How circumcision reduce the chances of contracting HIV

Circumcision is a medical procedure that is known to have health benefits. One of the benefits of circumcision is that it greatly reduces the risk of contracting HIV AIDS. HIV AIDS is a sexually transmitted disease that has adverse effects on one’s health.

It will surprise you to know that circumcision lowers the chances of contracting HIV by at least 60 percent. This is actually a fact verified by the WHO (World Health Organisation). WHO considers circumcision to be an effective intervention that can significantly lower the rate of transmission of HIV as well.

The doctors are of the opinion that removing the foreskin minimizes the thriving conditions for HIV. The inner lining of the foreskin consists of tissues that are more vulnerable to the virus. Thus, an uncircumcised man is obviously more prone to catch sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV. The moist and dark region under the foreskin is the most favorable for HIV to grow and multiply rapidly. Hence, circumcision makes you less prone to catching HIV.  But, you should also remember that whether circumcised or not, using protection during sexual intercourse is important. Doing so will protect you from HIV and other STDs.

Circumcision has many other health benefits that you must know. Let’s take a quick look at them.

  • It is easier to keep a circumcised penis clean. You just have to wash the penis regularly. The removal of foreskin does not let any dirt and dead cells to deposit on the penis. 
  • Circumcision reduces the risk of other sexually transmitted infections such as syphilis, gonorrhea, etc. 
  • The risk of catching urinary tract infections reduces. Uncircumcised males are prone to catching UTIs in comparison to circumcised males.  
  • Circumcision is the most effective treatment for the conditions related to the foreskin. It is done to get rid of the problem of the excessively tight foreskin (phimosis). Paraphimosis is another condition that circumcision cures. In paraphimosis, the foreskin of the penis gets stuck behind its normal position. It becomes an emergency condition that immediately requires circumcision.  (Also Read: Tight foreskin problem in men: Causes, Treatment and Recovery )
  • It treats the condition of inflammation of the foreskin (balanitis) and the glans penis (balanoposthitis) as well.  
  • Circumcision also greatly reduces the risk of penile cancer. Although penile cancer is a rare condition, prevention is better than cure.

Thus, it is clear that circumcision has many positive effects. If you also require to undergo circumcision and have been in doubt, your doubts resolve here. You can undergo circumcision as it has no negative impact on the sexual health of a male. In addition to this, there is nothing to fret about the modern procedure of circumcision. The advances in the medical field have made circumcision simpler and more effective. Earlier, the circumcision used to be complex and painful. This made people apprehensive about undergoing circumcision. But, now the scenario has certainly changed for the better. In today’s day and age, laser circumcision is the best procedure to get rid of penile problems and stay from contracting HIV.

Laser Circumcision

Laser circumcision is the most advanced effective procedure. It involves no cuts or incisions like conventional circumcision procedures. Laser circumcision is minimally invasive in nature and inflicts no pain. It takes only 10-15 minutes to complete the procedure. The high-intensity laser beam directly acts on the foreskin without damaging the other tissues. There is no blood loss during laser circumcision. Also, there are no wounds, stitches or long term scars. 

It is a daycare procedure that allows the patient to go home on the same day. The patient experiences smooth and faster recovery. The full recovery takes about only 3-5 days. Your doctor may advise you to not have sex during your recovery days. It is only for your own benefit and zero complications while recovering. Thus, follow the simple instructions that your doctor gives you to stay clear of all the risks. Hence, circumcision gives you an effective and permanent option against contracting HIV and many other health complications.


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