yoga poses and exercises for erectile dysfunction

A lot of men face the problem of erectile dysfunction which creates trouble in their personal life. It is defined as the inability of a man to achieve the erection. But, do not fret much as it is treatable. Yoga poses and aerobic exercises play a crucial role in treating erectile dysfunction naturally. Making yoga and exercises an integral part of your everyday routine can do wonders in solving your problem of erectile dysfunction. (Also Read: What Are The Warning Signs Of Erectile Dysfunction? )

Here are the best yoga poses for erectile dysfunction:

Best Yoga Poses To Beat Erectile Dysfunction

  • Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana)

This yoga pose boosts the strength of the muscles that provide rigidity for erection. Paschimottanasana makes it easy for a male to achieve an erection. This pose also allows the male to last longer before ejaculating.
Steps to perform seated forward bend: Sit with your back straight and stretch the legs in front. Make sure that your feet point upwards. Extend both the arms upwards as you take a deep breath.
As you exhale, start bending your upper body to reach out to your toes and keep the spine stretched. Hold your feet with the thumb and the index finger and try to touch the knees with your forehead. Retain this yoga pose for as long as you can and then gradually release to the initial sitting position. (Also Read: Things every man needs to know about Erectile Dysfunction! )

  • Uttanapadasana (Raised leg yoga pose)

    Uttanapadasana immensely helps in strengthening the muscles of the lower body. Along with that, it also stretches muscles of the back and stimulates the blood circulation through the pelvis. This in result, helps in treating erectile dysfunction.
    Steps to perform Raised leg yoga pose: Lie down straight on your back and place your hands on either side. Keep the legs joined and start lifting them while taking a deep breath in. Raise your legs in such a way that they make a 30-degree angle with the body.
    Now, try lifting your head above the floor and retain this pose for a few seconds. Gradually release it to relax and repeat the activity for 5-10 minutes.

  • Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

    Dhanurasana enables a man to achieve orgasm with greater pleasure and keeps the problem of erectile dysfunction at bay. It immensely boosts the blood flow to the abdomen and the pelvis.
    Steps to perform Bow Pose: Lie on your stomach on an even yoga mat. Place the feet with the distance of the width of your hips between. Keep the arms on either side and start folding the knees as you exhale deeply. Bend the knees in such a way that you can hold the ankles. Start raising your chest off the floor as you take a deep breath and retain Dhanurasana for 10-15 seconds. Release the pose gradually and come to the initial relaxed position.

  • Naukasana (Boat Pose)

    This yoga pose boosts the sex hormones in males and strengthens the muscles of the pelvis and thighs. This enables a man to feel sexually healthy and achieve an erection during intercourse.
    Steps to perform Boat Pose: Lie down straight on your back and place the arms. Take deep conscious breaths, and begin raising the chest from the ground as you exhale deeply. Meanwhile, stretch out your arms to reach the feet. Also, make sure that your vision and the body are in a straight line. Stay in the boat pose for a few seconds and then slowly release it to go back to a relaxing position.

  • Siddasana (Perfect Pose)

    Siddasana is an easy yoga pose that can be performed for a long time without exerting. This yoga asana not only makes the body flexible but majorly emphasizes on the pelvis. As a result, it boosts the blood flow through the penis and keeps away the erectile dysfunction.
    Steps to perform Perfect Pose: Sit with your spine straight and stretch the legs to your front. Now begin crossing the left leg at your knee and place the left foot in such a way that it is beneath your right thigh. Follow the same steps for your right leg. This way your right heel will be in contact with the pubic bone.
    You can sit in this pose for as long as you want and keep your focus on taking conscious deep breaths. (Also Read: 10 Natural Foods for Erectile Dysfunction )

  • Shavasana (Corpse Pose)

    This is usually the last yoga pose to complete your routine. Although it looks easy, it can be equally challenging as it requires you to have a calm mind with the focus on your breathing.
    Shavasana helps in combating the lifestyle and psychological factors of erectile dysfunction.
    Steps to perform Shavasana: Lie straight on your back and place the stretched arms by your side. Place the arms facing upwards and bring your focus to deep breathing. In your mind, visualize your body relaxing gradually. As soon as your thoughts start going astray, bring them back to your deep breathing for relaxation. Even if you perform a corpse pose for just 10-15 minutes every day, it will be quite beneficial for erectile dysfunction.



Aerobic exercises for erectile dysfunction

Usually, the cause of erectile dysfunction is associated with a decrease in blood flow to the penis. Aerobic exercises put the muscles of the pelvis at work and hence boost the blood flow to the penis.
Such exercises are also known as cardio exercises and help in avoiding the other factors of erectile dysfunction. Those common factors of erectile dysfunction are obesity, diabetes, problems of the vascular system, etc. Even if you begin with 30-40 minutes of aerobic exercises and be consistent with everyday routine, you will be able to beat erectile dysfunction. 

Some of the easy aerobic exercises that you can do for erectile dysfunction are:

  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Skipping
  • Jogging/Brisk walking
  • Running
  • Hiking
  • Dancing
  • Kickboxing

These physical activities or aerobic exercises on a regular basis will boost the blood flow throughout the body. Therefore, these are the best exercises to strengthen the pelvis and maintain optimum blood flow to the penis.  

All these yoga poses and aerobic exercises will definitely enable you to beat erectile dysfunction. But you must visit a specialist doctor as soon as you start facing the problem of erectile dysfunction. The doctor will provide you with effective treatment. Along with the treatment, you can follow this healthy routine of yoga and exercises for erectile dysfunction.

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