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The procedure of circumcision is often linked with severe pain. Whenever we hear the word circumcision, we automatically assume that the procedure will be painful. And, why not? Circumcision involves the removal of a layer of foreskin from the penis. So it has to inflict a lot of pain, right?

What if we tell you that the entire procedure of circumcision can be absolutely painless? Well, to your surprise, a painless procedure to help you get rid of all your penile problems is available nowadays. This circumcision procedure is called Laser Circumcision.

Before getting into the details of laser circumcision, let’s first understand why circumcision becomes a necessity in many cases.

Circumcision- The Cure for numerous penile problems

You must be aware that circumcision is a sure shot method to cure and prevent many penile and other health problems. Circumcision is the permanent treatment for many foreskin-related issues like phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, and balanoposthitis. 

In addition to being a treatment procedure, circumcision also reduces the risk of numerous health issues. Many studies have shown that circumcision significantly reduces the risk of urinary tract infections in men. Data from researches have also shown that circumcised men are less prone to contracting sexually transmitted infections than uncircumcised men.

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Fact: Men who are circumcised have a 25 percent reduced risk of genital herpes and a 35 percent reduced risk of HPV, according to recent studies.

Circumcision is also believed to prevent the occurrence of penile cancer. Although penile cancer itself is rare, the mortality rate of penile cancer is quite high. Infant circumcision can reduce the risk of penile cancer by about 90 percent. 

Moreover, maintaining penile hygiene is much easier after circumcision. You won’t have to make any extra efforts to keep the penile region clean. Just cleaning the penis daily while bathing would suffice. 

Painless Laser Circumcision is the best choice

If you are facing penile issues, recurrent UTIs or hygiene problems, and want to get rid of these or if you want to prevent the aforementioned issues, circumcision is the best option. And if you make the right decision and choose to undergo laser circumcision, the treatment won’t be even half as painful as the penile issues are.

Benefits of Laser Circumcision

Laser circumcision is the most technically advanced procedure available for the removal of the foreskin. Unlike open surgery or ZSR circumcision, laser circumcision does not carry out any incisions or cuts on the foreskin of the penis. 

Laser circumcision is a 10-minute procedure that involves the use of a high-intensity laser beam for removing the foreskin. The laser beam acts only on the foreskin and does not affect the neighboring tissues. 

The benefits of laser circumcision do not end here. Since no cuts, incisions or stitches are involved, the procedure of laser circumcision is completely painless. You won’t experience even a hint of pain during the entire procedure. 

Laser circumcision also does not involve any intraoperative bleeding and does not leave behind any wounds or scars. The risk of complications after the laser circumcision is nil. Also, it is not just the procedure that is painless, the recovery after the procedure is also smooth and pain-free. After the laser procedure, you will experience minimal swelling which will go away on its own. You can even resume your normal routine life in just 2-3 days.

Also, if you are worried that anything might go wrong during the procedure, you’ll be relieved to know that laser circumcision is a highly precise and absolutely safe procedure. Since the laser beam acts directly on the foreskin, it affects no other part of the penis.

Laser circumcision does not in any manner affect your fertility, sexual drive, or sexual performance. Laser circumcision is both medically safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Choose the best treatment to put an end to your penile problems

Therefore, if you have been enduring the pain and trouble of penile problems for long, it is high time that you make the right decision and undergo circumcision. 

If you are in any way hesitant or uncertain about getting circumcised, you should know that nowadays circumcision is quite common and many international health organizations agree to the fact that the pros of circumcision outweigh its cons.

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Do not be apprehensive because of the social stigma that has been created around circumcision. Like other surgeries, circumcision is a medical procedure and is nothing to be anxious about.

If you are thinking of undergoing circumcision, the best choice is to opt for laser circumcision. Laser circumcision will ensure that you get rid of all your penile problems without enduring any pain.

Laser circumcision is available at Pristyn Care. We have a team of highly skilled and trained surgeons who are capable of performing the surgery with great precision. For a pain-free and trouble-free circumcision procedure, you can contact Pristyn Care. We’ll be more than happy to help you lead an improved quality of life.

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