can circumcision make you last longer

Circumcision is the surgical process that removes the foreskin of the penis. It is known for its positive effects on a male’s health. Among the numerous benefits of circumcision, one is that it does improve the sexual performance of a male. According to doctors, it is a fact that circumcision makes a male last longer. 

Though circumcision makes the penis a bit less sensitive to touch, it has no negative impact on sex life. The removal of foreskin increases the time of ejaculation, thus making the male last longer during sexual intercourse. It is a common misconception that circumcision can adversely affect the size and sensitivity of the penis. You will feel a sigh of relief to know that doctors absolutely dismiss that circumcision interferes with the sexual performance of a man. Rather they are of the opinion that circumcision only enhances or heightens the sexual pleasure for both the partners.  

Also, circumcision is highly beneficial for men who face the issue of premature ejaculation. Premature ejaculation does not let both the partner fully enjoy the sex. If the male partner faces the issue of premature ejaculation every time, it may lead to frustration. This frustration can affect the emotional relationship between the partners. This is where the role of circumcision becomes crucial. It allows a man to last longer without ejaculating too soon during sex. Both partners get to enjoy their intimate moments for a longer time. Thus, it is clear that circumcision does not cause any complication, rather only improves sex life. 

You should know that circumcision also cures medical conditions related to the foreskin. In such cases, circumcision becomes a medical necessity that has no alternative. 

Let’s gain an insight into the medical conditions that circumcision treats:

  • Phimosis- It is a condition in which the foreskin swells and becomes too tight and you cannot retract it over the glans penis. Phimosis can occur due to infection, inflammation, or scarring.
  • Paraphimosis- It is an emergency situation that needs circumcision without delaying. In paraphimosis, the foreskin gets stuck at the back of its normal position. It reduces the blood circulation to the penis. Thus, you cannot leave it untreated as it may result in the death of the tissues of the penis due to poor blood suffering from tight foreskin
  • Balanitis It is the condition of inflammation of the foreskin. It is a really painful condition that circumcision cures effectively.
  • Balanoposthitis- It is yet another serious and painful condition. In balanoposthitis, the inflammation occurs in both the foreskin and the glans penis. 

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Circumcision is certainly the most effective treatment to get rid of these medical conditions. It is not at all wise to leave any of these untreated. Leaving any of the above-mentioned conditions related to the penis will only make the symptoms grow severe with time. So, why choose pain and discomfort over effective treatment?

Well, that is not all about the health benefits of circumcision. Circumcision also reduces the chances of contracting UTI’s and transmission of STIs. As there is no foreskin, harmful bacteria cannot thrive or multiply. And, it is easier to maintain the hygiene of the circumcised penis. 

If you have been thinking of undergoing circumcision but had been apprehensive about it, now you know that it is absolutely safe. In addition to this, the technical advances in the medical field have made the procedure of laser circumcision simpler and more precise. Earlier circumcision used to extensively involve cuts, stitches, and wounds that scared people from undergoing the procedure. But, nowadays, modern laser circumcision has changed the scenario. Let’s know further in detail about laser circumcision.

Benefits of choosing laser circumcision

Laser circumcision surgery is considered minimally invasive in nature. It inflicts no pain and does not involve any cuts or wounds. The laser beam used acts directly on the foreskin and removes it without damaging the tissues of the penis. Also, there is no blood loss in laser circumcision. 

This modern technique of circumcision is performed as a daycare procedure. A daycare procedure means that the patient can go back home on the same day after the procedure. The patient experiences smooth and speedy recovery after laser circumcision. The patient fully recovers within 3-5 days without any major restrictions on the lifestyle. All you have to do is follow a few simple instructions that the doctor tells. This fast recovery period that laser circumcision offers stands in contrast to the one of conventional circumcision. The conventional procedure of circumcision not only requires a patient to spend days in the hospital but also needs a long recovery period. 

Thus, it is clear that laser circumcision is a better choice than to endure the pain and discomfort that conventional procedure causes. So, by now your doubts regarding circumcision must have been resolved. You can definitely choose circumcision without fretting much over it. It will not only keep you away from certain health risks but also wonderfully improve your sex life. 


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