16 Things To Follow for Better Blood Circulation in Legs

There is a complete network of arteries that carry blood to each and every corner of the body, including your legs. So when there is a problem in this network, oxygen and nutrients are not able to reach every part of the body. This makes that part of the body weak and shows some symptoms.

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Similarly, when there is poor blood circulation in the legs, the veins tend to swell and turn blue. To increase blood flow even in the lower half of the body, you can try the following tips-

  • Pump your blood with a little bit of cardio

walking on the tread mill
A little cardio at the beginning of the day can improve your blood circulation immensely. Now, cardio necessarily doesn’t mean training yourself for a triathlon. Take a brisk walk of twenty to thirty minutes daily to pump your blood. That’s why physical trainers ask individuals to do some cardio so that the blood can regulate to the hands and feet. Hence, as soon as you feel that you have sat enough, simply just get up and start walking. 

  • Squat to improve blood circulation

woman doing squats
The most common symptom of poor blood circulation is a tingling sensation in the legs. In such cases, squatting helps. When you sit in a squatting position, the largest muscles in the legs are targeted that flows the body to the lower part of the body almost instantly. 

  • Massage your legs for soothing

A hand massaging the legs
Massaging your legs increases blood circulation. When a masseuse presses and pulls your body, they clear collected blood from a region. A massage decongests and improves blood circulation. As the therapist releases the pressure, new blood flows to the area.  Apart from circulation, massage also releases lactic acid from muscles, which can relieve tension and muscle stiffness. So the next time you have a feeling in your legs, visit a spa and get yourself a massage. (Also Read: How to Use Tomatoes to Treat Varicose Veins? )

  • Increase your Omega III intake

Healthy diet with salmon, corns, egg plants
Supplement your cardio with Omega III intake. Omega III fatty acids are known for their health benefits. It also plays a major role in improving blood circulation as well. You can add Omega III’s by intaking salmon, broccoli, walnuts, and brussels sprouts. (Also Read: 8 Foods For Varicose Veins Patients )

  • Time to say bye-bye to Smoking

no smoking
Quitting smoking not only improves the overall health but also increases blood circulation in the body. The most visible symptom of poor blood circulation in the legs due to smoking is the discoloration of the veins in the legs. 

A shocking fact to note is that deaths due to smoking-related causes are more than lung cancer. Consider going for therapy options or taking prescribed smoking cessation medications to quit smoking. You just have to take a hard decision!

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  • Manage your blood pressure

A blood pressure machine showing normal blood pressure
Are you already aware of the dangers of low blood pressure? Well, besides the high risk of cardiovascular diseases, low blood pressure causes poor circulation in hands while sleeping. So try to elevate your blood pressure if it’s low. Try to keep your blood pressure within an acceptable range according to your BMI. 

  • Yoga can help

Start your yoga session to increase blood circulation in the legs. Try chair pose, mountain pose, triangle pose, yoga lunges to release the tension in your legs. It will also help to de-stress and reduce tension and anxiety.

  • Compress with gear

Hands helping wearing compression stockings
Compression stockings work by keeping the veins in your legs toned. Similar to a massage, this is a more affordable way to improve blood circulation. Besides increasing blood flow, compression socks can prevent blood clots, reduce swelling and cure other conditions also. 

  • A warm bath is a good start 

A warm bath expands the veins and arteries that allow more blood flow through them. After a long day, get yourself into the bath and soak yourself for 20-30 minutes to relieve stress. 

  • Stand more to fight bad circulation

Sitting at the workplace for long hours without any break lowers blood circulation in the lower half of the body. If you sit at your workplace for long hours, then make sure to get up at regular intervals and taking a walk. 

  • Legs Up on the wall

Girl on the floor with legs up the wall
This is one of the easiest ways to improve blood circulation. When you sit for long hours, it becomes difficult for blood to return to the heart. So, elevate your legs to kickstart blood circulation immediately. (Also Read: Home Remedies for Varicose Veins )

  • Go easy on the alcohol

no alcohol before bed
Go easy on the booze to increase poor blood circulation. Drinking too much alcohol causes complications due to poor circulation of blood. When you see any discoloration or swelling, avoid drinking alcohol for a week or two. 

  • Drink tea to help blood circulation

A girl holding a cup of tea
Drinking home tea can dilate blood vessels and veins. A cup of tea clears the path for blood to travel throughout the body. Treat yourself with a cup of herbal tea with your favorite flavor- jasmine, green or Earl grey.  (Also Read: Ayurvedic Treatment For Varicose Veins)

  • Hydration is important

Staying-hydrated in fissure
Sufficient hydration can cure a lot of problems. Blood can circulate throughout the body when you drink the required amount of water. Some simple tips may be handy. Try mobile applications to track your water intake or get a bottle that has motivational inscriptions. You can also swap taking coffee with herbal teas or juices.  

  • Try dry brushing

One way you can circulate blood is by dry brushing. In Dry brushing, you have to brush your legs each morning. This not only increases blood circulation but also sheds dead skin cells and encourages new cell regrowth. So every morning get yourself brushing from head to toe.

  • Increase your Iron level

Iron is an important mineral that binds with the hemoglobin to transport it throughout the body. If you eat iron-rich foods or take iron supplements, these can improve your blood circulation from today.  Try to incorporate iron-rich foods such as seafood, spinach, peas, broccoli at least in one meal.  

A word from Pristyn Care

But if you have tried all these tips and the swelling, tint persists even then, it is time to visit a doctor. The condition can be varicose veins or spider veins. In such cases, laser treatment is a permanent solution. Found this blog helpful? Share your experience if you followed the tips and go results.

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