possible causes for dizziness causes

Just imagine this scenario. You are on your way to work when all of a sudden the world around you starts spinning. You try to grab hold of the surroundings but you ultimately fall into the ground. Before you can figure out what’s happening, you start panicking. 

Does the above situation sound similar to you? The reason for experiencing sudden dizziness could be various conditions including vertigo. 


  • Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or BPPV

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo or BPPV is the condition in which there is the formation of calcium particles inside the inner ear. As discussed in other blogs, the inner ear plays an important role in maintaining balance in the body. Hence, when BPPV develops there are chances that the inner ear is unable to send signals to the brain for head and body movements.

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  • Meniere’s disease

The ear works in a complex way to maintain a balance in the body along with movements.  The most common reason for dizziness and ringing in the ears is Meniere’s disease. In this disease, there is a buildup of fluid inside the ear which changes the pressure in the ear. It generally affects one ear. 

  • Labyrinthitis 

In the inner ear, there is a part known as the labyrinth that sends signals to the brain about navigating and maintaining balance in the body. When this labyrinth gets infected due to a cold or flu, this leads to inflammation. Eventually, your balance is disturbed as well as navigation. This can be easily treated with prescribed medications.

  • Panic attacks or stress

Yes. Extreme stress can make you feel dizzy. Stress is a major contributor to conditions such as depression, anxiety, diabetes, etc. You might have an elevated heartbeat, or rapid breathing when you are overstressed. This is due to the release of a hormone by the brain when you are stressed.

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  • Low blood pressure 

When the blood pressure drops suddenly, you become lightheaded and feel dizzy. The blood pressure changes if you sit or stand up suddenly. Some of the conditions that can cause the blood pressure to fall are-

  • Dehydration
  • Loss of blood
  • Allergies or
  • Pregnancy 
  • Hypoglycemia 

Simply known as low blood sugar, this is another reason that can cause dizziness. When the sugar level falls than the required level, you have hypoglycemia. Some of the reasons for a low blood sugar level include skipping meals, drinking alcohol, hormonal imbalance, etc. 

  • Medicines

Some medicines can cause dizziness as a possible side effect. People who take the following medicines are more likely to feel dizzy-

  • Taking antibiotics such as gentamicin and streptomycin
  • Blood-pressure regulating medicines
  • Sedatives
  • Anti-depressants
  • Anti-seizure medicines

Some of the other factors responsible for dizziness could be-

  • Migraine
  • Issues in Nervous-system like peripheral neuropathy and multiple sclerosis
  • Tumor in brain or inner ear

Treatment for dizziness

Depending on the type of condition

epley manuever for BPPV

  • To cure dizziness due to BPPV, use Epley maneuver. This is an exercise that can be done at home which can be helpful to treat symptoms of dizziness. To do the exercise, follow the below-mentioned steps-
  1. First, sit on the bed with your head tilted halfway to the right.
  2. Then lie on your back with your head turned. Make sure that you keep a pillow under the shoulders.
  3. Stay in this position for half a minute.
  4. Gradually turn the head on the other way and hold it for 30 seconds.
  5. After this, move your body to the direction your head is directed. Hold it for 30 seconds.
  6. Then relax and sit. 
  • To cure Meniere’s disease, eat a healthy low-salt diet, injections or even surgery.
  • To cure migraines, make some necessary lifestyle changes and avoiding triggers. 

Remedies To Cure Dizziness and Vertigo

Dizziness caused due to vertigo, can also be cured with the following remedies-

  • Hydration is a must. Make sure you keep yourself hydrated enough to avoid dizziness. When you feel tired and tired, most of the time it is because of dehydration. So drink water as soon as you feel dizzy.
  • Take a piece of ginger and keep it in your mind if you feel motion-sick and dizzy. You can also take it in tea or herbal teas.
  • If the dizziness and vertigo is due to Meniere’s disease, consuming vitamin C can help. Eat vitamin C foods such as oranges, strawberries, grapes, etc.

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Lifestyle hacks To Cure Dizziness

Before you can visit a doctor, these tips can help if you have episodes of dizziness regularly.

  • Lie down as soon as you feel dizziness. Take rest until you fully recover. This prevents losing balance which can lead to injury.
  • While walking, use a cane or a walker.
  • Make sure you hold the handrail when you climb stairs
  • Don’t drink caffeinated drinks or alcohol as these make dizziness worse
  • Consume a healthy diet including vegetables, fruits, lean protein regularly 
  • Drink 1.5-2 liters of water to keep yourself hydrated
  • Avoid drastic changes in positions.
  • Make sure you are not driving 

Final words 

Dizziness is a symptom of another condition. If you have regular bouts of dizziness, it is indicative of the fact that there is an underlying condition inside the ear or other physical conditions.  If the ENT doctor diagnoses the condition far more severe, then doctors prescribe surgeries. Visit the doctor today if you have regular episodes of dizziness. 

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