Circumcision myths vs facts

Circumcision, although it is a medical procedure, has always been one of the debatable topics among people. The practice of circumcision, which is the removal of the foreskin of the penis, dates back to more than hundreds of years. If it had been a useless or harmful act, it surely would have stopped by now. The fact that even doctors validate it as medical necessity is enough to put a stop to the myths surrounding it.  (Also Read: Laser Circumcision- Procedure and Advantages )

Let’s look at some of the common myths and interesting facts regarding circumcision. 

circumcision myths and facts

Myth 1-

‘Circumcision can reduce a man’s ability to make a woman pregnant.’

Fact- It is a myth many tend to believe that getting circumcised can interfere with their sexual intercourse. As a matter of fact, it enhances the sexual experience for both the partners and has no harm over the ability of a man to impregnate his partner. (Also Read: Circumcised or Uncircumcised? How does it feel to a woman? )

The removal of foreskin rather allows men to sustain their moments of intimacy for a sufficient time before ejaculating. 

Myth 2- 

‘Circumcision is endorsed for aesthetic purpose.

Fact- Circumcision is not just done for aesthetic reasons, it is a medical necessity for many males. Males who suffer from problems and infections related to foreskin require to undergo circumcision to get rid of the problem once and for all.

Some of the common problems are:

Phimosis– The condition where the foreskin of the penis becomes too tight to retract over glans penis (tip of the penis).

Paraphimosis The foreskin gets stuck behind the glans penis and may even cause swelling. This majorly affects the blood flow to the penis. Circumcision is the immediate treatment for this emergency medical condition.

Balanitis– Condition of inflammation of the glans penis that causes pain and discomfort. Doctors highly recommend circumcision in such cases.  

So, to sum it up, circumcision is more of medical necessity and is not only for aesthetic purposes.

Myth 3

‘It is not easy to maintain the hygiene of the circumcised penis.’

Fact– As compared to the uncircumcised penis, it is much easier to maintain the hygiene of the circumcised penis. There are high chances of dirt and undesirable bacteria building up under the foreskin. This in result increases the chances of contracting urinary tract infections. After circumcision, it becomes easy to keep the penis clean and away from catching many infections. 

Myth 4-

‘Circumcision is a complex and painful procedure.’

Fact- With the advances in the medical field, the modern procedures of circumcision have become painless. The modern laser-based and ZSR (stapler) techniques of circumcision ensure that there are no major cuts, stitches, and wounds in the procedure. Hence, the patient has speedy recovery without any complications.

Myth 5-

Circumcision cures HIV AIDS.’

Fact- Circumcision does not cure HIV AIDS but it significantly reduces the chances of transmission of HIV AIDS. And not just HIV, it also lowers the catching other and STDs and STI’s such as syphilis, gonorrhea, and even penile cancer. Still, protection should be used during sexual intercourse because prevention is better than cure. The decision of using protection should be made irrespective of whether the male has undergone circumcision is not.

Myth 6-

Circumcised penis needs to be handled with more care and caution.’

Fact- There is no such thing as this above-mentioned myth. Even the doctors do not have a strict do’s and don’ts list. There are only simple instructions that a doctor asks a patient to follow for a few days after undergoing circumcision. Those instructions include staying away from strenuous exercising or other physical activities, avoiding sex for a few days, etc. So, the removal of the foreskin is not harmful to the penis. (Also Read: What to expect after 3 to 4 days of laser circumcision? )

Take Away

The above-mentioned facts to bust every myth will help you in getting a clear understanding of circumcision. So, it will be fair to say that harmful is not an unnecessary or a harmful procedure from a medical or health point of view. in spite of the medical benefits, circumcision still continues to be a subject that people refrain from discussing in public.

But, as more and more people have started to become aware of the facts, the misconceptions are expected to fade away with time. Do not feel hesitant in reaching out to a doctor if you face any problems regarding the health of your private parts; they need as much care as any other organ.


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