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As we get surrounded by many inevitable lifestyle changes, the threat to health and fitness rises. Sitting all day at a desk, doing work on the computer till we realize it’s time to take a break, eating more junk than greens, not realizing the importance of exercise and not sparing time for exercise does more harm than good to the body. Many treatments and surgeries of allopathy end in a fiasco these days. This is now the time we can take a chance of trusting the oldest branch of medicine- AYURVEDA. Before moving ahead, let’s have a proper understanding of the terms related to Ayurveda.


Ayurveda revolves around the idea of balancing the five elements of which the body is made up –space, earth, air, water and fire. And if the balance of these elements in the body gets disturbed, it leads to health complications and ailments. Such health complications can be cured by ayurvedic and herbal medicines such as guggul, amla, Triphala. These medicines have proven to cure chronic health problems. 

Ayurveda is an almost 3000 years old branch of medicine that was discovered in India. The main idea of Ayurveda is to promote good health overall by maintaining the delicate balance between the mind, spirit and body.

Shalya Tantra (surgery)

This is again a diverse branch of Ayurveda which can easily be explained as ayurvedic surgery. It uses tools and types of equipment to operate the body and get it rid of the troubling factor by eradicating the same. Thereafter, Ayurvedic medicines are prescribed by the surgeon to help the patient heal of the post-surgery pain and discomfort. So, basically, it is a surgery in Ayurveda that helps in extracting that irritating thing via instruments and tools which if not removed might aggravate the disease and pain. It diversely describes in detail the post-operative procedures, bandages, anesthesia and also pre-operative procedures.

Ayurvedic surgery is a sophisticated and promising surgery method that is pioneering the modern concepts of surgery. It is also known as Sushruta Samhita which basically means ‘The Golden Age of Surgery’.

Before proceeding, let’s put some light upon the benefits of Ayurveda:

  1. Improved sleep and concentration: Ayurvedic medication helps in relaxing mind and body altogether which in turn results in better sleep and good concentration.
  2. Stronger immune system: As the main gist of Ayurveda is promoting a healthy body, it enhances the body from within naturally which ultimately results in a stronger immune system with a few illness cases.
  3. Better digestion: Ayurvedic medicines such as Shatapushpa helps in clearing bowels and hence results in better digestion of the body.  (Also Read: Ayurvedic Medicine for Piles at Patanjali )
  4. Healthy skin: Ayurvedic medicines suggest medicines like Amla and Aloe Vera which gives a radiant skin and slows down aging.
  5. Curbs stress and anxiety issues: Ayurvedic medicines work as a natural tranquilizer which helps to fight stress and anxiety.
  6. Cures psychological and movement disorders: Disorders like paralysis, complications from brain apoplexy, depression, insomnia, anxiety are observed to get cured of the ayurvedic treatments.
  7. Fertility problem: Issues like sterility, fallopian tube blockage, cysts, and irregular periods can be cured by ayurvedic treatments and surgeries. 
  8. Respiratory diseases: Respiratory diseases like asthma, cold, cough and seasonal allergies can be cured by Ayurveda.

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Here’s an example to prove how miraculous Ayurveda can be. We will here be reading about the first successful Ayurveda surgery that was conducted in the year 2016.

Case Study

An 83-year-old man- Ojaswi Sharma became the first person to undergo ayurvedic surgery without any use of allopathy or antibiotics in Meerut in the year 2016. It was a surgery conducted to remove his 240-gram prostate. He was strongly allergic to allopathic medicines.

Method/Procedure: On March 1, the surgery was conducted in Meerut. The biggest challenge was to treat the patient without antibiotics and only herbal medicines. Doctors who operated on him used all ayurvedic and herbal herbs such as amla, guggul, turmeric, Shigeru (drumstick) to treat him. Doctors used anesthesia and no antibiotics at all. 

First Ayurveda surgery

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The main question that hit was whether the threat of surgical site infection can be waved off without the use of antibiotics at all or not. But herbs were the only option due to the patient’s problem that was allergy with antibiotics.

The medicines started 10 days before the surgery. Major medicines included extracts of giloy, Shigru, amla, turmeric and guggul in a calculated quantity that was to be given to the patient. Shigru (drumsticks) is known for its painkiller qualities and also prevents mild infections. Amla enhances body immunity. Giloy helps in detoxifying the liver. These herbal medicines were used to administer the patient. 

Result: The whole medical fraternity was taken aback to see the successful surgery. The patient was fully recovered after a month of being kept in observation. This interesting development in the times when people have developed resistance for antibiotics of all sorts, surgical infections and side effects are commonly witnessed.


This case was of the world’s first successful Ayurveda surgery which proved to be a breakthrough in medical science history. It’s a boon for the people who do not want to go for modern science surgeries for some reason, allergy from allopathy might be one of them. Many areas of challenge are finding solutions with the help of Ayurveda treatments and surgeries. Better, well-equipped researches are being conducted to find yet another possible benefit from Ayurveda which might one day outdo the complications observed in modern science medical technologies but still long way to go. This also proves that Ayurveda surgery can be a silver lining in the world where antibiotics are failing and causing more harm than good. 


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Disclaimer: The sole purpose of this blog is to share information about Ayurveda. Pristyn Care does not provide any Ayurveda treatment and suggests you to consult a doctor to seek medical attention.

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