Phimosis is one of the most common penile problems related to foreskin. Phimosis is a condition of medical concern of tight prepuce or foreskin of the penis that creates a lot of pain and discomfort. 

Phimosis can occur in both children and adults, usually, it resolves on its own in children. But in adults, mostly the cause of phimosis is due to some harmful bacteria or other pathological reasons. Such pathological cases of phimosis do need timely medical attention.  

Common symptoms of phimosis include the following:

  • Inability to retract the foreskin
  • Pain during urination
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Painful sex
  • Formation of a white ring around the penis head

Phimosis can certainly be quite troublesome and thus requires timely treatment. However, owing to the possibility of side-effects in conventional medicines, many people look for safer treatment options. (Also read: Why should Phimosis be treated?)


Since homeopathic medicines are of completely natural origin, it is amongst the top choices in such cases. 

Here we will tell you about the most widely prescribed homeopathic medicines for phimosis and their effectiveness in treating the condition.

Apis Mellifica is one of the best homeopathic medicines for phimosis. It effectively reduces the inflammation and swelling in the glans penis as well as the foreskin and thus makes it easier to retract the foreskin. Along with swelling, Apis Mellifica also provides relief from the pain and soreness of phimosis.

  • Merc Sol

Merc Sol 200 is another great homeopathic remedy for phimosis and other penile problems. It works quite well in the cases where there is a noticeable swelling and sensitivity in the glans and prepuce of the penis. It provides relief from the burning sensation of phimosis and also provides significant positive results in cases where phimosis is accompanied by a milky discharge (smegma).

  • Caladium

Caladium is an effective homeopathic remedy for phimosis with redness of the foreskin and glans penis. It reduces the redness and soreness of phimosis and alleviates the discomfort significantly. It also helps subside the burning and stitching pain of phimosis.

homeopathic treatment for phimosis

  • Cantharis

Cantharis is effective in cases where phimosis causes urinary discomforts. It relieves the inflammation in the foreskin and reduces the burning sensation and cutting pain while peeing. 

  • Nitricum Acidum

Nitricum Acidum (Nitric Acid) is yet another homeopathic medicine that works wonderfully for a variety of penile problems like balanitis, phimosis, and paraphimosis. It provides symptomatic relief from phimosis and reduces the soreness, pain and burning sensation caused due to tight foreskin.

  • Rhus Toxicodendron

Rhus Toxicodendron is administered in cases where phimosis causes symptoms like dark red swelling, pain, itching, and stinging sensation. It provides symptomatic relief from the condition and thus helps you carry on with your routine life without much discomfort.

  • Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana is particularly effective in injury-induced phimosis cases. It brings about significant improvement in muscular injuries. This helps subside the symptoms and can even cure the problem of phimosis completely in mild cases.

Effectiveness of homeopathy in resolving severe cases of phimosis

Homeopathy is, without a doubt, quite effective in relieving the symptoms and discomforts of phimosis in the mild cases. But it is very much possible that these medicines may fail to provide significant and fast relief in the severe cases of phimosis. (Also read: How to treat phimosis naturally?)

Therefore, in such cases, it is better to consult your doctor and discuss alternative treatment options. There are a number of other medications and ointments available for phimosis, but the problem with these is that they do not provide a permanent solution to the problem. Phimosis can reoccur, and you may have to endure the troubles of phimosis quite frequently.

How to resolve the problem of phimosis permanently?

phimosis patient with doctior

The only permanent treatment for phimosis is the surgical procedure of circumcision. In circumcision, the surgeon removes the foreskin layer from the penis. Thus, this resolves the problem of tight foreskin once and for all.

The word “circumcision” scares off a lot of people at first. And it is quite normal as well. However, you will be relieved to know that you can undergo circumcision in an absolutely painless and safe manner as well.

Laser circumcision is a modern, high-precision procedure that makes use of pulses of laser energy to remove the layer of the foreskin from the penis. No incisions are carried out, no stitches are needed and no scars or wounds are left behind. It is a 100% non-invasive and pain-free procedure for circumcision.

Benefits of laser circumcision at Pristyn Care

laser circumcision for phimosis

Laser circumcision is performed on an outpatient/daycare basis, which means that you can go home on the same day and avoid any inconvenient hospital stays. It is a very safe procedure and the risk of complications after the procedure is almost nil. The recovery is quite fast and you will be good to go back to your routine life within a couple of days.

Pristyn Care offers an advanced laser circumcision procedure. We have a team of the top doctors and surgeons in the country and thus ensure you a successful and reliable treatment for your condition. So if you are dealing with the troubles of phimosis, all you need to do is book your appointment online at Pristyn Care and we’ll take care of the rest.

Take Away

Although phimosis is a very common problem in males, it is not discussed as openly as other ailments are. There is a lot of social stigma and embarrassment that surrounds this condition and stops the man from discussing the problem freely. 

But you must remember that phimosis too is a medical condition and requires timely medical intervention. Therefore, do not feel embarrassed. Contact a specialist doctor, get proper treatment, and lead a trouble-free life.

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