Olive oil is very popular for the amazing health benefits it has to offer. It keeps away the common health issues and is enriched with antioxidants, vitamin E, and K. The list of benefits of olive oil can go on and on. 

It will strike you as a surprise that olive oil can even cure erectile dysfunction. Yes, it is yet another wonderful remedy to get rid of erectile dysfunction.  

Let’s see how olive oil cures the problem of erectile dysfunction:

  • Keeps obesity, high blood pressure and heart diseases at bay

It is a well-known fact that olive oil reduces the risk of high cholesterol, hypertension, and heart ailments. Since these are some of the major risk factors of erectile dysfunction, switching your regular oil with olive oil may prevent erectile dysfunction from worsening.

  • Improves vascular health

Olive oil is a rich source of Vitamin E which plays a crucial role in maintaining proper vascular health. Vitamin E present in olive oil widens the blood vessels. Since an erection requires the penis chambers to be dilated, olive oil can prove to be quite successful in increasing the blood supply to the penis so that proper erection can be achieved.

benefits of olive oil-erectile dysfunction

  • Boosts testosterone levels

Lower levels of the hormone testosterone are one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction. Olive oil provides an excellent boost to testosterone production in the male body. Olive oil increases the levels of luteinizing hormone(LH), which, in turn, stimulates the testicular cells to produce more testosterone. Studies have shown that consumption of olive oil on a daily basis can increase the testosterone levels by 17-19 percent over a 3-week period.

A quick fact: A study conducted by University of Athens revealed that 9 tablespoons of olive oil a week can improve erectile dysfunction by about 40 percent.

  • Similar or better results than Viagra

Researchers believe that olive oil can produce better results than Viagra in improving erectile dysfunction. The reason behind this is that the effects of Viagra are temporary and Viagra is not beneficial in the long-run. Olive oil, on the other hand, has long-term effects and thus can be a better alternative to Viagra.

  • No side effects like conventional ED medicines

Conventional medicines come with a long list of side-effects. Prolonged use of ED medicines like Viagra can produce side-effects like headaches, back pain, and visual disturbance. Unlike conventional medications, olive oil does not have any major side-effects even after prolonged use. You can use olive oil regularly. Just remember to avoid using olive oil excessively.

Let’s tell you quickly about the other health benefits of olive oil  

  • Olive moisturizes the skin and keeps it hydrated. The oil also helps in fighting bacterial infections and prevents acne.
  • Olive oil has lubricating effects on the digestive system. It effectively helps in easy bowel passage.
  • According to numerous studies, olive oil also boosts brainpower.
  • It is an excellent remedy for the problem of dry eyes.

Now that you know about the wonderful qualities of olive oil, you might feel like you just can’t have enough of it. That is why you must keep ahead to know if it’s safe and healthy to obsess over using olive oil all the time in your diet.

Can the excess of olive oil have negative effects on your sexual health?

Excess of anything is bad and it goes the same for olive oil. Regular consumption or usage of olive oil can bring you better and energy, there is a downside also when you have olive in excess.

The excess consumption of olive oil can contribute to fast weight gain due to high calories. When you continue to gain weight due to excessively consuming olive oil, this results in obesity. Obesity is one of the indirect causes of erectile dysfunction. And not just obesity, the unhealthy consumption can even cause faults in the vascular systems due to which sufficient blood may not reach the penis, again leading to erectile dysfunction.

How to strike the right balance

If you believe that you are consuming a lot of olive oil, and want to minimize its negative effects, exercise can help you balance it out.  Exercise will not just help you maintain healthy body weight, but also strengthen your reproductive system and keep erectile issues at bay.

young man exercising

Exercising regularly will also boost blood circulation throughout the body and thus improve erectile dysfunction significantly. You can even practice certain yoga exercises such as improving sexual as well as holistic health. Yoga asanas such as seated forward bend, bow pose, and boat pose have amazing effects in minimizing the troubles of erectile dysfunction.

Therefore, olive oil, paired with regular exercise and yoga can bring about double benefits in the case of erectile dysfunction.

What to take away?

Although olive oil works wonders in improving erectile dysfunction, it is considered to be more of a preventive remedy than a treatment one. Therefore, if you’ve been experiencing frequent episodes of erectile dysfunction, seeking medical advice is a must. You can continue the use of olive oil along with proper medical treatment. Doing so will help you say goodbye to erectile issues faster and you can then lead a happier and healthier life.

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