Clean your butt to avoid anorectal problems

A patient comes with a red, irritated rectum and says he is not doing anything unusual. This is a usual story of those who do not take care of their intimate hygiene. In an attempt to clean your butt, you may rub it so aggressively that you may end up with tenderness. Though maintaining hygiene in your intimate areas is important, rubbing it hard can lead to anorectal diseases. 

People who have a solid stool, they may use toilet papers. Another way of cleaning genitals is bidet (jet spray on the toilet seat) or wet wipes. All this may sound obvious but still many people do it wrong and struggle wiping their butt properly. Fortunately, to clean your butt to avoid anorectal diseases is relatively easier.

How to wipe your butt?

After completing the bowel movement or emptying your bowel, always wipe your bottom from front to back. Fold or crumple the toilet paper enough so that you avoid direct contact with stool. Use additional toilet paper and wipe from your perineum towards and past the anus. 

Some people are unable to reach their backs either due to obesity, injury or any surgery. They can reach their bottom from between the legs, but the procedure of cleaning the bottom remains the same – front to back. 

Steps to clean your bum properly: 

  1. Ensure you have folded the toilet paper enough that it covers your hand as it may get the poop on your hand. 

  2. Hold the toilet paper firmly.

  3. Wipe from front to back with one smooth motion and lift the toilet paper away properly. 

  4. Do not exert too much pressure when you wipe. 

Why clean your butt from front to back?

For especially women, it is important to clean your butt from front to back to avoid fecal waste from entering into your urethra as it can cause UTI (Urinary Tract infection). If there is any exposure to the waste, immediately rinse your genitals or urethra with cool water. Make sure you drink enough water to help flush the residue from the urinary tract. 

Also, ensure you clean the second time to confirm that your anus is fully clean. Furthermore, a good quality toilet paper is very important so that you can fold it over and use it. Every time you wipe the anus, don’t repeat a wipe until you have a clean side of paper. Otherwise, you may spread your poop around the area rather than cleaning it away.

How to wipe your butt- sitting or standing?

This question may look surprising to you but you will be amazed to know that the population is divided almost equally. It is a personal choice whether to wipe your bottom while sitting or standing.

When you sit and wipe the butt, you get better access to your anus as the butt cheeks are widespread. If you wipe your bottom from the back, you may have to lift yourself a bit. In this process, if your butt cheeks close before you clean your anus, it will be very difficult to wipe it properly. 

If you wipe your bottom from the front, your genitals may go out of the way especially in males. However, cleaning your butt sitting or standing depends on the mobility or shape of the body. 

man on toilet seat troubles with constipation

When wiping is not enough

When an individual suffers from severe diarrhea, keeping the anus clean can be a big matter of concern. It already makes the anal region sore and red. People ask if it is safe for adults to use baby wipes to clean their butt. Well, the baby wipes may leave your anus wet or moist. But you may use tissues to dry pat the area. Use it in the same way as toilet paper. 

Now, even if this gentle wiping causes discomfort, use a bidet or jet spray or hand shower to wash after completely emptying your bowel. You can use cool or lukewarm water to clean the area. 

Do not wipe too hard 

One of the doctors at Pristyn Care said, “ I see people rubbing the anal area hard. That just makes things worse. Excessive wiping can lead to micro-tears in the anal tissue, causing bleeding and discomfort.”

Wiping too much or too hard can lead to irritation and itching in the anal region. In addition to this, sitting for a long period and using scented soap can also be the reason for anorectal problems

Take Away

The problems that you may notice is when either you aggressively clean your butt or do not clean it properly. Dirty anus can lead to discomfort and anorectal problems. They can be anal infection, itching, piles, anal fistula or fissure. 

Avoid scented soaps, lotions, toilet paper, and wet wipes as these are likely to cause irritation. Until symptoms resolve, it is better to avoid eating oily, spicy and preserved or frozen food. Above all, contact a doctor if you think you need some over-the-counter gels or ointments.

Disclaimer: You must consult a doctor if there is persistent itching along with pain or rectal bleeding. Medical causes include yeast infections, prolapsed hemorrhoids, psoriasis, fistulas or abscesses, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), and anal cancer. 

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