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Best Doctors For Meniscus Tear in Hyderabad

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    Dr. Nallamothu Anil Kumar (FMnPN7WBhc)

    Dr. Nallamothu Anil Kuma...

    MBBS, DNB,MS-orthopedics
    29 Yrs.Exp.


    29 + Years

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    Dr. Hari Prakash (gA0Aue1SxG)

    Dr. Hari Prakash

    MBBS, D. Ortho, DNB (Ortho)
    13 Yrs.Exp.


    13 + Years

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    Dr Gopisetty Chaitanya Kishore (1ENuhvkZwA)

    Dr Gopisetty Chaitanya K...

    MBBS, MS-Orthopedics
    8 Yrs.Exp.


    8 + Years

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  • Types of Meniscus Tear Surgery

    Surgery TypeRecovery DaysHospital DaysAge Group
    Arthroscopic Meniscectomy4-8 Weeks 1 - 2 daysAny age
    Meniscal Repair4 - 6 months1 - 2 daysAny age
    Meniscal Transplantation4 - 6 months1 - 2 daysTypically younger adults

    What is a meniscus tear?

    Meniscus is a ligament present between the knee joint that helps in maintaining knee mobility. When the meniscus gets torn because of any reason, the movement of the knee becomes restricted and results in pain while walking and bending knees. Typically, a meniscus tear occurs due to sports injury, awkward or sudden falls, osteoarthritis, etc.


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    Types of Meniscus Surgery
    • Partial Meniscectomy
    • Meniscus Repair Surgery
    • Open Surgery
    Causes of a meniscus tear
    • Accidental or Awkward falls
    • Sports related Injury
    • Osteomyelitis
    • Weak bones
    • Nutritional deficiency
    Indications of a torn meniscus
    • Swelling
    • Popping sound while moving the knee
    • Knee joint stuck up
    • Pain, when walking and climbing stairs
    Why choose Pristyn Care for orthopedic surgery ?
    • Free consultation with the best orthopedic surgeon near you
    • Advanced & modern arthroscopic meniscus repair
    • Free follow-up consultations
    • Free transportation on the day of surgery
    Orthopedic surgeon performing Meniscus Repair Surgery

    Meniscus Tear Surgery In Hyderabad

    Diagnosis of a torn Meniscus  

    An orthopedic doctor will conduct a physical examination. The examination is done to assess the severity of the condition. During the physical examination, the doctor checks the tenderness by putting slight pressure with a finger around the affected area. The doctor may also recommend a few diagnostic tests to get clear images of the damaged tissues and bone around the knee joint. The following are some imaging tests that can be advised-

    • MRI
    • X-Ray

    Meniscus Repair Surgery 

    Meniscus repair surgery is also known as Meniscectomy. The first step of the surgery takes place when an anesthetist administers anesthesia to make the area numb and in order to prepare it for surgery. Once the surgical site gets numb, an orthopedic surgeon will make a few tiny incisions to proceed with the determined meniscus repair surgery. The surgeon uses surgical instruments and puts them through the incisions to sew the meniscus tear or to remove the partially damaged meniscus from the affected knee joint. Once the surgery is completed, the surgical site is secured with a bandage to avoid any post-surgical complications. 

    Our Clinics in Hyderabad

    Pristyn Care
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    H No 1 to 4, Plot No 87, Entrenchment Rd, East Marredpally, Secunderabad, Beside ICICI

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    Ground Floor, Laxmi Nagar

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    Plot No 86, RTC Colony

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    Annapurna Kalyana Mandapam, Srinagar Nagar, Dilsukhnagar, Besides Bank of Maharashtra

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    Hitec City, Huda Techno Enclave, Madhapur, Beside Karachi Bakery

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    No 1213, 1st Flr, Swamy Ayyappa Society, Mega Hills, Madhapur

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    Why choose Pristyn Care?

    Best Healthcare Provider for Orthopedic Treatments


    Hassle-free treatment journey

    We provide hassle-free treatment to all patients for mensicus surgery with a convenient and comfortable treatment journey.


    US FDA-approved treatments

    We avail all patients with advanced state-of-the-art treatments for meniscus reconstruction and repair for successful treatment and long-term recovery.


    Expert and experienced orthopedic specialists

    We have a team of expert and experienced orthopedic surgeons and doctors with over 8 years of experience treating advanced orthopedic issues like mensicus tears.


    Minimal chances of complications

    We take care of all aspects of the patient’s treatment journey to ensure minimal chances of complications at any point during the treatment.

    FAQs around Meniscus Tear Surgery In Hyderabad

    What is the meniscus repair treatment cost in Hyderabad?

    The meniscus repair surgery cost in Hyderabad may differ on various factors such as hospital charges, consultation of the orthopedic surgeon, and type of meniscus surgery performed to repair the tear, etc.

    When should you consult an orthopedic doctor for meniscus repair treatment?

    If you are experiencing any of the following signs and symptoms, consult an orthopedic surgeon for a thorough diagnosis. Such factors can indicate meniscus tear in the knee joint-

    1. Feeling pain while walking and moving your knee
    2. Not able to keep the knee joint straight
    3. Swelling around the knee joint
    4. Stiffness in the knee joint

    What can I do at home to recover faster after meniscus tear surgery?

    The following are a few tips that can help you recover faster post meniscus tear surgery-

    1. Ice your knee joint to reduce swelling and pain sensation.
    2. Wear a compression knee sleeve to control swelling.
    3. Take prescribed medication on time.
    4. Avoid running or jumping unless recovered successfully.
    5. Try physiotherapy to strengthen the affected area.

    How long do I have to stay in the hospital after meniscus tear surgery?

    It is an outpatient procedure. The meniscus repair surgery is performed with a minimally invasive technique. The surgery is also called meniscectomy, which typically takes 35-45 minutes depending on the severity of the meniscus tear. Once the surgery is performed, the patient is kept under observation for a few hours and discharged on the same day of the surgery.

    Does Insurance companies cover meniscus surgery?

    Yes. Insurance companies cover meniscus surgery because it is a commonly performed surgical procedure that is considered medically necessary for certain conditions or injuries. Most orthopedic surgeries are covered by insurance.

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    Dr. Nallamothu Anil Kumar
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    Last Updated : July 1, 2024

    How can you treat a torn meniscus at home?

    The following are a few home remedies that may help you reduce discomfort and pain caused due to meniscus tear (mild to moderate)-

    • Rest the knee: Don’t put too much weight on the knee, especially if it’s painful. Use crutches when you have to move. Wear a brace on the joint whenever possible to reduce the pressure on the joint.
    • Ice the knee: Ice your knee for at least 20 to 30 minutes every 3 to 4 hours for at least 2 to 3 days after the injury till the swelling is gone.
    • Compress the joint: Compress the knee joint by wrapping it tightly with an elastic bandage or a neoprene-type sleeve. This helps control and reduce the swelling.
    • Elevate the knee: Elevate the knee by placing a pillow under your heel whenever you are sitting or lying down.
    • Take the pain and anti-inflammatory medications: Pain relievers or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), help reduce swelling in the injured joint. However, it is best to get a prescription from an orthopedic doctor near you before using such drugs.
    • Exercises: Perform stretching and strengthening exercises as directed by the doctor. This will help reduce stress on the knee joint. However, be careful about overstretching as that may exacerbate the injury.
    • Avoid high-impact activities:  Avoid high-impact activities such as running and jumping till the injury has fully healed.

    Procedure of Meniscus Repair Surgery 

    You can expect the following things during meniscus surgery-

    • An anesthetist will administer anesthesia to prep and numb the affected area for the surgery. 
    • The orthopedic surgeon will clean the area with a solution to make a few incisions to proceed with arthroscopic surgery. 
    • The surgeon will use an arthroscope to insert from one incision and will put surgical tools from another incision to repair the meniscus tear. 
    • Once the surgery is completed, the surgeon will seal the incisions with sutures and put a bandage on it to secure the surgical site. 

    When is meniscus repair surgery required?

    If you are experiencing any of the following signs or symptoms, it can be an indication of a meniscus tear and you may need medical assistance for the same. Some of the signs can be-

    • Swelling around the knee joint
    • A popping sensation during the knee injury
    • There is difficulty in bending or keeping the leg straight. 
    • Not able to move the legs because of stuck-up knee joint

    How to prepare before meniscus surgery?

    The following are a few tips that can help you prepare for meniscus surgery- 

    • Tell your doctor in detail about the injury. 
    • Let your doctor know about your medical history and medicines in advance if you are taking any. 
    • Get your diagnostic tests on time as recommended by the doctor to initiate the treatments. 
    • Avoid eating food at least 8 hours before surgery to eliminate the risk of allergy to anesthesia. 
    • Keep your home prepared before your surgery to make it more accessible and comfortable for your recovery duration. 

    Benefits of Minimally Invasive Meniscectomy 

    Meniscectomy is an advanced surgical procedure that is performed with a minimally invasive technique. The following are the benefits of undergoing minimally invasive meniscectomy as compared to the traditional method of meniscus repair-

    • A faster recovery with minimal discomfort
    • Reduced chances of excessive bleeding
    • Fewer chances of post-surgical complications
    • Minimal to no chances of infection 
    • The size of incisions are smaller 
    • The success rate is higher than in conventional surgery


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