Why Corporate World is At the Higher Risk of Anal Disease

The lifestyle of the people in the corporate world requires them to sit on chairs or so for most hours of the day. Sitting on the same surfaces with no physical activity for around 8-10 hours a day can leave the pelvic region physically stressed. In most cases, this schedule and lifestyle interrupt the healthy and normal state of the veins around the pelvis and the anal area. This condition can lead to complicated health conditions regarding the anus.

Corporate sector have a high probability of Anal Cancer too?

Anal diseases have become very common among the human population over the past few decades. Anal diseases have prevailed in human society for centuries now. But, with an unhealthy diet and an inactive lifestyle, the cases of anal diseases have been rapidly increasing. Cases of Anal fistula, Anal Fissure, piles, etc. have been found among a huge majority of people working in the corporate sector.

The blame cannot be completely put on jobs and eating habits. Unhealthy diet has a lot to contribute to the occurrence of these diseases.

pictorial representation of anal cancer

What are Anal Diseases?

Piles, Anal Fissure, Anal Fistula, Anal Abscess, etc. are the common anal diseases. The diseases are common but should not be avoided. The causes, signs and symptoms and treatments for most of them are the same.

Causes of Anal Diseases- Lack of fiber in the diet and insufficient water intake are one big reason for anal diseases. Lifestyle and schedule of people working in corporate jobs involves sitting for most hours of the day. That is another basic factor that causes anal diseases.

Symptoms of Anal diseases- Blood in stool, spending a lot of time on the toilet seat for bowel movements, pain while passing stool and pain in and around the anus is another reason for anal diseases.

Commonly found Anal Diseases- The number of cases of the anal disease is increasing at a very fast rate. A huge majority of people diagnosed with anal diseases are among the corporate sectors. The most common anal disease found these days are:

Anal Fissure- Anal fissure is diagnosed as a small tear in the thin mucosa lines inside the anus and around the anal opening. The common reason leading to the disease is the frequent passage of hard stool and constantly staying seated on hard surfaces which damages and causes small cuts in the anus.

Anal Fistula- In this disease, a small tunnel-like tube is formed between the anal opening and the end of the bowel. This condition is generally a result of some infection prevailing near the anus. The infection causes puss near the surrounding tissues. Anal Fistula can lead to the painful passage of bowel movements.

Piles- Ruptured or swollen blood veins in the anus and around the anal opening are observed in piles.

The patient with piles faces inconvenience and pain while passing stool.

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Risks of Anal Diseases

Cases of diseases like anal fissure, anal fistula, anal cancer, piles, etc. are more commonly found in people in corporate jobs. Unhealthy eating habits also contribute to the probability of occurrence of anal diseases. People nowadays do not eat a nutrition rich diet. In most cases, the intake of fiber is not adequate in the diet. People do not drink sufficient amount of water each day. Lack of fiber and sufficient water in the diet leads to the high chances of getting anal diseases.

pictorial representation of risk involved in anal diseasePeople cannot change their jobs or lifestyle to prevent themselves from such diseases. But by adding a lot of fiber and increasing the intake of water and other natural fluids can possibly lower the risks of Anal Diseases.

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