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What is a Sebaceous Cyst?

A sebaceous cyst is a skin cyst that appears when the sebaceous gland gets blocked or damaged. It commonly appears around the face, ear, trunk, head, or groin region. It grows slowly and rarely causes pain. Small cysts may also disappear after some time but in case the size is large, you may have to opt for draining or surgical procedure, especially if the cyst is swollen or painful.

You can get in touch with Pristyn Care and consult our expert plastic surgeons to find out the most plausible treatment method for sebaceous cysts.



Complications if sebaceous cyst is left untreated

The cyst may grow larger

The cyst may become infected

There might be pus accumulationCellulitis

Abscess formation

Septicemia (blood poisoning)

Where do sebaceous cysts commonly appear?







What does a sebaceous cyst look like?

Skin colored/tan/yellowish bump

Swollen & red if infected

A pointy black tip that may drain fluid

Filled with thick and oily sebum

Surgical Treatments for Sebaceous Cyst Removal


Conventional Wide Excision Surgery

Minimal Excision Surgery

Punch Biopsy Excision

Laser Aided Excision

Sebaceous Cyst in Different Languages

Sebaceous Cyst in Hindi- सिबेशियस सिस्ट

Sebaceous Cyst in Tamil- சரும மெழுகு நீர்க்கட்டி

Sebaceous Cyst in Telugu- సేబాషియస్ తిత్తి

Sebaceous Cyst in Bengali- সেবাসিয়াস সিস্ট



For proper diagnosis of a sebaceous cyst, the doctor will first ask for your medical history and perform a physical examination. The appearance of the cyst is usually enough to determine whether the lump on your skin is a sebaceous cyst or not.

If the physical exam cannot provide clear evidence, the doctor may suggest the following tests:

  • Ultrasound- An ultrasound will help the doctor to take a look at the cyst contents.
  • CT Scan- A CT scan or other imaging tests are usually recommended when the surgeon suspects that the cyst may require surgical treatment. This test helps the doctor to identify the abnormalities in the cyst and identify the best route for treatment.
  • Punch Biopsy- A punch biopsy may be required to confirm whether the skin lump is cancerous or not. A small amount of tissue will be taken from the cyst and examined to look for signs of cancer.

After seeing the results of these tests, the doctor will suggest the most plausible treatment method for the patient.


At Pristyn Care, Bangalore, our plastic surgeons employ the advanced and conventional techniques as required to treat a sebaceous cyst.

In case the cyst is small yet bothersome for the patient, the doctor may use a steroid drug to control and manage the symptoms. If the cyst grows significantly and becomes large, tender, or inflamed, the doctor will suggest draining or surgical removal.

The standard procedures employed by Pristyn Care’s plastic surgeons are:

  • Conventional Wide Excision- In this procedure, the surgeon makes a large incision around the lump, drains its contents, and excises the skin that is inflamed or infected.
  • Minimally Invasive Excision- As the name suggests, the procedure is carried out through a tiny incision. The cyst is drained and only the infected skin tissues are excised, thereby treating the sebaceous cyst.

Both these methods are safe and effective in treating a sebaceous cyst treat regardless of its size and leave almost negligible chances of recurrence. If you have been diagnosed with a sebaceous cyst, you can get in touch with Pristyn Care and consult our plastic surgeons to learn more about the excision procedures.

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How does a Sebaceous Cyst form?

A sebaceous cyst (also known as skin cyst, dermoid cyst, or epithelial cyst) arises when the normal process of skin maturation is disrupted. Normally, when the skin matures, the keratinized cells migrate upwards through the skin cells. When they reach the top, the dead cells are shed and the new skin takes their place. However, when the process is disrupted due to acne, trauma, injury, or any other reason, the keratinizing cells stay in the middle of the skin layers and proliferate. This leads to the formation of a sac and the keratin that is secreted by the cells starts accumulating in the center of the cavity. Eventually, the accumulation becomes bigger and appears on the skin surface as lumps that we know as sebaceous cysts. 

Most skin cysts are benign and resolve on their own with minimal intervention when they are small and asymptomatic. However, if they become large, inflamed, or infected, they can even cause sepsis on the skin. In few cases, these cysts appear in problematic locations such as the genital region or in the areas where they are clearly visible. This can cause embarrassment and other problems as well. That’s why draining or surgery is often the ideal solution to remove the sebaceous cyst and prevent it from affecting your life. You should understand the consequences of leaving such conditions untreated and learn about them as much as possible from experts. 

Sebaceous Cyst Can Impact Your Life Both Aesthetically & Health-Wise

A sebaceous cyst may not sound like a serious problem at first. However, it can become problematic if not treated on time. After diagnosis, once a person finds out that the skin lump is not life-threatening, he/she is most likely to decide not to get treatment. The cyst usually grows slowly and never goes away on its own affecting the aesthetics of the person. But leaving the cyst untreated for a long time can also increase the chances of the cyst becoming malignant. 

Though a sebaceous cyst becomes infected or develops into an abscess occasionally. When it reaches the chronic stage, it will exhibit symptoms like pain, pus or bloody discharge from the cyst, redness, swelling, and inflammation in the cyst. All these signs indicate that your health is at risk and you should promptly seek medical care. 

Get Advanced Treatment for Sebaceous Cyst at Pristyn Care

Whether you want to get rid of a sebaceous cyst for cosmetic reasons or it has some symptoms that are causing you problems, you can seek advanced care with Pristyn Care. We focus on simplifying the surgical experience of the patients regardless of the treatment they need. We will help you get in touch with the best plastic surgeon in Bangalore with whom you can consult and discuss the right course of action for sebaceous cyst removal. 

Pristyn Care is associated with the top hospitals and clinics in Bangalore as well where you can undergo sebaceous cyst excision surgery in a clean, hygienic, and COVID-19 safe environment. Just get in touch with us and we will arrange everything for your treatment in a hassle-free manner. 

The Most Reliable & Experienced Plastic Surgeons in Bangalore Are Here to Help

While planning to undergo a surgical procedure, especially which directly impacts our physical appearance, we become more conscious about choosing the right doctor. To make sure that you don’t fall into such a dilemma, Pristyn Care houses the most reliable and experienced team of plastic surgeons in Bangalore for the treatment of sebaceous cysts and to undergo other cosmetic procedures too. 

Our surgeons take into account all the factors that may impact the success rate of the surgery and mitigate all the risks associated with the procedure. Under the care of our doctors, you can rest assured knowing that you will be safe during the procedure and the results will also be as expected.

 Along with getting the best-in-class treatment, our doctors also ensure that the patient is aware of every aspect of the surgery and what it entails. They brief the patient and discuss all possible scenarios to help the patient make an informed decision before going under the needle. Once the procedure is done, the doctors will also create a detailed recovery guide with proper instructions about the dos and don’t after sebaceous cyst removal. They will also be available for post-surgery consultation whenever you need their help. 

Book An Appointment with Pristyn Care in Bangalore Today

The only place you need to go to get optimal care and get rid of the sebaceous cysts is Pristyn Care. You can book an appointment with us and learn more about our services. We aim to help the patients at every step of the treatment journey. Hence, we’ve made everything easy and simple. 

To book an appointment with us, you can give us a call or fill the “Book Appointment” form. Our representatives will get back to you and confirm the appointment at your convenience. You can also choose to opt for online or offline consultation mode. The online mode allows you to discuss everything with a doctor over a virtual call. And in the offline mode, you can visit the nearest Pristyn Care clinic and meet our doctors face-to-face for consultation. 

Sebaceous Cyst Vs. Epidermoid Cyst 

A sebaceous cyst is commonly found on the face, neck, and torso. It usually forms when the sebaceous glands are damaged or traumatized due to cuts, injuries, or surgical wounds. It is a non-cancerous and slow-growing cyst that may cause pain or put pressure on the area.

Unlike a sebaceous cyst, an epidermoid cyst is a slow-growing benign cyst that is commonly found on the face, neck, head, and genitals. It appears when keratin starts to build up under the skin. The epidermoid cyst has a skin-colored, tanned, or yellowish appearance and is filled with thick material. An epidermoid cyst may become swollen or red if it gets inflamed or infected. 

How to prepare for sebaceous cyst removal?

To prepare your body for a surgical procedure, the doctor will first ask you to get tested properly. These tests will evaluate your overall health and help the doctor to determine what precautions need to be taken during sebaceous cyst removal.

Other than tests, the doctor may ask the following things to prepare you for the surgery:

  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Do not try to press or pop the cyst.
  • Do not eat anything 8 hours before the surgery.
  • Avoid wearing makeup on the day of surgery.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothes that you can change easily before and after the procedure.
  • Keep your insurance papers ready prior to admission to the hospital.

Besides these, no further preparations are required for sebaceous cyst removal surgery. The anesthetist will also ask if you have an allergy to some foods or compounds to determine what type of anesthesia will be appropriate to use. Standard tests, like liver function tests, blood tests, blood pressure examinations, etc. will also be performed right before the surgery. 

Sebaceous Cyst Surgery Recovery Time & Tips

As sebaceous cyst excision is not a major surgery, the patient recovers quickly without any complications. The complete recovery time after sebaceous cyst surgery is 2-3 weeks and that too if the cyst was infected or very large. After a small-sized cyst excision, the patient may only need around 1 week to recover completely. Whereas, you can resume regular activities within 48 hours. 

On the day of surgery, you will be asked to take complete rest as the body will still have the lingering effects from anesthesia. Here are some tips that you should follow during the recovery phase to get back to your daily routine as soon as possible:

  • Keep the wound covered with a dry bandage. There may be some drainage from the wound for a couple of days. So, you’ll have to change the bandages frequently.
  • If gauze is placed over the wound, you may have to get it removed after some time. Or the doctor will tell you how to remove the gauze yourself.
  • If oral antibiotics or pain medications are prescribed by the doctor, make sure that you take the medicines as directed.
  • Do not push your body to its limits. In the initial days, the body itself will tell you when to resume a specific activity.
  • There will be no restrictions on diet. But it will be better if you eat a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of fiber and water content.
  • Take follow-ups with the doctor after the first week and then as suggested to monitor the recovery and identify complications (if any) before they become serious.

You can contact the doctor for help at any time during the recovery as well.  

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