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USFDA-Approved Procedure

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Best Gynecomastia Surgeon in Hyderabad

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    Dr. Devidutta Mohanty (Qx2Ggxqwz2)

    Dr. Devidutta Mohanty

    MBBS,MS, M. Ch- Plastic Surgery
    20 Yrs.Exp.


    20 + Years


    Aesthetics and Plastic Surgeon

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    Dr. M Ram Prabhu (bNoNbBGGix)

    Dr. M Ram Prabhu

    MBBS, DNB-Plastic Surgery
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    Aesthetics and Plastic Surgeon

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  • About Gynecomastia

    Gynecomastia is a health condition in which the breasts of males puff up. This condition is primarily caused due to hormonal imbalance. Gynecomastia also known as man boobs not only create social uneasiness for males but also put one in a state of mental discomfort. There are different options one can choose to treat Gynecomastia but the most effective one is surgery.

    Though gynecomastia is not a life-threatening disease, it can be discomfort and may cause social anxiety and stress. It can even lead to depression sometimes. To make sure that gynecomastia doesn't cause such problems, it is important that you seek proper treatment for the condition. You can get in touch with Pristyn Care and undergo gynecomastia surgery in Hyderabad to get rid of enlarged breasts permanently.


    Gynecomastia in different languages
    • Gynecomastia in Hindi: ज्ञ्नेकोमास्टिया / पुंस्तनबृद्धि
    • Gynecomastia in Marathi: मॅनब्यूबची
    • Gynecomastia in Telugu: గైనెకోమాస్టియా
    • Gynecomastia in Tamil: மகளிர் நோய்
    • Gynecomastia in Malayalam: গাইনোকোমাস্টিয়া
    Gynecomastia Surgery Techniques
    • Liposuction
    • Gland Excision
    • Combination of Liposuction & Gland Excision
    Gynecomastia Stages
    • Grade 1 - Minor enlargement of breast with no excess skin
    • Grade 2 - Moderate enlargement with no excess skin
    • Grade 3 - Moderate enlargement with excess skin
    • Grade 4 - Marked enlargement with excess skin
    Exercises to manage chest fat
    • Walking & running
    • Rowing machines
    • Swimming
    • Bench press
    • Push ups
    • Bent forward cable crossover
    Gynecomastia ICD 10
    • N62- Hypertrophy of breast (gynecomastia)
    • Q98.0 Q98.4- Klinefelter's Syndrome
    • Z79.51 Z79.52- Long term (current) use of steroids
    • Z79.818- Long term (current) use of other agents
    • affecting estrogen
    • 0HBV0ZZ- Excision of bilateral breast
    • open technique (gynecomastia surgery)



    To diagnose your problem of breast enlargement, the doctor asks your family’s medical history. The doctor will also physically examine your breasts and might also check your genitals for any underlying cause. A man is said to be suffering from gynecomastia when the tissues of his breasts grow more than 0.5 cm in diameter.

    Additionally, your doctor can also ask for tests like MRI scans, CT scans, X-rays, and blood tests.


    The best and the most effective treatment to correct gynecomastia is liposuction followed by gland excision surgery. In this process, the surgeon will make tiny incisions around the areola. Using a metal cannula, he will drain out the excess amount of fat. After the liposuction is over, the next step is the gland excision surgery. In this procedure, the surgeon extracts the underlying glandular tissue around the breasts through the incision in the nipples. Later, the surgeon closes the incision with dissolvable sutures or stitches. The whole procedure is carried out under the influence of anesthesia which means you won’t be able to feel any discomfort.

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    Why choose Pristyn Care for Gynecomastia Surgery

    Delivering Seamless Surgical Experience in India


    Advanced Male Breast Reduction Surgery

    At Pristyn Care, we leverage the liposuction and gland excision technique to effectively remove the breast glandular tissues and fatty tissues from the chest region.


    Expert Plastic Surgeons

    We have well-trained gynecomastia surgeons with 10+ years of experience and ample knowledge to perform the surgery safely. Our doctors compile a customized treatment plan for each patient.


    Minimal Scarring

    Male breast reduction surgery is a minimally invasive procedure. There is no major scarring after the treatment. Thus, gynecomastia surgery has no aesthetic downside.


    Low Recurrence Rate

    Our doctors ensure that most of the glandular tissues are removed during gynecomastia surgery. Thus, the recurrence rate is almost negligible.

    Frequently Asked Question

    Which technique is preferred by patients in Hyderabad for gynecomastia treatment?

    In Hyderabad and all other cities across India, all patients prefer male breast reduction surgery for gynecomastia treatment. This technique involves a combination of liposuction and gland excision to successfully remove the breast tissues in males.

    What is the success rate of gynecomastia surgery in Hyderabad at Pristyn Care?

    At Pristyn Care, the success rate of gynecomastia surgery in Hyderabad is higher than 95% as our doctors employ the safest method and USFDA-approved tools.

    Is gynecomastia surgery in Hyderabad covered by insurance?

    Yes, gynecomastia surgery in Hyderabad is covered by health insurance. However, there may be some exceptions to this. If a patient is having the surgery for cosmetic reasons, the insurance company won’t approve the claim. You have to submit the evidence mentioning that male boobs are causing physical problems (given by the doctor) to get timely approval.

    What services does Pristyn Care provide for man boobs treatment in Hyderabad?

    Whether you are seeking treatment for male boobs or any other condition, Pristyn Care provides the following services-

    • Complete assistance from the medical coordinators
    • Free pick and drop service on the day of surgery
    • A single deluxe room for stay in the treatment center
    • Flexible payment options with No-Cost EMI service

    Which is the best medicine for gynecomastia?

    Currently, there are no medicines approved by USFDA for gynecomastia. A medicine, Tamoxifen (an estrogen antagonist) is said to be effective for gynecomastia treatment. However, there is no evidence available that the medicine will treat or reverse the condition.

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    Dr. Devidutta Mohanty
    20 Years Experience Overall
    Last Updated : June 8, 2024

    Get Advanced Gynecomastia Treatment in Hyderabad at Pristyn Care

    In Hyderabad, you can seek the most advanced treatment for enlarged male breasts with the help of Pristyn Care. Gynecomastia is a condition that has both physical and psychological side effects on males. It degrades their mental health, social interaction, and overall general health.

    Over time, if not treated, the condition becomes serious and may cause issues like back pain, spinal deformity, etc. To prevent that from happening, you need to get proper treatment for the condition.

    At Pristyn Care, we help patients who need to get rid of the swollen and enlarged breasts permanently. We employ the most successful technique for the removal of the breast tissues which is the combination of liposuction and gland excision procedure. It ensures that the tissues are removed entirely. You can rely on us and talk to our experts to explore your treatment options.

    Why Undergoing Gynecomastia Surgery is the Right Choice?

    People often hesitate to undergo surgery even if it is required for the treatment of a certain condition. Pristyn Care doctors understand this dilemma that people face and explain why undergoing gynecomastia surgery is the best decision you will make.

    Regardless of the factors that caused gynecomastia, if the condition cannot be treated through medications, it will continue to get worse. Many people have dependencies on certain medications that increase the chances of developing gynecomastia. In such scenarios, surgical treatment is the most appropriate option. Some other reasons to opt for gynecomastia surgery are given below:

    • It is a cost-effective treatment unlike using medications or pills that will take years to resolve the problem permanently.
    • Results of the surgery can be seen within the first few weeks and the patient recovers within a month.
    • The condition doesn’t recur once the breast tissues are removed surgically. The results will be permanent.
    • Symptoms and side effects like back pain and physical discomfort will be resolved immediately after the surgery.
    • The procedure is minimally invasive and doesn’t cause major scarring on the body that may impact the aesthetic appeal of the person.

    You can learn more about the procedure, its benefits, risks, and post-surgery care by contacting Pristyn Care.

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    Our Patient Love Us

    Based on 24 Recommendations | Rated 4 Out of 5
    • MK

      Mamata Kalita


      After waiting a long time, I finally found a fantastic surgeon—Dr. Jagadish Kiran—to do my gynecomastia surgery. Because of the good feedback I had heard from my brother, who had had the same procedure performed by Dr. Jagadish, I flew from Kolkata to Hyderabad to have the operation done by him.

      City : HYDERABAD
    • PJ

      Padma Joshi


      Much obliged to Dr. M Ram Prabhu. He was among the top physicians treating gynocemestia. I had gynecological surgery three months ago. I feel so thrilled now that my chest is smaller.

      City : HYDERABAD
    • MV

      Meera Varma


      For apparent reasons, I'm writing this review anonymously. I had surgery two months ago for grade 3 gynecomastia. The recovery was painless and the procedure went well. The personnel was incredibly helpful, and the hospital was immaculate. Dr. Deepu can be reached at any moment via WhatsApp to address queries and worries. He carefully addressed each query I had. It is quite difficult to tell that I had surgery two months after it occurred. My life was altered by him.

      City : HYDERABAD
    • SP

      Sarita Pillai


      Hello, I'm Bilal, and I went to see Dr. Devidutta Mohanty.I was a little nervous about having a gynecomastia surgery, but after hearing him out, I understood and agreed to have one. In the past, when I would wear t-shirts, I would feel accepted, but now that I have had the procedure, I feel very confident that he has changed my life.

      City : HYDERABAD

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