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Pain free cure for Anal Fissure in under 60 minutes! With the most advanced laser procedure, get a permanent solution for the painful problem of Anal Fissure

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What is Fissure?

A fissure is defined as a small crack or tear over the surface of the skin. It should not be confused with a small cut; that is not even the same thing. A fissure originates when the skin starts to separate and then pulls apart. If the treatment is not done, then fissure can also develop into a very painful form i.e., ulcers. Ulcers are defined as the large open wounds present in the skin. Ulcers are limited to the upper layers of the skin, but if it fails to heal, it can grow into deeper tissues like underlying muscles and bone tissues.

There are two types of Anal Fissure:

  • Acute Anal fissure: These are defined as the fissure which have a sudden onset and they last for a duration which is not more than six weeks. These are very much common in individuals and generally heal with little bit of self-care.
  • Chronic Anal fissure: They are defined as the prolonged anal fissure which last for more than six weeks. These types of fissure require medical attention or surgery to help them heal easily.


Lifting heavy weights

Chronic diarrhoea

Chronic constipation


Straining too much while bowel movement


  • Risks
  • Why Painless Treatment?
  • Don’t Delay Laser Treatment
  • Why Pristyn Care?
  • Hassle-free Insurance Approval


Anal Fissure is a small tear in the lining of the anus.


Chronic anal fissure


Anal fistulas


Anal stenosis


Narrowed anal canal


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  • Chronic anal fissure
  • Anal fistulas
  • Anal stenosis
  • Narrowed anal canal

Why Painless Treatment?

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  • No cuts, No stitch, No fissure
  • 30 Min Procedure | 1 Day Discharge
  • *Join work in 48 hours
  • Most effective treatment

Don’t Delay Laser Treatment

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  • Relief from pain while sitting
  • Relief from bleeding in stool
  • Reduces chances of anal cancer
  • Cures Inflammation in the anal region

Why Pristyn Care?

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  • 30% off on diagnostic tests
  • Confidential consultation
  • Single deluxe room
  • Free follow-ups post-surgery
  • 100% insurance claim

Hassle-free Insurance Approval

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  • All Insurances covered
  • No upfront payment
  • No running behind insurance authorities
  • Paperwork by Pristyn team on your behalf


Swelling in the anal region

Pain while making bowel movement


Discomfort while sitting

Bleeding while passing stool

Advantages of Fissure Laser Treatment over the Traditional Surgical Procedure

featureslaser surgeryopen surgery
Cuts and wounds
Bleeding due to Cuts and Stitches
 Very Less
 More Bleeding
Diet Restrictions
Success Rate
Risk of Infection
 Very Less
Rest After Surgery
 Can Resume Work
 1-2 Month Rest
 Time Taking

COVID 19 Safety Measures

Treatment of patients in <b>COVID safe surgical centers</b>
Treatment of patients in COVID safe surgical centers
<b>COVID test arranged</b> for the surgical patients
COVID test arranged for the surgical patients
Regular <b>screening of staff</b> for COVID related symptoms
Regular screening of staff for COVID related symptoms
<b>Thermal screening</b> of all the patients at the hospital entrance
Thermal screening of all the patients at the hospital entrance
<b>Orderly sanitization</b> of all the medical equipment
Orderly sanitization of all the medical equipment
Surgeons equipped with <b>PPE kits</b> during surgery
Surgeons equipped with PPE kits during surgery



Most often a gentle inspection of the anal region is required to see cut or tear. On the basis of location of Fissure cause can be identified. Colonoscopy, flexible sigmoidoscopy and Anoscopy may be recommended for further test.


Treatment options of anal fissure may vary depending upon the basic cause of the fissure. If the fissure are generally caused by the diseases like diarrhoea or constipation, then medications can also be prescribed by the physician to relieve the symptoms of an individual. In some cases medicated creams can also be prescribed to the patient to help with the pain relief and also helps the fissure to heal properly. If the fissure still do not start healing with these treatments, then the doctor advises the patient to choose surgery to correct the anal fissure.

Apart from traditional surgical treatments, a patient can choose to undergo laser surgery for finding relief from fissure. Laser surgery for Fissure in Hyderabad is easy to achieve and is considered to be one of the best modern treatment for Fissure. Laser surgery is easy and comfortable with high success rate. It is a minimally invasive technique with no cuts and wounds. Healing time is very less and is also a painless procedure.

Pristyn Care is a platform where the top Fissure specialist in Hyderabad are made available to the needed patient. Pristyn laser clinic provides a large list of doctors to the patients to choose from. It also ensures continuous patient support through their medical coordinators.

Why Us ?

Protection Against Corona
Advanced Medical Treatment
Insurance Support
Patient Care

Protection Against Corona

  • Hospitals are sanitized daily
  • Screening of medical staff and patients at the entrance
  • Get private sanitized rooms
  • Surgeons are equipped with recommended PPE kits

Advanced Medical Treatment

  • Pristyn Care offers reliable surgical procedures
  • Laser-assisted and laparoscopic treatments
  • USFDA approved laser proceeding
  • All the doctors are highly experienced

Insurance Support

  • Pristyn Care offers a hassle-free insurance claim
  • All insurance covered
  • No cost EMI option available
  • We do all the paperwork to get your work done

Patient Care

  • Hospitals are sanitized daily
  • Free pick up & drop service for surgery
  • Get Care-buddy assistance throughout the surgical Journey
  • Painless Procedure with no cuts

Protection Against Corona

  • Hospitals are sanitized daily
  • Screening of medical staff and patients at the entrance
  • Get private sanitized rooms
  • Surgeons are equipped with recommended PPE kits

Advanced Medical Treatment

  • Pristyn Care offers reliable surgical procedures
  • Laser-assisted and laparoscopic treatments
  • USFDA approved laser proceeding
  • All the doctors are highly experienced

Insurance Support

  • Pristyn Care offers a hassle-free insurance claim
  • All insurance covered
  • No cost EMI option available
  • We do all the paperwork to get your work done

Patient Care

  • Hospitals are sanitized daily
  • Free pick up & drop service for surgery
  • Get Care-buddy assistance throughout the surgical Journey
  • Painless Procedure with no cuts

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Frequently asked Questions

Can we experience pain after fissure Laser treatment?

It is normal to observe certain amount of pain after the treatment. However, if the situation persists and the pain is unbearable, one must consult their fissure specialist immediately.


What is the Fissure laser treatment cost in Hyderabad?

A laser Fissure treatment cost in Hyderabad can depend upon the condition of the patient, type of facility and experience of the surgeon. Exact cost can be determined after a consultation with our doctors.


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Surprisingly seamless experience. I feel that Pristyn Care offers the best laser surgeries.

I had been suffering from Hemorrhoids and fissures for 8 years. I had tried every possible medication but my plight ended when i came in touch with Pristyn Care. The entire treatment was done and I was discharged to go home within 24 hours only.


Uchit Sharma

I was diagnosed with first stage of fissure and the doctor at Pristyn care suggested me medicines, exercises and diet to follow. I did all that the doctor said and was completely fine in a few weeks.


Totally satisfied with Pristyn care. No flaw!

Bharat Sachdeva

Right from the doctor visit to my treatment in the hospital, i had no problem. Thank you for treating me so well.


I got permanent cure for fissure from Pristyn Care.


Unlike other hopital, we did not have to run and have the stress with insurance and hospital bills. Prsityn Care did all the insurance and TPA work on their end and my treatment was totally cashless and hassle free.


Good service and polite team.

Punya Mehta

it was the second time i was diagnosed with Fissure. The open surgery that i ahd the first time had put me in pain for several days. I had heard about the laser treatment for fissure and Googled to know about the hospitals that did that surgery. Pristyn Care came on top and after talking to their health advisor, I made upp my mind to get laser treatment done from there only. I got an appointment with the doctor the next day and he told me the procedure. I told him to do the surgery today only. They took me to the hospital and i did not feel any pain during or after the laser treatment. I was discharged the same night and was completely fine. T

Sparsh Gambhir

Good experience with the laser treatment.


Its been four months since i have had the laser treatment. The best thing about the treatment was that i did not even feel for a single second that i had such a serious surgery! Recommended to those who are looking for a painless and easy treatment for fissure.


I cannot thank enough to Pristyn Care for providing an easy solution to all the hospital chaos.


Friend recommended Pristyn Care. Good decision i took. Satisfied with the treatment.


Effortless experience. Plus the treatment was pain free.


I always hated hospital work and hassles and i am glad i chose Pristyn Care. They took care of all of it.


The most difficult work in the hospital is getting insurance cleared. Pristyn Care did all that work. I did not have to pay any money it all was covered in the insurance.


Very helpful


I still cannot believe a surgery can be that easy! i just went and was free in 40 minutes and came back home. I even went to office the next day! They are right! The do provide seamless service


Seamless experience, like Prsityn care says

Rahul Yadav

After having bad experience with many top hospitals in hyderabad, i can say that Pristyn Care is the best. They gave me instant and permanent relief from fissure


doctors treated me evry well. Listened to my symptoms carefully and then suggested medication for fissure. I got reliev in 10 days.


Good choice of choosing Pristyn Care. They assisted me all through the way and provided a permanent solution for fissure

akash aggarwal

There are not many hospitals who do laser treatment for fissure in hyderabad. I inquired about it and got to know Pristyn care is the best for it. I knew the complexity of fissure if the patient delays the treatment. So, i immediately got an appointment with the doctor. I told the doctor i needed the surgery to the soonest. The doctor told me that i can even get it done today. I told my family and was taken to the hospital where all the arrangements had been made. The surgery was completed in 40-45 minutes and i did not feel a single thing! No pain at all! it has been four months since the surgery and i still have no complaints.


Best place for fissure treatment in hyderabad


When i started experiencing the early symptoms, i searched on the internet and it said i had symptoms of anal fissure. i searched for best fissure doctor in hyderabad and Pristyn care came up. I visited them and was diagnosed with stage 1 of fissure. The doctor prescribed medicine and i was totally fine in just a few weeks.


My previous doctor was insiting i should get surgery even when i was on initial stage of fissure. I changed my doctor and went to Pristyn Care. Glad i did. The doctor here gave effective medication and i got relief.


I was looking for fissure clinic in hyderabad online when i read about Pristyn care. They are the best! Believe me! I got my fatehr's treatment from there and he got releif with medication in around 8-10 days. The doctor even guided us for post surgery.


Very simple and painless treatment. Best fissure specialist in hyderabad


I have had a bad experience in case of hospitals and treatments but i can assure Pristyn Care is the best for fissure hospital in hyderabad


Highly recommend Pristyn Care for fissure laser treatment in hyderabad


I got well from first stage of fissure just with medication from the doctor at Pristyn Care. best doctor for fissure treatment in hyderabad


i was on third stage of fissure and i went to Pristyn Care as it was very close to my house. The doctor suggested me to get surgery done to the earliest. I got an appointment for surgery the next day. The doctor performed a painless surgery in 30 minutes and i got rid of fissure permanently.


There must be many people like me who avoid a treatment as they are too scared of the surgical procedures. Well, a relief here! The laser treatment would cause zero pain! No reason to delay treatments. Pristyn Care has the best fissure treatment in hyderabad


i got the surgery for grade 3 of fissure. The surgeon was very polite and gave me a painfree treatment! My doctor at pristyn care is the best fissure surgeon in hyderabad


Should go to Pristyn Care fo fissure treatment in hyderabad.

Ishwar Maheshwari

I am the kind of person who would delay surgeries fearing from the painful procedures. A family friend who had got fissure treatment from pristyn acre mentioned how easy and completely pain free it was there. I too decided to get the surgery from them. Had a filfilling experience

Sameer arora

Best hospital fo fissure laser surgery in hyderabad

Astik Vaid

I got my fissure surgery from Pristyn care in hyderabad. I had a successful surgery. Got instant relief from anal fissure


Medical sceince and advancements never fail to surpirse! The new anal fissure treatment is so easy that even a small kid can get it done easily. i am thankful to pristyn care for making it so easy. Best hospital in Hyderabad


Top hospital for fissure treatment in hyderabad


I am sure i got the best fissure laser treatment in hyderabad


I got the laser surgery from Pristyn Care. I feared from laser surgery thinking itsnot safe. But it was totally pain free and totally safe. It has been seven months and I can still see no side effects. Best fissure laser surgery in hyderabad


That uncontollable and unformtable itching, pain and bleeding compelled me to get a surgery. Must say Pristyn care provides the best fissure surgery in hyderabad.


If you are looking for anal fissure treatment in hyderbad, don't think much and opt Pristyn Care. I can assure you they are the best.


If you are considering Pristyn Care , you do not need to give second thoughts to it, it is the best for fissure treatment in hyderabad


You should also get the fissure laser treatment in hyderabad.


Quick and easy surgery. Best hospital for fissure laser surgery in hyderabad


I got fissure surgery in hyderabad from Prityn care. they have hospitals and clinics in many parts of the country. They fulfill all the promises they make. Keep up the good work.


Go to Pristyn Care for best anal fissure treatment in hyderabad

Sherry Bhandari

it was very convenient getting my treatment from Prsityn Care. I got fissure treatment from hyderabad at Prityn care and they had made all the arrangeemtns for the surgery before i reached the hospital. Paperwork while admitting the patient is the most difficult work in such cases. Pristyn care did all that for me. There is nothing we had to do from our went.


I found about Prsityn Care when i started searching on the internet for fissure laser treatments in Hyderabad. i was impressed with their websites and feedback so decided to meet the doctor once. Not many hospitals here do laser. The doctor seemed good and i decided that i would get laser from here only. I got the appointment for surgery for the next day. The surgery took 40 minutes approx and i was free to go home after that. i felt no pain. i also got cab to pick me up for the surgery and also drop me back home after it was done. The surgery was shorter than the doctor's appointment! Very happy that i got a permanent cure for fissure


My whole experience with Pristyn care is amazing! i went there for fissure and they are the best for fissure laser surgery in hyderabad.

The disease prevalence for anal fissure is increasing day by day, mostly among the males. This disease is mostly seen in the age group of 30-40 years of people. The etiology behind the disease still remains unclear but it is found that constipation and low fiber diet could be a possible reason to cause anal fissure. There are various Fissure doctor/ surgeons in Hyderabad who can bring a smile on the face of their patients by providing best Fissure treatment to them.

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