Here is the story of a young male patient named Vamsi Krishna who turned to Pristyn Care for a permanent solution of a prolonged penile problem.

Story of Vamsi Krishna

Vamsi Krishna, 37, is a businessman. He started noticing the symptoms of tight foreskin around 4 years back. He frequently experienced phimosis related issues but every time he used home remedies and ointments, and they provided him with temporary relief. However, phimosis recurred about 1 year ago and this time the pain and burning sensation were much more intense.

As usual, Vamsi tried to subside the symptoms on his own but they failed to provide relief. Vamsi was initially too embarrassed to discuss the issue with a specialist doctor. But when the troubles of phimosis started becoming worse by the day, Vamsi finally looked up google for phimosis doctors near his place. He came across Pristyn Care and after reading other patient reviews, he booked his online appointment with one of our specialist doctors.

Upon proper diagnosis, the doctor told Vamsi that delay in treatment had made the condition of phimosis quite severe. After a detailed discussion with the doctor, Vamsi agreed for the surgery and underwent laser circumcision at a Pristyn Care hospital a few months back. 

Vamsi is now living a normal and happy life and this is what he has to say about Pristyn Care services.

“Phimosis had become a normal problem for me and I never realized that it could become this serious. However, I am happy that I took the right decision of undergoing laser circumcision at Pristyn Care. At first, when the doctor told me that I required circumcision, I was unsure but I still agreed because it was the only option I had. But contrary to my expectations, the laser circumcision procedure was not at all inconvenient or complex.

During the entire procedure, not even one cut or incision was carried out on my body. The surgery was absolutely painless and I went home on the same day. After the procedure, there was minimal swelling and pain and I could easily carry on with my routine tasks. I even went back to work the day after the surgery. Within a week, the swelling also subsided and I recovered completely.

The support of the team at Pristyn Care made the treatment even more easy and convenient for me. The staff was friendly and the hospital was well-maintained. Pristyn Care team also took care of all the paperwork and I did not have to worry about anything.”

After the surgery 

Vamsi recovered completely in less than a week and made sure to attend his post-surgery follow-ups on time. There was absolutely no complaint of any complication or side-effect of the surgery. He followed all the minor precautions such as refraining from sexual activities, lifting heavy objects for the fastest recovery. And, as promised by the doctor, the recovery period was short and smooth. 

Vamsi further adds that he is very happy with his treatment experience at Pristyn Care and he would recommend everyone to visit Pristyn Care for the best healthcare services. 

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