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Best Doctors For Hernia in Jaipur

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  • Best Clinics for Hernia in Jaipur

    About Hernia

    A hernia occurs when an internal organ bulges or protrudes through the weak muscle around it. Hernias are most common in certain parts of the body such as abdomen, groin, belly button or upper thigh area. They may also be seen where you have had an incision from previous surgery.


    Types of Hernia
    • Inguinal hernia
    • Umbilical hernia
    • Femoral hernia
    • Hiatal hernia
    • Epigastric hernia
    • Incisional hernia
    Types of Hernia Treatment
    • Laparoscopic procedures
    • Open procedures
    • Reconstructive surgery
    • Mesh for hernia repair
    Hassle-free insurance approval
    • All insurances covered
    • Cashless insurance facility
    • Affordable/lowest cost treatment
    Why Pristyn Care?
    • COVID free hospital, doctors and staff
    • No hidden charges
    • No cost EMI
    • Free follow ups post surgery
    Complications of Untreated Hernia
    • Sepsis
    • Gangrene
    • Strangulation
    • Incarcerations
    • Necrotizing enterocolitis



    An expert hernia doctor in Jaipur can diagnose a hernia in a physical examination. The diagnosis of a hernia is fairly easier, so a doctor may see a bulge in the area where the hernia is present. For an accurate diagnosis, a patient may be asked to stand, strain or cough. In addition, an imaging test such as an MRI, CT scan, or abdominal ultrasound might be needed for an accurate diagnosis.


    Laparoscopic hernia repair is generally recommended for patients as it is a minimally invasive procedure and has a shorter recovery time. The patients will completely recover in less than a week. The modern daycare surgical procedure begins with the insertion of a laparoscope, a medical device that has an inbuilt camera, through a small incision in the abdomen, which helps surgeons to view the internal structures. Pristyn Care experts perform the best hernia repair treatments that are painless and performed when the patient is under anesthesia.

    In Our Doctor's Words

    What-Dr. Sanjeev Gupta-Say-About-Hernia-Treatment

    Dr. Sanjeev Gupta

    MBBS, MS- General Surgeon

    25 Years Experience

    If left untreated, a hernia can lead to complications such as blockage in the digestive tract, incarceration of the hernia sac, chronic pain, etc. Consulting an experienced doctor allows for early intervention and proper management to prevent complications and minimize their impact on health. In addition, a doctor can create a personalized treatment plan based on the person's health, the type of hernia, and the severity of symptoms. This may include lifestyle changes, hernia truss, or surgical intervention. Therefore, consult a qualified and experienced hernia surgeon as early as possible for appropriate disease management.

    Why choose Pristyn Care for Hernia Surgery ?

    Best Hernia Surgery Clinics


    Advanced Hernia Repair Surgery

    At Pristyn Care, we leverage advanced laparoscopic technique and traditional technique to repair a hernia in the best way possible. The treatment is minimally invasive and the damage to other organs and structures is reduced along with high success rates.


    Expert Laparoscopic Surgeons

    Our expert hernia surgeons have 10+ years of experience in performing hernia surgery safely. The doctor compiles a personalized treatment plan for each patient.


    Best-Quality Hernia Mesh

    Our doctors use the best-quality hernia mesh for soft-tissue repair and ample support to the abdominal wall. The hernia mesh is chosen among synthetic, composite, or animal-derived mesh.


    Post-Surgery Care & Follow-Ups

    Pristyn Care team and doctors will stay in touch with you to provide ample support and proper care after surgery. We provide free follow-up consultations to all the patients to ensure they have a smooth recovery.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why does hernia bulge near the groin area?

    A hernia doesn’t always cause a visible bulge in the groin, but an inguinal hernia does. With time, a hernia may become an inguinal hernia, and abdominal organs may press against the weakened soft tissues to form a visible bulge.

    What are the complications from hernia?

    If it is swelling beneath the abdomen or the groin, which disappears when you lie down, it may cause a heavy feeling in the abdomen accompanied by constipation or blood in the stool. This condition may inflict pain or continue to grow to form a large lump.

    Why does it pain when I push the hernia?

    Some hernias may seem hidden when they are pushed back in. Also, hernias tend to grow in size as the abdominal muscle wall gets weaker and the bulge becomes more prominent. If it pains when you push your hernia back into your belly, the condition is likely to be incarcerated.

    What happens if a hernia is left untreated?

    If the condition is left without proper treatment, the hernia may develop and become more painful. A part of the intestine may get blocked in the abdominal wall, also, can lead to a lot of complications. The same may result in severe pain, nausea, or even constipation.

    What is the cost of hernia repair in Jaipur?

    The exact cost of hernia repair surgery in Jaipur can depend upon the following factors:

    • The doctor you consult for hernia treatment
    • The type and location of the hospital
    • The type and severity of the hernia
    • The mode of surgery
    • Pre-surgery and postsurgery expenses at the hospital
    • Whether or not the surgery expenses are covered under insurance

    At Pristyn Care, we offer advanced laparoscopic hernia surgery at the most affordable costs. We also participate in all kinds of health insurance to ensure that the surgery is not too heavy on the patients’ pockets.

    Can a hernia disappear on its own?

    If the hernia is very small, you may be able to delay surgery for a few months. However, once a hernia occurs, it does not go away on its own, and surgical treatment is necessary to resolve the condition. Therefore, if you notice hernia symptoms, you must not ignore them and get in touch with a specialist at the earliest possible.

    What complications can occur after hernia surgery?

    If hernia surgery is performed by an inexperienced surgeon, the following complications can arise after the procedure:

    • Blood clot formation
    • Infection in the wounds
    • Infection at the site where the mesh is placed
    • Retention of urine
    • Swelling and inflammation in the testicles
    • Risk of erectile and sexual dysfunction

    To ensure that the surgery is as safe as it can be, you must consult a qualified and trained surgeon and prefer minimally invasive surgery over conventional procedures.

    What is the cost of laparoscopic treatment for hernia in Jaipur?

    The cost of laparoscopic hernia surgery in Jaipur may range from INR 40,000 to INR 90,000. But the price may vary from one person to another based on several factors like severity of the condition, the type of surgery, the cost of doctor consultation, hospital charges, etc. To get an idea of the approximate amount, you may contact the medical assistance team.

    How to sleep after umbilical hernia surgery?

    If you undergo umbilical hernia surgery, you need to be careful with your sleeping positions. Do not sleep in any position that puts pressure on your surgical site. Place pillows on your bed to rest your body. Doing so may help you breathe easier and prevent the post-surgical pain from getting worse.

    What is a hernia called in Ayurveda?

    Hernia – known as Antra Vridhi in Ayurveda is a medical condition that takes place when an internal organ in the abdomen gets displaced and protrudes outward. It causes swelling in the abdominal region. Even though hernia can occur anywhere in the body, it mostly occurs in the abdominal region.

    How is the cost of hernia surgery affected?

    A number of factors affect the overall cost of hernia surgery that may include the following:-

    • Consultation fee
    • Type of hernia
    • Location and severity of the hernia
    • Tests are done before hernia surgery
    • Type of surgical procedure
    • Experience of the surgeon
    • Location and reputation of the hospital
    • Hospitalization in case of emergency
    • Medication post-procedure (if needed)
    • Follow-up meetings with the surgeon

    What happens when a hernia is not treated?

    Timely and proper medical treatment for a hernia is important. Ignoring the symptoms of delaying the treatment can lead to serious complications such as necrotizing enterocolitis (severe inflammation of the intestine) and sepsis.

    What are the symptoms of hernia in women?

    Hernia symptoms in females include chronic deep pelvic pain or bouts of acute, stabbing pain that come and go quickly and linger.

    Is hernia treatment without surgery possible?

    No. A hernia can’t be cured without surgery. With non-surgical treatment, the symptoms can be managed for a while but eventually, surgery is the only option.

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    Get Most Advanced Laparoscopic Hernia Repair In Jaipur

    A hernia is a very common problem faced by people around the world. Studies estimate that more than a million people undergo surgeries for hernia repair every year. The actual incidence of hernias is even higher, as some people choose to live with their hernias and tend to delay surgery. Hernias can get worse over time, and in severe cases, serious complications can arise.

    People who are dealing with the symptoms of a hernia can get in touch with Pristyn Care for expert consultation on hernias. Pristyn Care has partnered with some of the well-known surgeons and hospitals in Jaipur and we offer the most advanced laparoscopic procedure for hernia correction. At Pristyn Care, we ensure you a safe, comfortable, and seamless medical experience. Contact us and book your appointment with a specialist in your locality.

    Types of Hernias that can be treated with Laparoscopic Technology

    Our surgeons in Jaipur can treat the following types of hernia in a risk-free manner:

    • Inguinal hernia
    • Hiatal hernia
    • Umbilical hernia
    • Epigastric hernia
    • Giant abdominal wall hernia
    •  Incisional hernia
    • Femoral hernia

    Highly Experienced Hernia Surgeons In Jaipur

    Pristyn Care is associated with some of the most experienced hernia specialists and laparoscopic surgeons in Jaipur. We ensure that the surgeons are certified by recognized medical authorities and undergo proper training for performing modern laparoscopy-assisted hernia surgery. Moreover, the surgeons are highly cooperative and will try to clear all your doubts and concerns before you go for the actual procedure.

    Why is Laparoscopic Hernia Surgery A Better Option?

    Laparoscopic surgery for hernia correction is a technologically advanced procedure in which the surgeon uses a laparoscope to work through the incisions and get a clearer view of the area under surgery. The surgery is highly effective and offers a solution of hernia symptoms with negligible complication risk.

    The benefits of choosing laparoscopic surgery for hernia repair include:

    • Very high success rate and minimum blood loss
    • Highly precise painless procedure
    • Fast relief from hernia symptoms
    • Same day discharge from the hospital
    • Minimal cuts or incisions
    • Fast and smooth recovery
    • Resume normal life routine within a week
    • No external long-term scarring from the surgery
    • Reduced chances of recurrence or complications

    Why Choose Hernia Surgery from Pristyn Care?

    Pristyn Care is one of the most reliable names in the healthcare sector in India. We make complete efforts to provide customized patient care that fits all the needs of the patient.

    We offer the following benefits to our patients:

    • We ensure maximum safety against COVID-19 by following all WHO-recommended preventive measures at all our clinics and partner hospitals.
    • Our medical coordinators arrange free pick-up and drop service for all hernia patients on the day of the surgery.
    • The advanced laparoscopic technique is used by our surgeons in Jaipur to cure hernias effectively.
    • Our team members assist the patients in insurance approval and other formalities to assure a seamless surgery experience.
    • Our doctors provide a set of detailed post-surgery instructions and a diet chart for the healthy recovery of the patient.
    • Follow-up consultation with the surgeon within 7 days after the surgery is free of cost

    Preparation before hernia surgery

    • Preparation before hernia surgery includes medical evaluation, chest x-ray, and certain specific tests depending on your overall health and medical conditions.
    • After consultation with your doctor, and discussing the benefits and possible complications of the surgery, you will need to give written consent for the surgery.
    • It’s recommended that you take the shower the night before or the morning of the surgery.
    • If you face problems such as difficulties moving your bowels or anemia – similar preparation may be used after consulting with your doctor.
    • If you take drugs such as aspirin, blood thinners, anti-inflammatory medications (arthritis medications), and certain vitamins, they should be stopped for the first few days of your surgery.
    • Keep your stomach empty. Don’t eat anything, not even water, after midnight or the night before your hernia surgery. The risk of developing complications increases during or after your surgery if you eat or drink anything before the surgery.
    • You can take the medicines that your doctor has told you are permissible to take with a sip of water on the morning of the surgery.
    • Arrange someone for help after your surgery. Plan to have someone who can drive you home post-surgery.
    • Quit or reduce smoking and consuming alcohol and arrange for any help that you may need at home.

    By keeping all the above-mentioned points, you can easily prepare for hernia surgery and ensure it is successful.

    When to call or meet your doctor after hernia surgery?

    After undergoing hernia surgery, you may notice slight drainage, bruising, or slight swelling around the incision. However, this is normal and you don’t need to worry about it. Likewise, it’s also normal to have a lump or hardness under or near the incision. You may also have bruising and some swelling of the genitalia, which is not uncommon.

    However, call your doctor immediately if you experience any of the following signs or symptoms:-

    • Increased incisional pain, bleeding, or redness.
    • Inability to urinate within 12 hours
    • High fever with chills
    • Inability to tolerate diet due to nausea and vomiting that won’t go away.
    • Foul-smelling discharge from the incision area
    • Chest pain or shortness of breath
    • Excessive swelling around the incision or in the scrotum

    Benefits of laparoscopic hernia surgery

    Laparoscopic surgery is considered the best method to treat hernia as it’s a modern and advanced way to treat the problem. If you are seeking the best hernia treatment in Jaipur, you should consider opting for this advanced painless and bloodless procedure.

    The following are the top benefits of choosing laparoscopic surgery for hernia treatment.

    • Small incisions — Laparoscopic surgery involves small incisions. Therefore, the risk of bleeding or infection diminishes. Also, this procedure doesn’t result in wounds or scars.
    • Laparoscopic surgery is the best procedure if you want to get rid of a hernia without any fear of pain, bleeding, infection, or other complications.
    • No risk of complications — During laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon uses a medical instrument called a laparoscope that has a small camera and light on one end. With the help of the camera and light, the surgeon sees the inside of the abdomen and performs the surgery precisely, diminishing the risk of complications.
    • High success rate — The success rate of laparoscopic hernia surgery is as high as 95-98 percent and the risk of complications is as low as almost zero. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that you choose an experienced and reliable surgeon for laparoscopic hernia surgery.
    • Recovery — Above all, the best part of laparoscopic hernia surgery is that it promotes quick, painless, and comfortable recovery, unlike open surgery of hernia. You can resume your daily routine within 3-4 days but complete recovery may take around 2-3 weeks.

    If you seeking to get rid of your hernia, laparoscopic surgery is the safest way.

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    • VR

      Vidya Reddy


      Pristyn Care maintained excellent communication throughout my hernia treatment journey. The doctors listened to my questions and provided detailed explanations. The surgical repair was skillfully performed, resulting in a positive outcome. My coordinator further stayed in touch with me to ensure I had no difficulty during recovery and also scheduled my follow-up appointments timely.

      City : JAIPUR
      Doctor : Dr. Tanmay Jain
    • MR

      Madhurima Reddy


      I got my hernia surgery at Pristyn Care, and from start to end, their services were commendable. Their coordinators are thorough while informing the patient and take a proactive approach to make the entire journey streamlined. They made sure that I had all the necessary documents prepared beforehand and also handled the insurance formalities to cover the expense. I appreciate how well they are taking care of the patients.

      City : JAIPUR
      Doctor : Dr. Tanmay Jain
    • KH

      Kumkum Haldar


      I had a hiatal hernia and sought treatment at Pristyn Care. The doctors at Pristyn Care were exceptional in their knowledge and expertise. They carefully explained the surgical procedure and answered all my questions patiently. The surgery was performed with precision, and the post-operative care was outstanding. Thanks to Pristyn Care, I am now relieved from the symptoms and discomfort caused by the hiatal hernia. I am immensely grateful for the personalized care I received at Pristyn Care and highly recommend their services for hernia surgery.

      City : JAIPUR
      Doctor : Dr. Tanmay Jain
    • MB

      Murlidhar Bishnoi


      I had laparoscopic hernia repair at Pristyn Care, and the entire treatment formalities were handled by them very professionally. The care coordinator was available 24x7 for assistance. I didn’t have to worry about anything during the treatment, thanks to them.

      City : JAIPUR
      Doctor : Dr. Tanmay Jain

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