Symptoms that tell that you have excessive Sugar in your Body

Sugar is mainly a source of empty calories because they do not contain any useful nutrients, they are just high in calories. Some foods which have high sugar in them are completely processed, and the sweetness is added to make them tastier and eye-pleasing. Sugar is not bad. But too much of it might harm your body. (Also Read: How Dangerous are Processed Foods? )


The symptoms of eating too much sugar.

The human body responds to various foods and nutrients differently. Below are the 10  signs that will state that you are eating too much sugar. 


1. You are experiencing Digestive Issues and Irregular Bowel Movements.


man on toilet seat troubles with constipation


Various researches suggest that with excessive consumption, sugar may decrease the diversity of healthy bacteria in the gut within a week. This can make the digestive system sluggish, leading to digestive problems and irregular bowel movements. Excessive white sugar lowers the healthy bacteria in the system. Foods that are naturally sweet and high in fiber do not pose the same threat. They have a positive impact on the body. If you have a constant sweet tooth, keep some fruits handy and avoid unhealthy sweets. 


2. You have breakouts around your mouth and chin.


female having breakouts near her mouth

Some studies have stated that excessive consumption of sugar can cause breakouts, most commonly around the chin and mouth. Sugar increases the production of androgens, a hormone that is linked to inflammatory hormonal acne, that usually appears around the chin, jawline, and mouth. If you are struggling with breakouts and fail to know why cutting out added sugars in your diet might help you.


3. You are often moody and irritable.


mood swing


Some studies suggest that a lot of sugar intake can cause disorders like depression. Apart from blood sugar swings, excessive sugar can mess up the neurotransmitters in the brain that regulate the moods. Sugar accelerates the hormone serotonin, which is the feel-good hormone. The best way to stabilize the blood sugar and mood is to cut down the sugar intake, have a moderate amount of sugar and eat foods such as whole grains, fiber, and protein, that take longer to digest.


4. You cannot sleep well.


Female having insomnia


Eating a cupcake with high amounts of added sugar around your bedtime can make it harder to fall asleep that night. Sugar gives the body a boost of energy by adulterating the blood sugar and makes it more difficult to sleep, even if you feel tired or want to sleep. You would feel helpless in such times. Shortly thereafter, sugar can cause an opposite reaction as the sugar then promotes the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin, which will make you feel suddenly sleepy and relaxed. It might be easy to fall asleep after a sugar rush but you will end up having a restless night or wake up in the middle of the night.  (Also Read: How to Handle Emotional Eating? )

The solution is simple, avoid eating sugary foods around bedtime for a good sleep. 


5. Your skin has premature wrinkles.


female having premature wrinkles


Several studies have shown that a high-sugar diet can speed up skin aging. Excessive amounts of sugar, especially dietary sugar can react with proteins in the bloodstream and form AGEs (advanced glycation endproducts), which damages the structural proteins in the skin collagen and elastin (which makes the supple and bouncy). A high-sugar diet can make the skin wrinkle faster, making the individual look older. Limiting your sugar can make a difference and prevent early aging.


6. Nighttime dessert cravings. 


female binge eating deserts late at night


The more sugar one eats, the more he will crave it. Sugar promotes the happy hormones, and because the brain feels good after a sugar-rush, it will want that sugar-high again. The person will also experience peaks and falls in his blood sugar, which will result in an increased craving for sugar.


7. You always feel hungry.


female eating chocolate


On eating a sugar-rich diet devoid of any fiber or protein with it, the body would still feel empty. It is because sugar causes the blood sugar to rise and quickly falls down, so one feels hungrier and craves more sugar intake. Foods rich in fiber, healthy fats, and lean protein fill up the stomach, it is better to avoid desserts when you want something appetizing. 


8. You are struggling to lose weight.


Overweight person


Excessive sugar consumption can cause weight gain. But that’s not it, sugar intake can also keep one from losing weight or maintaining a healthy body-weight. Food with a lot of white sugar makes you feel less satisfied. You are thus more likely to eat more calories in each meal.

On the other hand, complex carbs (such as whole grains, fruits, and veggies), healthy fats (such as nuts and seeds), and lean protein (such as fish and chicken) take a longer time to digest, which keeps the blood sugar levels stable and makes you feel fuller faster and for a longer time. (Also Read: How To Lose Weight In A Month: 15 Steps )


9. You are constantly bloated.



Salty foods can cause bloating, but also, the foods high in sugar can give you a bloated or bulgy tummy. But once you take control of the excessive sugar intake, you will get rid of the bloating. It is also important to keep in mind that if you are sensitive to sugars like fructose (sugar in fruit) or lactose (in dairy), you might be bloated and have other common symptoms of digestive disorders, bowel troubles or IBS.


10. You may feel muscle mass loss.


Man showing his weak muscles


Researchers have shown a link between refined sugar and muscle loss (mostly age-related). It is due to the fact that sugar inhibits the body’s natural ability to synthesize protein into muscle. But, the problem curbs once you limit your sweet cravings and reduce the consumption of sugar. You will start to notice a difference and feel stronger.


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