Top 10 Testosterone killers


Testosterone is the hormone mainly produced in men by the male testicles. This male sex hormone affects the man’s appearance, overall sexual development and helps build muscle and bone mass. Testosterone is responsible for a man’s sex drive and stimulating sperm production. 

Testosterone production decreases as the male ages. On average, 2 out of 10 men above 60 years of age have low testosterone levels. 

But, there are some foods and other activities that can lead to low testosterone levels at an early age. Below are 10 Testosterone killers that you need to start avoiding.


  1. Vegetable Oils

    Vegetable oils
    Vegetable oils like actual vegetable and grain oils can wreak the testosterone levels. The reason behind it is that the extraction process of vegetable oil often uses chemicals, bleaching, and deodorizing techniques which can potentially minimize health benefits and can also lower the
    testosterone levels.

    It is recommended to use healthy oils, such as coconut or olive oil to prevent this problem. You can use coconut or olive oil in your cooking and refrain from using all other vegetable oils when possible.


  2. High Stress and Anxiety Levels

    anger and stress


    A stressful life or schedule can reduce testosterone levels and hinder production. When you are under a lot of stress, your body releases high levels of stress hormone (cortisol), which blocks the effects of testosterone. The stress hormone (cortisol) and testosterone have a negative correlation, which means that when the stress hormone goes up, the testosterone levels fall down.

    Men with chronic stress mostly see the testosterone levels sabotaged, may it be in the long term. To keep away that from happening, make better lifestyle choices and try to live a stress-free life. 
    Reducing the stress in life or stress management is the fundamental key to maximizing testosterone production.

  3. Excessive Alcohol Consumption

    excessive alcohol


    Alcohol has a direct impact on several necessary processes for testosterone production. It is true that tanking up on alcohol can lower your testosterone levels. Just to be clear, having 1or 2 drinks does not have a significant impact on testosterone levels, but binge drinking does. When the male body metabolizes alcohol, a coenzyme called NAD+ is used in the process. NAD+ is an essential component of testosterone production. If your body is lacking the essential building-block for testosterone production, the testosterone levels will eventually fall.

  4. Refined Carbohydrates and Sugar



    The category of refined carbohydrates not only includes sugar but also foods like pasta, white bread, and white rice, which directly convert to sugar on eating. Eating a diet high in glycemic levels ( diet with a lot of refined carbohydrates) can bring down the testosterone levels for several hours. Healthy carbohydrates are still an essential part of a well-balanced diet. In fact, carbs are an essential building block for testosterone production. A higher carbohydrate diet has been linked to high testosterone and low cortisone levels. It is thus important to avoid refined variations and consume more nutritionally valuable carbs.

  5. Dehydrated Body

    Signs of dehydration

    If you’re a health-conscious person, you would probably be drinking a lot of water to keep your body hydrated and keep the body and its processes running efficiently. Undoubtedly, water is an essential element for the body’s biological processes, including testosterone production. So, it is highly important for you to pay attention to your body’s fluid intake. Make sure to drink enough water all day. Also, add other healthy fluids or drinks to your diet for sufficient nutrition.


  6. Excess Body Fat



    We all know that obesity comes with a lot of health risks. Among those, one of the health risks for men is reduced testosterone levels. The body fat is composed of aromatase, an adrenal enzyme responsible for converting androstenedione and estrone into estrogen. So, obesity can take a toll on your testosterone levels too.

    The more body fat the man has, the more of the testosterone is turned to estrogen. Also, testosterone is a fat-soluble hormone, which means that it can get stored in the fat tissues. Instead of staying free in the body and bloodstream, the testosterone may get locked up inside the fat, which decreases the free testosterone levels. So,  instead of binge eating or spending hours on Netflix, hit the gym to maintain those essential T-levels.


  7. Lack of Exercise

    Inactive Lifestyle

    Just like obesity, lack of physical activities can take a toll on the testosterone levels. An easy way to boost testosterone production in such cases is with exercise. Exercising triggers the flow of testosterone.

  8. Medications

    medicines in a hand

    The side effects of many medications can lead to a decline in testosterone levels. Some commonly prescribed medications, including statin drugs, which are used to lower the cholesterol, indirectly result in lowering the testosterone levels. Also, with the passage of age, many commonly prescribed medications can interfere with the body’s nutrient absorption. So, it is essential to be aware of what medicines you take and their potential impacts.


  9. Triclosan

    Anti-bacterial soaps

    This is the main antibacterial agent found in some antibacterial soaps. Triclosan and triclocarban both have an impact on the testosterone levels and can lower them in the body.  Make sure to avoid buying products that have these two elements. They are commonly found in toothpaste, antibacterial soaps, antibacterial detergents, kid’s toys, and surgical cleaning substances. Look for the description at the back before buying these products.


  10. Female Hormone Mimickers

    Man using face cream

    Female hormone mimickers, the xenoestrogens ­­are found in many products, including skin care products, personal care, cleaning or outdoor products. These female hormone mimickers are actually chemicals that mimic estrogen, which can limit the testosterone production in the body. Be careful while buying such products and also, avoid their use.


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