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Can circumcision affect your sex drive?

Males are born with a hood of skin that covers the head of their penis. This hood can be removed from the head by a surgical procedure called circumcision.


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Males are born with a hood of skin that covers the head of their penis. This hood can be removed from the head by a surgical procedure called circumcision.

When asked about the prevalence of circumcision around the world, a urologist at Pristyn Care said,Circumcision is a very common procedure. It has been in practice for more than 4,000 years. Middle Eastern countries, parts of Africa, and the USA have a very high percentage of circumcised men.”

 He further adds, “ Earlier, the reasons for getting circumcised were purely religious or cultural. However, with the advancements in the field of medicine, many medical and health benefits of circumcision have come into the light. Circumcision has now become a medical procedure and is even performed for the surgical treatment of a number of penile problems.”

On being asked about how the patients react when they are told that circumcision has to be performed for the treatment of their condition, the doctor says, When the surgical procedure involves the removal of a layer of skin from your penis, it is quite normal to be apprehensive and have a lot of doubts. The patients usually want to know if getting the foreskin removed will really be worth it. They have a number of queries about the pros and cons of circumcision. Among others, the most frequently asked question by patients is whether circumcision would affect their sex life or sexual function in any manner.”

Circumcision and sex drive- Does circumcision affect libido?

Circumcision and its effects on the sexual drive, and sexual function have been a topic of debate for decades now. Some people believe that circumcision has adverse effects on the sex life of the man. They have the opinion that circumcision negatively affects the nerves in the penile region and therefore reduces the sensitivity of the penis. 

“Contrary to popular belief, circumcision has no long-term negative effects on the sexual drive and does not lead to any sexual dysfunctions. Circumcision does not, in any way, affect the male libido, sexual function, sexual performance, or satisfaction. And as far as the sensation is concerned, circumcision certainly does not affect the nerves, since the larger nerve fibers that contribute to the sexual function are at a deeper level and removal of the foreskin does not affect them in any manner whatsoever”, says Pristyn Care urologist, thereby clearing the air about the effects of circumcision on sex life once and for all.  (Also Read: When can I have sex after circumcision?)

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No negative effects of circumcision on sexual function of men

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The doctor also provides references to researches and studies that support his arguments. According to some research analysis published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2013, a research team from Australia and the United States reviewed 36 studies that were conducted on a total of about 40,000 men. After reviewing these studies, the team concluded that circumcision has no negative effects on a man’s sexual function or satisfaction. (Also Read: Can circumcision make you last longer?)

Among these 36 studies, the two largest studies were conducted in Kenya and Uganda, involving 2,784 and 4,456 men respectively. In both the studies, it was observed that about 99 percent of the men who got circumcised reported that they were satisfied with their decision and their sexual function after circumcision. In Kenya, 72 percent men even claimed that their penile sensitivity increased and 78 percent of men claimed that after circumcision it became easier to put on and use condoms.

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Doctor’s comment on sexual pleasure after circumcision

The urologist further adds, “ Sexual pleasure and satisfaction is a subjective matter that varies from person to person and couple to couple. But many of my patients who had to undergo circumcision due to problems like phimosis or paraphimosis reported that after circumcision, their sex life improved as now they did not have to worry about how discomforting the sex would be, and this gave a boost to their confidence.”

Laser circumcision

Laser Circumcision is a simple procedure that uses a high-intensity laser beam for the removal of the foreskin. The procedure will be completely minimally-invasive
for you and you won’t face any complications after the surgery.

Laser circumcision is available at Pristyn Care. If you have any doubts about the procedure, feel free to contact us. Our medical coordinators will get you in touch with experienced doctors and will be more than happy to answer any queries that you have.

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Take well-informed decision for circumcision

Being circumcised or uncircumcised is a personal choice. However, if you have foreskin issues like phimosis, paraphimosis, balanitis, or balanoposthitis, and if your doctor has suggested circumcision for the treatment of the condition, do not delay the procedure as these can lead to serious complications.

Do not worry about the after-effects, as circumcision does not have any severe postoperative effects. It will not reduce the quality of your sex life in any manner and the pros of circumcision will surely outweigh its cons by a great margin.

If you are thinking about undergoing circumcision, you must make a well-informed decision. It is better to choose the modern procedure of laser circumcision as it is the best option available at the moment.

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