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Best Doctors For Sebaceous Cyst in Coimbatore

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  • About Sebaceous Cyst

    A sebaceous cyst, also commonly known as an epidermal cyst, dermoid cyst, keratin cyst, and epithelial cyst, is a benign cyst. It is a slow-growing, dome-like, protein-filled, white or yellow lump that appears typically on the neck, face, or torso. Both epidermoid cyst and pilar cysts also come under this category but a true sebaceous cyst that originates from the sebaceous glands is very rare.

    The sebaceous glands produce oil called sebum that coats the skin and hair. In some cases, the duct or gland from which the oil comes out becomes blocked or damaged. As a result, a sebaceous cyst is formed. Usually, they are harmless and only a few become malignant. However, in some cases, a cyst can get infected and may cause pain and discomfort. If this happens, it is better to get the cyst removed which is done through excision.

    You can get in touch with Pristyn Care and discuss everything regarding the disease and its treatment method with our expert plastic surgeons. Our surgeons will explain the treatment in detail.


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    Sebaceous Cyst Complications
    • Grow very large
    • Become infected
    • Pus accumulation
    • Cellulitis
    • Abscess formation
    • Septicemia (blood poisoning)
    Where do sebaceous cysts commonly appear?
    • Chest
    • Neck
    • Face
    • Back
    • Head
    • Scalp
    What does a sebaceous cyst look like?
    • Skin colored/tan/yellowish bump
    • Swollen & red if infected
    • A pointy black tip that may drain fluid
    • Filled with thick and oily sebum
    Types of Sebaceous Cyst Removal Surgery
    • Lancing
    • Conventional Wide Excision Surgery
    • Minimal Excision Surgery
    • Punch Biopsy Excision
    • Laser Aided Excision
    Sebaceous Cyst in Different Languages
    • Sebaceous Cyst in Hindi- सिबेशियस सिस्ट
    • Sebaceous Cyst in Tamil- சரும மெழுகு நீர்க்கட்டி
    • Sebaceous Cyst in Telugu- సేబాషియస్ తిత్తి
    • Sebaceous Cyst in Bengali- সেবাসিয়াস সিস্ট
    Sebaceous Cyst Treatment Image



    For proper diagnosis of a sebaceous cyst, the doctor will first ask for your medical history and perform a physical examination. The appearance of the cyst is usually enough to determine whether the lump on your skin is a sebaceous cyst or not.

    If the physical exam cannot provide clear evidence, the doctor may suggest the following tests:

    • Ultrasound- An ultrasound will help the doctor to take a look at the cyst contents.
    • CT Scan- A CT scan or other imaging tests are usually recommended when the surgeon suspects that the cyst may require surgical treatment. This test helps the doctor to identify the abnormalities in the cyst and identify the best route for treatment.
    • Punch Biopsy- A punch biopsy may be required to confirm whether the skin lump is cancerous or not. A small amount of tissue will be taken from the cyst and examined to look for signs of cancer.

    After seeing the results of these tests, the doctor will suggest the most plausible treatment method for the patient.


    For proper diagnosis of a sebaceous cyst, the doctor will first ask for your medical history and perform a physical examination. The appearance of the cyst is usually enough to determine whether the lump on your skin is a sebaceous cyst or not.

    If the physical exam cannot provide clear evidence, the doctor may suggest the following tests:

    • Ultrasound- An ultrasound will help the doctor to take a look at the cyst contents.
    • CT Scan- A CT scan or other imaging tests are usually recommended when the surgeon suspects that the cyst may require surgical treatment. This test helps the doctor to identify the abnormalities in the cyst and identify the best route for treatment.
    • Punch Biopsy- A punch biopsy may be required to confirm whether the skin lump is cancerous or not. A small amount of tissue will be taken from the cyst and examined to look for signs of cancer.

    After seeing the results of these tests, the doctor will suggest the most plausible treatment method for the patient.

    At Pristyn Care, Coimbatore, our plastic surgeons employ the advanced and conventional techniques as required to treat a sebaceous cyst.

    In case the cyst is small yet bothersome for the patient, the doctor may use a steroid drug to control and manage the symptoms. If the cyst grows significantly and becomes large, tender, or inflamed, the doctor will suggest draining or surgical removal.

    The standard procedures employed by Pristyn Care’s plastic surgeons are:

    • Conventional Wide Excision- In this procedure, the surgeon makes a large incision around the lump, drains its contents, and excises the skin that is inflamed or infected.
    • Minimally Invasive Excision- As the name suggests, the procedure is carried out through a tiny incision. The cyst is drained and only the infected skin tissues are excised, thereby treating the sebaceous cyst.

    Both these methods are safe and effective in treating a sebaceous cyst treat regardless of its size and leave almost negligible chances of recurrence. If you have been diagnosed with a sebaceous cyst, you can get in touch with Pristyn Care and consult our plastic surgeons to learn more about the excision procedures.

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    Why choose Pristyn Care for Sebaceous Cyst Removal Surgery

    Delivering Seamless Surgical Experience in India


    Advanced Sebaceous Cyst Removal Surgery

    At Pristyn Care, we leverage minimal excision and wide-excision techniques to effectively remove the sebaceous cyst and its wall.


    Expert Plastic Surgeons

    We have well-trained plastic surgeons with 10+ years of experience and ample knowledge to perform the surgery safely. Our doctors compile a customized treatment plan for each patient.


    Minimal Scarring

    Sebaceous cyst removal surgery is a minimally invasive procedure. There is no major scarring after the treatment. Thus, the surgery has no aesthetic downside.


    Low Recurrence Rate

    Our doctors ensure that the cyst is properly removed, along with the cyst wall. Thus, the recurrence rate is almost negligible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What does a sebaceous cyst look like?

    A sebaceous cyst has a shape like a dome with a yellow or white color lump. When you squeeze the lump, the dome shape will become more clear and the sebum may drain out through the opening.

    Can a sebaceous cyst be cancerous?

    Yes. Though it happens rarely, a sebaceous cyst may turn malignant in some cases. If the cyst is cancerous, it will easily get infected and the size will also increase at a faster rate. In some scenarios, a cancerous sebaceous cyst may also get misdiagnosed and become a threat to your life. To prevent that from happening, it is important that you contact a specialist and seek proper treatment without any delay.

    Does sebaceous cyst spread?

    No. Sebaceous cysts are not contagious, i.e., they don’t spread or multiply on the body. They are also non-communicable which means the cyst won’t spread from one person to another with a touch or skin-to-skin contact.

    Where can I get the best treatment for a sebaceous cyst?

    You can get the best-in-class treatment for a sebaceous cyst at Pristyn Care. We have experienced plastic surgeons who are well-trained in the conventional and modern techniques of treatment. They also pay attention to the overall safety and quality of care to ensure that the problem faced by the patients is resolved effectively.

    How much does the treatment of a sebaceous cyst cost in Coimbatore?

    The treatment of a sebaceous cyst in Coimbatore costs around Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40,000 based on various factors. These factors include the size of the cyst, number of cysts, severity of the condition, doctor’s fee, diagnostic tests, risks, complications, hospital expense, etc. Due to all these factors, the price may be higher than expected.

    Does Pristyn Care accept health insurance for the treatment of sebaceous cysts?

    Yes. Pristyn Care accepts insurance offered by all major companies. You can contact our medical coordinators and ask them for help regarding the insurance formalities. They will handle the paperwork on your behalf and also help you get a 100% claim to cover the entire cost of treatment.

    How long a sebaceous cyst can last without treatment?

    A sebaceous cyst will last a lifetime without treatment. Once it appears, it may grow at a gradual pace over the years but it won’t go away on its own. If it exhibits symptoms like pain or pus drainage, it is advised that you consult a skin specialist or a plastic surgeon for proper treatment.

    How can I book an appointment with Pristyn Care doctors in Coimbatore?

    To book an appointment with Pristyn Care doctors in Coimbatore, you can give us a call or fill the “book appointment” form. Our representatives will get back to you to discuss the time and date for your consultation and arrange everything prior to your arrival at the clinic.

    How much time does the sebaceous cyst removal surgery take?

    The time taken to remove a sebaceous cyst usually depends on the severity of the disease, the surgeon’s skill, and the technique used for treatment. On average, the surgery takes around 30 to 40 minutes.

    Is surgery a permanent solution for a sebaceous cyst?

    Yes. Surgical procedures are a permanent solution for sebaceous cysts. However, in some cases, the cyst may recur. It usually happens when the cyst is cancerous. You should always seek immediate help from experts in case a cyst recurs within the next few months of surgical removal.

    Can sebaceous cyst occur on the scrotum?

    Yes. A sebaceous cyst can appear anywhere, including the scrotum. There is another type of cyst, known as an epidermoid cyst that can appear on the scrotum. You should get the cyst diagnosed and seek proper treatment for it to prevent complications.

    Can sebaceous cyst burst on its own?

    Yes. Without proper treatment, there are chances that the sebaceous cyst will eventually grow larger and burst on its own. After the rupture, the cyst may start draining and continue growing as the cyst wall won’t be detached.

    Can sebaceous cysts be painful?

    Sebaceous cysts usually don’t hurt at all. However, they may become tender and cause soreness in the skin if they get infected. You may also experience foul-smelling discharge from the cyst due to infection.

    Is it possible to treat infected sebaceous cysts with antibiotics?

    No. Antibiotics are needed to treat the infection present in the sebaceous cyst. As long as the cyst is infected, the surgeon won’t be able to remove it without risking the spread of the infection. Therefore, antibiotics are prescribed first to control the infection, then the cyst is excised.

    Is sebaceous cyst contagious?

    No. A sebaceous cyst is not contagious. However, if the cyst gets infected, the infection can spread to the surrounding tissues and cause irritation in the skin.

    Is there any homeopathic medicine for a sebaceous cyst?

    There are several homeopathic medicines available for sebaceous cysts.

    However, there is no scientific evidence that these medicines work effectively to treat sebaceous cysts.

    • Silicea
    • Baryta Carb
    • Graphites
    • Thuja
    • Hepar Sulph
    • Kali Bromatum
    • Lobelia Inflata

    What are the common home remedies for a sebaceous cyst?

    The different home remedies that can help to manage and control the symptoms of pain caused by sebaceous cyst are:

    Using these home remedies may alleviate the pain by reducing the inflammation. But make sure that you ask your doctors before trying out these things.

    • Warm compress
    • Application of castor oil, tea tree oil, turmeric, coconut oil,
    • Drinking apple cider vinegar
    • Take bath in Epsom salt
    • Apply aloe vera gel

    Can I remove the sebaceous cyst myself?

    No. You should never try to remove a cyst yourself as it can cause inflammation and infection. Moreover, it will be impossible for you to maintain a sterile environment and lance the cyst completely at home. This will only increase the chances of recurrence.

    Which doctor should I consult for sebaceous cyst treatment?

    You can consult a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon for sebaceous cyst treatment. Both these types of doctors have ample knowledge and expertise in removing all kinds of cysts.

    How do I find the best sebaceous cyst doctor in Coimbatore?

    When you are trying to find the best sebaceous cyst doctor in Coimbatore, try following the tips below:

    • Ask your primary care provider, family, or friends for recommendations.
    • Check the doctor’s qualifications, certification, and license.
    • See how many years of experience the doctor has and how many surgeries he/she has performed over the years.
    • Book a consultation with the doctor and check the quality of care he/she provides.
    • Analyze the quality of medical care at the hospital or clinic the doctor is associated with.
    • See if the treatment with the specific doctor is affordable or not.

    Is sebaceous cyst surgery safe?

    Yes. Sebaceous cyst surgery is completely safe as it is performed by experienced surgeons who have excellent skills and ample knowledge. Moreover, the techniques available for sebaceous cyst removal are also minimally invasive. Therefore, the chances of removing the cyst successfully are higher.

    Does sebaceous cyst return after surgery?

    If the cyst contents are drained and the cyst wall is also removed during the surgical procedure with precision, then the sebaceous cyst will most certainly not recur. However, another cyst can appear in a nearby location due to the damaged sebaceous glands.

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    Advanced Treatment for Sebaceous Cyst in Coimbatore

    If you want to get rid of a sebaceous cyst in an effective manner, contact Pristyn Care in Coimbatore. Most people seek treatment for skin lumps or cysts due to cosmetic reasons but some had to undergo surgery because the lump becomes painful and uncomfortable. Regardless of your reason to opt for surgical treatment, Pristyn Care will help you under all circumstances.

    Do not hesitate to get rid of the lump that has been bugging you for some time now. Remember that a sebaceous cyst won’t go away on its own. Therefore, it is best that you get help from expert doctors in Coimbatore and get a proper solution for the problem.

    Get Help from Experienced Plastic Surgeons in Coimbatore

    To get help from the most experienced plastic surgeons in Coimbatore, you need not go further than Pristyn Care. We house an esteemed team of plastic surgeons who are highly experienced and well-trained in all kinds of surgical procedures.

    Our doctors understand that while seeking treatment for cysts, the primary concern for most patients is scarring. Both the conventional and minimally invasive procedures involve incision (even if the size is small). Due to this, it is almost inevitable to avoid scarring. But our doctors make sure that the incisions are made and closed carefully so that there will be minimal scars left after surgery. Our medical experts will resolve every doubt and concern you have and brief you in detail about what the surgery entails.

    Our doctors also stay available for consultation post-surgery and provide prescriptions for the scars so that they become almost invisible after healing. You can get in touch with our plastic surgeons in Coimbatore at any time to learn more about the condition and its treatment methods.

    Why choose Pristyn Care for sebaceous cyst treatment in Coimbatore?

    Pristyn Care is a multi-specialty provider dedicated to simplifying the surgical experience of the patient. We understand that our patients face many challenges during the treatment journey. Hence, we take down those obstacles and live up to our patient’s expectations in every way.

    At our clinics and partner hospitals, we provide seamless medical services:

    • We have the best team of plastic surgeons who are specially trained in performing minimally invasive surgeries for the treatment of sebaceous cysts.
    • Protection against COVID-19 is provided at all clinics and hospitals in Coimbatore. Our medical and non-medical staff adhere to all safety guidelines, including wearing PPE kits, masks, thermal screening, regular sanitization, etc.
    • We provide complete assistance during hospitalization. Our medical coordinator assists the patient and handles the hospital formalities, including admission, discharge, and other paperwork.
    • We cover the transportation charges for the patient on the day of surgery. Our medical coordinators will arrange a cab to pick and drop you to and from the hospital.
    • At Pristyn Care, you also get multiple financing options and a No-Cost EMI feature that will help the patient to cover the cost of treatment in a way that is budget-friendly and cost-effective.
    • We also provide free post-surgery follow-ups and consultations without any charges. So, in case you face any problem after sebaceous cyst surgery, you can contact our doctors at any time without any hesitation.

    Book An Appointment with Pristyn Care Today

    To learn more about our services and the treatment, you can book an appointment with us. To do this, you can choose any of the following methods:

    • Give us a call and talk to our medical coordinators about the appointment. You can confirm the appointment according to your convenience.
    • Fill the “Book Appointment” form and submit your details. Our representative will get back to you and provide you with the list of doctors available for consultation near you.
    • Download the Patient app on your phone and explore the list of plastic surgeons in Coimbatore. Confirm the appointment with a doctor of your choice at your own specified date and time.

    You can also choose how you can consult with the doctor- online or offline. In offline mode, you can visit the nearest clinic or hospital for consultation. And in online mode, you can consult with the doctor over a virtual call.

    Sebaceous Cyst Vs. Epidermoid Cyst

    A sebaceous cyst is commonly found on the face, neck, and torso. It usually forms when the sebaceous glands are damaged or traumatized due to cuts, injuries, or surgical wounds. It is a non-cancerous and slow-growing cyst that may cause pain or put pressure on the area.

    Unlike a sebaceous cyst, an epidermoid cyst is a slow-growing benign cyst that is commonly found on the face, neck, head, and genitals. It appears when keratin starts to build up under the skin. The epidermoid cyst has a skin-colored, tanned, or yellowish appearance and is filled with thick material. An epidermoid cyst may become swollen or red if it gets inflamed or infected.

    How to prepare for sebaceous cyst removal?

    To prepare your body for a surgical procedure, the doctor will first ask you to get tested properly. These tests will evaluate your overall health and help the doctor to determine what precautions need to be taken during sebaceous cyst removal.

    Other than tests, the doctor may ask the following things to prepare you for the surgery:

    • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
    • Do not try to press or pop the cyst.
    • Do not eat anything 8 hours before the surgery.
    • Avoid wearing makeup on the day of surgery.
    • Wear loose and comfortable clothes that you can change easily before and after the procedure.
    • Keep your insurance papers ready prior to admission to the hospital.

    Besides these, no further preparations are required for sebaceous cyst removal surgery. The anesthetist will also ask if you have an allergy to some foods or compounds to determine what type of anesthesia will be appropriate to use. Standard tests, like liver function tests, blood tests, blood pressure examinations, etc. will also be performed right before the surgery.

    Sebaceous Cyst Surgery Recovery Time & Tips

    As sebaceous cyst excision is not a major surgery, the patient recovers quickly without any complications. The average recovery time after sebaceous cyst surgery is 2-3 weeks and that too if the cyst was infected or very large. After a small-sized cyst excision, the patient may only need around 1 week to recover completely.

    On the day of surgery, you will be asked to take complete rest as the body will still have the lingering effects from anesthesia. Here are some tips that you should follow during the recovery phase to get back to your daily routine as soon as possible:

    • Keep the wound covered with a dry bandage. There may be some drainage from the wound for a couple of days. So, you’ll have to change the bandages frequently.
    • If gauze is placed over the wound, you may have to get it removed after some time. Or the doctor will tell you how to remove the gauze yourself.
    • If oral antibiotics or pain medications are prescribed by the doctor, make sure that you take the medicines as directed.
    • Do not push your body to its limits. In the initial days, the body itself will tell you when to resume a specific activity.
    • There will be no restrictions on diet. But it will be better if you eat a healthy and balanced diet with plenty of fiber and water content.
    • Take follow-ups with the doctor after the first week and then as suggested to monitor the recovery and identify complications (if any) before they become serious.

    You can contact the doctor for help at any time during the recovery as well.

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