Pristyn Care!

Shobhna Chawla

The doctor at Pristyn Care recommended me laser surgery for curing the fissures. I thought it would be extremely painful. Not only it was completely painless but the recovery also took only two days. Their laser surgery for anal fissure treatment in Bangalore is the best. I would recommend them to everyone who wants a laser surgery.

Raunak Nehru

My aunt was having redness near her anal region and was unable to sit because of severe pain. PristynCare after diagnosis said it was fissure. He recommended laser treatment. But I thought the surgery would cost me alot. Unexpectedly, the whole surgery was within my budget and they also provided me free follow up as well as transportation services. This proved to be very beneficial to me. Thanks PristynCare for providing best fissures treatment in Bangalore.

Shreekumar Panwar

I was suffering from fissures for the last 3 months. I tried various home remedies but nothing worked. They only provided temporary relief. So I wanted a permanent solution. I was going through various websites online but they were charging a huge amount. PristynCare provides the most advanced fissures laser treatment in Bangalore. Their procedures are covered by insurance. They also provide perks such as free follow up and free transportation.

Shreshta Gandhi

Was looking for a good clinic for fissure laser surgery in Bangalore. A friend recommended me Pristyn Care. The doctor was very attentive as well as professional. He performed a laser treatment one which was completely painless and I even recovered within a week. The staff at the clinic was very helpful.

Shreyaj Pandit

Big hospitals provide fissure surgery in Bangalore but they are very expensive. Some of them are even not covered by medical insurance. Thanks to PristynCare I was able to get my mother treated for fissures. They took care of the entire process from admission to post-surgery follow up. Their procedures also was covered under my insurane. The surgery was successful and my mother is healthy now.

Shreyansh Srivastava

I had my surgery for fissures last month. I am fully active and healthy now. I must say their health buddies are really helpful and just a phone call away. I didn't have to run here and there for my insurance claim. I owe it to Pristyncare for such a great fissures treatment in Bangalore.

Shreyas Goel

I was looking for treatment for PristynCare near my house. There are several hospitals but their reviews were not upto the mark. Then I came across PristynCare's website and it was nice. I booked an appointment and then got consulted with the doctor. He listened to me intently and provided the appropriate medication. I found the best fissures treatment in Bangalore.

Shrinath Bansal

I was suffering from fissures. I tried various home remedies but nothing worked. They only provided temporary relief. So I wanted a permanent solution. I was going through various websites online but they were charging a huge amount. PristynCare provides the most advanced fissures laser treatment in Bangalore. Their procedures are covered by insurance. They also provide perks such as free follow up and free transportation.

Shripal Mondal

A splendid experience at PristynCare! Kudos to their doctors and their staff! So professional as well as kind at the same time. They made it sure I was not at all uncomfortable during the laser surgery. They took great care of me even after the surgery at the clinic. I am totally fine now. There were no complications after the surgery. As suggested by PristynCare, I recovered within a few days and was back to work after a week. They provide the best fissure laser surgery in Bangalore.

Shripati Chopra

I can't afford a fissure surgery in Bangalore. Thankfully Pristyn Care provides laser treatment which is affordable. They also provide facilities such as free transportation and free follow ups. Very satisfied with their care.

Somkar Awasthi

I was discharged within a day after anal fissure treatment in Bangalore from PristynCare! I recovered with minimum pain and whenever I had a confuion I called the personal medical coordinator! He was very helpful and was always available!

Sonali Jaiswal

The pain was so bad that I couldn't sit or stand. So I contacted PristynCare and then I visited the doctor. The doctor said I needed fissures treatment in Bangalore. After seeing his credentials and experience, I agreed to him and went for the surgery. I am completely healed now and all because of PristynCare.

Sonia Mathhew

The most-advanced fissures laser treatment in Bangalore is provided by PristynCare. I am very happy with their services and their behaviour. I was stunned by the doctor's friendly nature which is not common in Bangalore. He asked me various questions and examined me thoroughly. After this only, he recommended laser treatment. The surgery was 100% succesful. He even provided me various instructions and a complete diet plan to follow after the surgery.

Spandan Roy

An amazing experience I must say. My grandfather is 67 years old and had extreme pain alongwith bleeding while passing stools. I took him to PristynCare where the doctor took great care of him. The doctor said he needs to undergo a surgery. He was extremely scared so the doctor was very polite and gentle to him throughout the operation. The surgery was successful and he was completely cured. Thanks to PristynCare for providing painless fissure laser surgery in Bangalore within my budget!

Fissure Treatment in Bangalore

Majority of the people in Bangalore work in corporate sectors involving long sitting hours. People also eat a lot of junk food. Both of these factors add to the probability of getting diseases like piles, fissure, etc. Low intake of water, fiber, and nutrition also is a reason for the tremendous rise in cases of fissure in Bangalore. With the advancement of medical science, our dedicated team of doctors has reduced the risks of painful open surgical treatment. Visit Pristyn Care for an instant and permanent cure for Anal Fissure in Bangalore. We have a dedicated and experienced doctor to provide you the best treatment for fissure in Bangalore. The patient experiences no major post surgery symptoms.

Pristyn Care clinics are located in several places of Bangalore. So, wait no more and get instant, permanent and pain-free treatment for anal fissure from the best and most trusted doctors in Bangalore at Pristyn Care.


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