Stomach problems can be devastating

Most of the stomach problems such as gas, bloating and constipation are common digestive disorders in India. Sometimes, what fixes these problems is a simple lifestyle change and eating habits. 

In recent studies, Asian countries are witnessing exponential growth in digestive problems, especially India. Here is the map that shows growth in the gastrointestinal market across the world due to increased digestive problems. 

Gastrointestinal market across world


The major functions of digestive organs are: 

  • Ingestion of food
  • Secretion of fluids and enzymes for digestion
  • Mixing of food and liquids and sending it to different parts of the body
  • Breaking food into smaller pieces
  • Absorbing nutrients
  • Excreting wastes

What is the role of the stomach in the digestive system?

The stomach is a pouch-like organ with strong muscular walls that holds food. The food gets mixed inside the stomach and forms acid to further break down passing it to other parts of the body. Now, with drastic lifestyle changes and eating habits, stomach related problems such as constipation, diarrhea have all become common. Although it may seem far fetched, our stomach reacts differently during climate change too. 

The stomach problems are known as Gastrointestinal problems. Dehydration, loss of appetite, food poisoning and heartburn fall in functional disorder. Hence, it is important to maintain a healthy diet to keep the stomach and digestive system functionality smooth. 

List of stomach related problems

A lot of people have this tendency to ignore stomach problems or treat them with some home remedy, inspite of it being a regular problem.

  • Stomach ache

It may refer to mild pain in the stomach or abdomen which is often not serious. It may be due to wrong food, menstrual periods or infection. Also, avoid food that you think causes constipation. The majority of the population treats it with some, or the other home remedies or ignores it completely. 

Mostly, the abdominal pain needs attention when it is severe. The pain starts suddenly and unexpectedly. In such cases, you must consult a general physician. Ignoring this pain may invite serious problems in the future. 

Stomach pain

  • Bloating with a stomach ache

Too much gas? Bloating or acidity is the result of improper food habits, overeating, beer or some other health issue. It can be very embarrassing if not dealt properly. Be aware of the food that causes bloating and stay away from them. Even eating too fast can cause bloating. Get in touch with the doctor if you are unable to treat it on your own. 


  • Diarrhea and stomach pain

This happens due to food poisoning or eating contaminated food. It usually goes away with some medicines and natural treatment. But if you fail to treat it within two days, consult a doctor as it can be a sign of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). 

diarrhoea with stomach pain

  • Serious pain in the abdomen

If there persists pain in the abdomen along with nausea and vomiting, do not ignore it. Sudden and immediate pain in the abdomen is an emergency case. It may be a sign of a serious problem that may need immediate treatment. These conditions include

Appendicitis: It is the swelling in the appendix which can be treated only by removing the appendix. The removal of the appendix is known as appendectomy. This is an emergency and needs immediate medical attention.

Gallstones: These are the hard deposits in the gallbladder which cause inflammation. If the size and number of gallstones increases, it leads to severe pain in the abdomen. The treatment of gallstones will need the removal of the gallbladder. 

Kidney stones: There is a pain in the abdomen in this case too. People may be able to flush out small stones through urine but large kidney stones need medical intervention. Patients with kidney stones need doctor consultation immediately. 

All work and no play makes you a fat boy!

The corporate world has restricted the youth from spending time for themselves whether it is eating on time, exercising or finding time for family. Sitting all day on one chair, infront of laptops has made people lazy and inactive. People are becoming COUCH POTATOES! 

Couch Potato

Everyone needs to understand that exercise is an important part of daily routine as the food you eat needs to be digested in the right manner. There is a layer of muscle that must contract to move food to other parts of the body for which physical activity is a must. Lack of exercise may hamper the movement of these muscles leading to obesity. It opens the door to many other health issues such as diabetes, strokes or blood pressure. Therefore, consult a doctor if there persists any digestive problem.

So, stomach problems can really be devastating

Any chronic stomach disorder or suffering from long-term abdominal pains can lead to structural gastrointestinal disorders that include piles or hemorrhoids, fistula, fissure, perianal abscess or even colon cancer. To prevent or minimize both functional and structural gastrointestinal problems, a smooth digestive system is very important. Everything starts with healthy eating and a balanced diet. 

Consult a gastroenterologist at Pristyn Care if the pain is severe, isn’t going away and if you are unable to identify the cause. We provide the most advanced treatment for stomach related problems.

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