man having phimosis- tight foreskin


Phimosis can occur when the foreskin of the penis gets stuck over the glans or head because it is too tight. Phimosis can only affect an uncircumcised male if he has a foreskin. Phimosis is a common condition in babies and young boys until 7 years old. Later, it can be a trouble that needs medical attention. 

In adults, phimosis is mostly the result of one of the following: 

  • Poor hygiene
  • Inflammation, infection, or scarring (known as pathologic phimosis)

Phimosis is not always a major cause for concern, but if phimosis further leads to swelling, redness, irritation, or trouble urinating, one may need treatment for the underlying cause of the condition.

How to safely stretch your foreskin back

  1. Apply a thin layer of steroid cream around your entire foreskin. Make sure that the cream covers completely around the penis, from the tip of the penis tip till the area where the foreskin meets the skin on the penis shaft.
  2. Now, gently massage the cream into the foreskin. Slowly rub the foreskin tissue until the cream has been absorbed fully into the skin. 
  3. Then, try to gently pull back the foreskin. Stop when you feel any discomfort or pain. Try to apply some cream to the tip of the penis also when it is exposed enough.


phimosis tight foreskin

A man troubled with phimosis is suggested to repeat these steps 2 to 4 times each day until he can fully retract his foreskin without pain or discomfort. There is no fixed time when you can get relief from the phimosis problem after following this exercise. Some get relief in 4 to 8 weeks, while others may take longer.

One can also massage his foreskin while taking a hot bath. The high temperature of the hot water helps to loosen up the skin and makes it more convenient to stretch. One can also do the stretching in the bath with the use of a steroid cream method for better and faster results. 

How to pull back the foreskin of an erect penis?

Pulling back the foreskin of an erect penis is the same as a non-erect penis. You can follow the same steps as mentioned above. But, one needs to be a bit gentler and careful, as the foreskin is even tighter during erection. Fulling back the foreskin of an erect penis can also be more uncomfortable. So, you need to be extra patient and careful while doing so

Precautions- How to pull back foreskin without pain? 

If a patient with phimosis experiences pain during erection or while having intercourse,  get an appointment with a urologist as soon as possible. Painful erections with other symptoms such as swelling or abnormal discharge can be symptoms of an infection or sexually transmitted disease. 

Precautions when trying to pull back the foreskin:

  • Do not pull too hard as it can damage the foreskin or even cause injury. Also, go slow as pulling it quickly can be painful and also cause damage. 
  • Stop if you feel any pain or discomfort. One may also experience pain even when he is pulling gently. It is suggested to take a break when felt pain. 
  • Stop pulling if the foreskin begins to crack or bleed, as it can cause infections.
  • Do not have intercourse if the tight foreskin causes pain or cannot be retracted enough to expose the head.

Other treatments for Phimosis 

phimosis tight foreskin

For some men, stretching the foreskin does not work in treating the condition. In such cases, one needs to see a doctor. The urologist may recommend other effective home remedies ( like the ones mentioned below) or medical treatments, such as:

  • Home Remedy- Prescription creams

Steroid creams for tight can also help some men get rid of phimosis. Over the counter creams for foreskin stretching include 0.05 % of betamethasone (Celestone Soluspan) and can help treat phimosis with regular use. Consult a urologist in case you get no relief from steroid creams. 

  • Prescribed Antibiotics

In case phimosis is caused due to a bacterial or fungal infection and one also experiences other symptoms such as swelling or abnormal discharge, a urologist may prescribe antibiotics to cure the infection by killing the infectious fungi or bacteria.

  • Minimally Invasive Surgical treatment- Laser Circumcision

Laser circumcision is a minimally invasive procedure of surgically removing the tight foreskin. There are no risks of infections or any other side effects with this treatment. The patient gets instant relief from the condition. There are no cuts, stitches or blood loss in this laser procedure. 

Circumcision can be done for a male of any age, may it be a young child, teenager, adult or an elderly male. Circumcision may also be recommended if the male constantly suffers from infections (like urinary tract infections or UTIs) or conditions like balanitis, which is linked to having a foreskin.

When to see a doctor

man at urologist for consultation for phimosis (tight foreskin)

It is suggested to stop using home remedies to treat the tight foreskin on experiencing any of the following:

  • trouble in urinating
  • burning sensation or pain while urinating
  • Pain, redness, itching or irritation
  • Abnormal discharge (white or cloudy) from the penis
  • swelling near the head of the penis (medically known as balanitis)
  • inability to pull back the foreskin over the head after stretching it back ( medically known as paraphimosis)

If you experience any of these symptoms, consult a urologist. 


man having phimosis- tight foreskin

Having a tight foreskin is not a serious medical condition and can be easily treated with the correct medical treatment.  In most cases, the male gets relief after following home remedies. But in case, the home remedies do not work, see a urologist for the correct treatment to prevent complications or worsening of the condition.  


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