Top 10 Tips By Pristyn Care For A Safe & Healthy Diwali

The auspicious and lively festival of Diwali is on its way and we can’t hold up our excitement because it’s all about sweets, new clothes, gifts, lamps, and lights. Diwali and a whole lot of positivity is on its way to cherish with new memories adding up to the memory lane. The beauty of every festival in India is that it brings people together, people of different languages, religions, dialects, and races.

People celebrate the festival of Diwali throughout the length and breadth of India. It’s a symbol of victory of the forces of good over evil which people celebrate in every nook and corner of our country. But sometimes, the excitement and fun come with some threats too. Diwali scintillates every house of the country and also includes the use of firecrackers for depicting glory and elation from time immemorial. This also brings along various health and safety questions. 

The dazzling sight of beautiful and colorful fireworks in the sky accounts for many emergency hospital visits every year during Diwali. 

Pristyn Care suggests the following tips and precautions to be followed and taken care of to avoid any instance of a mishap during Diwali:

  1. Distance from firecracker is very important

    Most of the accidents happen while lighting up the cracker. So, it’s advised to maintain an arm’s distance while lighting up the cracker as it explodes unpredictably. At least five meters of distance should be maintained while watching. And do not examine a cracker after bursting! Leave it!

  2. Keep out of children’s reach

    Children have this habit of scribbling and searching for everything everywhere. Their curious nature can invite some dangerous troubles if not watched over properly. Crackers and fireworks or any type of inflammable should be kept hidden from the reach of the kids and toddlers to avoid any emergency condition.

    Keep children away from crackers

  3. Keep first aid and fire extinguisher handy

    Always keep a first aid box containing all the essential medicines that could be used in case of emergency or a severe burn to avoid further deterioration. After all, first aid helps and cures most of the wounds as a primary treatment. So it must be kept in mind before celebrating the festival.

    A bucket of water or sand or any source from where water could be fetched should be kept near as to have proper control over the accident caused by fire. This helps in preventing further damage from a fire which could create destruction on a mass scale if not controlled at the right time with the right resources. Fire could be lethal.

    First Aid kit and extinguisher handy

  4. Stay hydrated and choose healthy food alternatives

    During the festivity, people tempt more towards fried and sweetened food. This is the time when people put on extra weight, especially diabetic people, need to be more cautious. Keep yourself hydrated with juices and water. Go for home-made sweets, fruits and dry fruits over unhealthy food and artificial color sweets. (Also Read: 15 Food you thought were healthy but actually aren’t! )

    Eat fruits and dry fruits during diwali

  5. Always light crackers in wide-open spaces

    This would help in avoiding suffocation if anything catches fire. Most of the casualties happen due to stampede or suffocation when a fire is caused. Open spaces would help to avoid both problems.

    Open space for crackers

  6. Supervise children when they burst crackers

    An adult should be near like a shadow to children while they are bursting firecrackers as one second of negligence can cost a life.

  7. Buy firecrackers from a licensed shop and discard them properly after use

    Too cheap can cause a great deal of trouble and can even cost a life. Make sure to purchase fine crackers from a famous licensed shop to ensure safety and precaution. Also, dispose of the used cracker in a water bucket to ensure it cannot burst as false indications are quite a common sight with crackers. By discarding them in water, people won’t hurt there feet too on stepping over them.

  8. Wear heavy cotton clothes

    Heavier cotton clothes help in controlling the intensity of fire if the fabric catches it. In case your clothes catch fire, do not panic and run. Instead, roll-over on the floor to get it extinguished.

    Wear loose clothes

  9. Put earplugs and cotton wool in ears

    To avoid painful experience or hearing loss, it is suggested to put earplugs or cotton wool in the ears to lessen the intensity of heavy metal crackers sounds.


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    Protect ear during Diwali

  10. Do not try experimenting with tins and glass bottles

    Bursting crackers with weird experiments can cause safety issues. Bursting crackers in glass bottles and tin cans for sound effects can be hazardous to self. A single small piece of metal flying with intensity while bursting crackers can cause serious injury.

In case of burn:

  • Cool the burn within 20 minutes of injury with cool and tepid water. This will prevent the burn from getting worse.
  • Go for a cool bath or shower instead of using a greasy substance or iced water or direct ice to soothe the burn.
  • Pain due to burns can be curbed with the help of painkillers if it’s uncontrollable. Avoid any kind of pressure, friction or even touch to the burnt area to avoid infection and puss.
  • Large, deep, furious cuts and burns should be treated with a doctor’s guidance. It’s advisable to rush to a hospital or a clinic if the burn is not mild.

Diwali is a festival of happiness, glory, and positivity. It’s better to avoid firecrackers and instead enjoy with people around with music, sweets, lamps, hugs, wishes, and celebrations. 

Firecrackers make Diwali the most dangerous festival among all the other ones. Every year, clinics get flooded with people suffering from post-Diwali complications or injury. Just because of some negligence and leniency, major accidents are caused. Many cases of eye injury, severe burns and hearing loss get registered every year. As a responsible being for ourselves and our family, it’s our onus to prevent such bad experiences and accidents. Crackers and fireworks are also responsible for dangerous levels of air and noise pollution. In case of any injury, contact emergency medical services immediately to avoid further damage and difficulty.

So let’s keep in mind these simple worth abiding safety tips to have a safe and amazingly happening Diwali.

Pristyn Care wishing you a very Happy and Safe Diwali!


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