Our birthday month is special to us. Most of us await the month for the happiness, attention, and joy it brings. All these things add up to good memories that keep us moving ahead in life.

Many people also wish us good health and long life. And this makes us smile brighter. 

Do you know that your birth month can tell a lot of things about your health?

If you are intrigued, then read further and amaze yourself. We are sure that you will find it quite relatable. 

And not just yours, find out about the health of your loved ones also.

The following data is based upon a recent study conducted by The Columbia University Department of Medicine on 1.7 million people and takes 55 of the most common health issues into account. If you are still not convinced, the Medical Research Council at the University of Cambridge conducted a similar study on about 45,000 people, and the results were not very different. 

So, let’s begin with the birth months and what significant information they reveal about your health:
birth month and health information

  • January

January-born people need to take extra care of their hearts. People born in January are at a greater risk of heart and blood vessel-related ailments. The risk of hypertension and cardiomyopathy is significantly higher in your case if you were born in January. 

On the positive side, January borns are less prone to respiratory and neurological problems. You have considerable protection against these diseases. 

  • February

If you were born in February, you are more vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases. It might scare you a bit to know that the risk of lung cancer is also quite high for February borns. 

However, you have some amount of protection against reproductive issues and neurological diseases, which makes you less prone to these.

  • March

Well, if you are a March baby, you need to be extra careful about your blood vessels. The chances of Atherosclerosis (plaque build-up in the arteries) and Atrial Fibrillation (Fluctuating and rapid heartbeat) are quite high for March borns.

Looking at the positives, if you were born in March, it is very unlikely for you to experience any neurological problems. Your protection against neurological issues is quite high.

  • April

If you are an April born, you are at a high risk of cardiovascular ailments. It is also quite probable that you may experience chest pain due to these heart ailments, also known as Angina. However, you can still reduce the chances of Angina by effectively managing your stress levels.

Just like March babies, you have significantly high protection against neurological diseases, which makes you much less prone to these.

  • May

If you are a May baby, you are probably the luckiest of the lot. The list of positives is much longer than the list of negatives in your case. You do not have an increased risk of any disease as such. You just need to maintain a healthy lifestyle and you won’t face any major issues. 

However, if you are a woman, it is probable that you may experience some fertility issues, although the chances of this happening are still very less.

  • June

Well, if you are a June baby, respiratory and heart-related issues might concern you a bit. If we quickly mention the details, you can be allergic to seasonal changes, temperature fluctuations can make you sneeze continuously.

On a positive note, it is highly unlikely that you’ll face any reproductive issues. June born women, in particular, tend to have a healthy reproductive life in adulthood.

  • July

If you were born in July, here’s a sigh of relief for you. You are not prone to any major diseases in particular. On the contrary, you are well protected against a number of diseases, especially reproductive issues. Just maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle, and you’ll be good to go.

  • August

The people born in the amazing month of August do not really have anything major to worry about. Their physical and mental health remains excellent. And, what is more, interesting is that they are somehow safeguarded naturally from numerous diseases. So, more or less like July babies, if they eat well and spend days actively, nothing ill can hit their health.

  • September

September babies need to be a bit more careful about their respiratory and reproductive health. There is a moderate risk that you may experience asthma-like problems. Also, if you are a September born woman, it is quite possible that you may be slightly less fertile than women born in other months.

The silver lining, however, is that you’ll have a considerable amount of protection against cardiovascular diseases, which makes you a little less prone to heart ailments as compared to your peers.

  • October

If you are an October baby, your health may be a bit of a concern for you. October borns have an increased risk of facing health issues, and more specifically, respiratory issues. In addition to this, you may also be more prone to reproductive problems and may experience trouble in focussing your attention on a single task (ADHD).

However, on the positive side, you may not have to worry much about your heart, as you have some protection against cardiovascular ailments.

  • November

November babies and October babies are quite similar as far as health issues are concerned. You may be at a greater risk of ADHD and respiratory disorders. To be more specific, you may have to deal with chest cold frequently, thereby making you more prone to acute bronchitis.

And just like October borns, people born in November are at a reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • December

Finally, if you are a December baby, you need to be extra cautious about your reproductive and respiratory health. These may become a cause of concern for you.

The worst part is that unlike others, you do not have any protection against any kind of disease. Therefore, you need to be even more careful and adopt a healthy lifestyle so that you do not encounter any major health risks.

Hopefully, all the information must have helped you in bringing your attention to your health. As a famous phrase says “ Health is wealth”, when you are healthy you can hustle better, enjoy life better, and even make people around you feel better.

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