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What is Mastoidectomy?

Mastoidectomy is a surgical procedure that removes the diseased mastoid air cells. The mastoid is the part of your skull which is located behind your ear. It gets filled with the air cells made of bone and it looks like a honeycomb. The diseased cells result in an ear infection which can spread into your skull. The procedure can also be used to remove the abnormal growth of the ear.




Abscess in the brain

Ongoing ear drainage

Inflammation of the inner ear

Inflammation of the membranes of the brain

Facial paralysis, Vertigo or dizziness

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24hr Hospitalization

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Physical examination before Mastoidectomy


The ENT specialist will diagnose the mastoiditis with an examination of the ear. The doctor may suggest some tests that may confirm a diagnosis, they include CT scan, MRI, X-ray, blood tests, fluid culture, hearing test, and lumbar puncture or spinal tap.


An ENT doctor will recommend the surgery when medications and other ear treatments don’t prove to be fruitful. The purpose of mastoidectomy surgery is to remove the diseased mastoid air cells located behind the ear. The diseased air cells are the root cause of ear infection in adults that may spread into the skull if untreated. It is performed under general anesthesia where a microscope is used for more precision. There are variations of mastoidectomy, simple mastoidectomy, radical mastoidectomy, and modified radical mastoidectomy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the mastoid bone is removed, how will it affect my life?

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How to treat mastoiditis at home?

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Best Mastoidectomy Specialists in Bangalore

The final part is to treat the mastoidectomy problem as soon as possible. There are plenty of ear problems which are in India. This is the main issue that many people, even children are also suffering from ear problems. These problems can happen at any age but the main causes are noise pollution and smoking. If you are suffering from ear problems in Bangalore, then you should consult Pristyn Care because they will provide you with the advanced laser treatments. Pristyn Care provides mastoid surgery which has certain advantages such as no cuts or wounds, quick treatment and it’s a daycare procedure only. There would be no problem for the patient as the whole process is seamless. So it’s better to look for treatment as soon as possible.

Get the Most Advanced Daycare Mastoidectomy Treatment in Bangalore

With the growing number of hearing problems in Bangalore, there is a need for a clinic that offers seamless treatment for mastoidectomy. Pristyn Care uses advanced technologies for the treatment and there are experienced specialists who make the whole surgery a seamless process. Ear infections are common in kids as they have less immunity against viruses and bacteria. It makes them vulnerable to many ENT conditions, benign or malignant. The same may cause pain, discharge from the ear, temporary loss of hearing, or severe conditions for which surgery may be the only option. Also, one thing that is quite understood is that children have a lower threshold for pain. This contributes to the main reasons for having a good ENT specialist if you are a parent.

Experts at Pristyn Care understand that no parent can see their kids suffer. We use advanced & latest equipment to diagnose conditions and leverage modern daycare procedures to treat & cure patients. According to a study in Bangalore, not only kids but adults are becoming more susceptible to ear disorders. These conditions may seem benign at the beginning. But when people start to feel a lot of pain & discomfort, they try to find a good doctor or may choose an instant treatment. If you are in pain or suffering from symptoms of diseased mastoid air cells, make an appointment with the best ENT specialist in Bangalore.

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