Thread Therapy for fisuure

“Fissure”- this word itself gives us an irritable, painful and uncomfortable frown. Most of the people suffer the terrible pain of fissures without being aware of the treatment therapies for a long time. So, here we’ll be discussing fissure and the thread therapy to get rid of the pain and discomfort caused by them. Before proceeding further, let’s have a general understanding of must-know facts about fissure.


A fissure is a small tear or cuts in the lining of the anus which causes sharp pain and discomfort with blood discharge during and after a bowel movement. Some pain relievers and stool softeners might cause comfort in fissure pain as constipation is the main reason for fissures.

Signs and symptoms of anal fissure:

  • Streaks of blood on stools or on wiping paper after the process of defecation.
  • Visible tear in the skin around your anus.
  • Burning or itching in the anal area.
  • Small lump of skin near the cut.
  • Sharp pain in the anal area during a bowel movement.

 Causes of anal fissure

  • Passing hard stools.
  • Frequent diarrhea.
  • Straining during a bowel movement.
  • Straining during childbirth.
  • Overly tight or spastic anal sphincter muscles.
  • IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) (Also Read: IBS vs. IBD- Know The Difference)
  • Decreased blood flow to the anorectal area.

Common treatment methods

Generally, fissure does not require extensive treatment, certain home remedies might provide relief from pain and discomfort. Some common treatment methods for fissure that could be performed at home are:

  • Drink more and more water and fluids.
  • Use bulk agents or stool softeners.
  • Eating more fibrous food. Especially raw fruits and vegetables.
  • Taking a sitz bath to relieve pain and increase blood flow to the anorectal area.

In case such treatments do not work out to bring relief to pain and discomfort, you must see a medical professional for better guidance and other treatments. Apart from all these home remedies and allopathic medicines, there is a well-known and trusted Ayurveda treatment of Kshar Sutra which we will discuss along with a case study.

We will here see a case study depicting the efficacy of Kshar Sutra (Thread therapy) in treating anal fissure:


Fissure is a common crack or tears in the anus that causes sharp and severe pain during and after the process of defecation. It occurs most commonly in the age slot of 20-40. 

Physical examination conducted

The doctor inspects the anal passage by gently diverging the buttocks. In some cases, he also applies lubricant to the patient’s anus and then inserts a pulp finger to examine the fissure and severity.


The patient gets local or general anesthesia before Thread therapy. An alkaline thread is passed to the external opening of the anal fissure. This thread is prepared with high potency Ayurveda herbs. (Also Read: How can Ayurveda Help Cure Fissure? )

Case Study:

According to a study by the Department of Shalya tantric, A and U Tibbia college, New Delhi, the results of Kshar Sutra applications were analyzed on 10 patients after required investigations of blood count reports like blood sugar, HIV, Hepatitis B and C. The Pre and post-operative examination of patients was done and the procedure of Kshar Sutra application was carried out using local anesthesia. 

The first bite of the needle with alkaline thread was placed lateral to the sentinel tag on the left and it was taken deep up to the line including the left lateral wall of the fissure bed and internal sphincter fibers. Then, the needle came out of the left lateral part of the fissure bed. Among the two loops of Kshar Sutra around the fissure, one was cut and one remained as it was. The pus drains and the fissure track heals. 

Result and benefits

  • After half an hour of rest and proper examination of the wound, the patient was allowed to go home with a prescription of Matra Basti, bowel regulators, sitz bath, and local ayurvedic pastes.
  • Kshar Sutra ligation is a safe OPD procedure and requires less time for full recovery when compared to a lot of surgical methods.
  • It is less expensive.
  • It doesn’t require the patient to stay in the hospital.
  • The doctor can use local anesthesia for the procedure.
  • There’s no postoperative bleeding as the wound is properly secured from all ends.
  • Minimal pain and minimal medicines are required with thread therapy.

Recovery after Thread therapy fissure

The surgeon may ask you to stay on a liquid diet for 6-8 hours and a semi-liquid diet after 24 hours of the treatment. They may give you Triphala Guggulu and Haritaki Churna for pain relief and regular bowel movement. 

There is just once concern about Kshar Sutra’s anal fissure treatment that it is not for everyone. There are Ayurvedic treatments that do not fit every fissure patient. Therefore, better consult a doctor to know everything about anal fissure and the right treatment for it. 

Alternate method to treat Anal Fissure

The results of thread therapy have been really positive and satisfactory for some people who have gone through this procedure. Laser surgery, also being a minimally invasive procedure for anal fissure, can also be a good option. Laser treatment is a reliable procedure to go for, in case of chronic fissure problem, as it carries less risk and is easy to perform. It is a daycare procedure with minimal post-surgery complications and no recurrence. Therefore, talk to a specialist to know the right treatment that is best for you. 

Above all, the best way is to consult a doctor for anorectal problems such as fissure, piles, and fistula and then decide the best suitable treatment that gives a permanent cure for fissure

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