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What is Ophthalmology?

Ophthalmology is the branch of medicine that covers the diagnosis and treatment of all eye disorders. It deals with both medical and surgical treatment. The person who specializes in the treatment of these eye problems is called an ophthalmologist. There are other eye care professionals too, i.e., optometrists and opticians, but they are not well-versed in comprehensive eye care. If you are seeking advanced treatment for eye-related diseases, Pristyn Care is the go-to destination. We house the best ophthalmologists in Jaipur who provide safe and effective treatment for common eye diseases.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

When should I see an Ophthalmologist for eye problems in Jaipur?

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What are the common eye disorders treated by an Ophthalmologist?

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What are the eye conditions treated by Ophthalmologists at Pristyn Care in Jaipur?

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What is the difference between Opticians, Optometrists and Ophthalmologists? 

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What determines the average expense of an Ophthalmology treatment in Jaipur?

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Why are regular eye tests important?

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What are the common tests carried out for the diagnosis of eye diseases?

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How often should I go for eye checkups in Jaipur?

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Who is at a higher risk of suffering from vision problems? 

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Can I consult Eye Specialists online at Pristyn Care in Jaipur? 

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Get the safest ophthalmology treatment from the best eye specialist in Jaipur at Pristyn Care.

Pristyn Care in Jaipur houses several eye specialists who are experts in diagnosing and treating multiple eye diseases and disorders. Our eye specialists provide the best and safest ophthalmological treatment at an affordable price. At Pristyn Care, Jaipur, surgical interventions like MICS, FLACS, and LASIK are performed with the help of USFDA approved surgical instruments and medical devices.

Regardless of age and gender, our doctors provide the best-in-class healthcare services to all patients. All our ophthalmologists in Jaipur are experts in diagnosing, treating, preventing and curing several eye diseases like farsightedness, short-sightedness, and cataract. Our doctors at Pristyn Care, Jaipur are able to provide customized treatment plans based on the specific needs of each patient. Our doctors can reduce the risk of infection and the occurrence of complications during surgery by using the safest and advanced surgical techniques.

How Pristyn Care is associated with top hospitals in Jaipur?

Pristyn Care has associated with the best eye clinics in Jaipur to provide the safest and best eye surgeries to all patients. In Jaipur, all the hospitals and clinics that are associated with Pristyn Care are highly equipped with the latest and advanced medical devices and diagnostic tools. We do follow all the safety measures recommended by the World Health Organization [WHO] such as regular sanitization of hospital equipment and thermal screening of all patients.

Doctors and other staff members at Pristyn Care wear PPE kits to avoid the contamination of COVID-19. All our doctors follow high standards of healthcare guidelines to provide the utmost care to all patients. To get the safest and best treatment for your health concerns that affect your eyes and your vision, visit Pristyn Care.

Why is Pristyn Care chosen for ophthalmological treatments?

Due to several factors, many individuals are suffering from eye diseases and wish to undergo the safest surgical procedures to cure them. And so, several patients choose Pristyn Care because of the following benefits.

  • Houses several well-experienced and trained eye specialists or ophthalmologists
  • All our eye doctors at Pristyn care use the latest and advanced surgical techniques and medical devices to reduce the risk of infection and the occurrence of complications throughout the surgical process.
  • Our doctors also perform ophthalmological surgery with minimal risks.
  • Hospitals that are associated with Pristyn Care have world-class infrastructure and are equipped with operation theaters that are free from viruses, and bacteria.
  • Post-surgical complications are highly decreased with the proper care and instructions provided by our doctors.
  • Pristyn Care provides a cab facility for easy transportation to every patient on the day of the surgery.
  • Allots a ‘care buddy’ to help the patient in all formalities during the process of hospitalization.
  • Multiple financing options like no-cost EMI and cashless payments are offered to patients. Provides a free consultation after the surgery.
  • Pristyn Care maintains high standards of safety measures like thermal screening of all patients and regular sanitization of hospital equipment.
  • All the associated hospitals with Pristyn Care are COVID-19 free, and the doctors at these hospitals wear PPE kits all the time to avoid the contamination of COVID-19.

Book an appointment to consult with the best eye doctor or ophthalmologist in Jaipur

Eye specialists, ophthalmologists, and eye surgeons at Pristyn Care, Jaipur are highly experienced and trained in diagnosing any type of eye disease. You can consult with our ENT experts by booking an appointment. To book an appointment you need to call the phone number or fill in the form that is on this page.

If you wish to avoid direct consultation with our eye specialists, you can avail online consultation services at an affordable cost. Online consultation is provided through our official website or the Pristyn Care application.

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