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About ACL Tear

A tear in the anterior cruciate ligament is known as ACL tear. It is one of the major ligaments in the knee. Athletes and women who wear high heels for long hours are likely to suffer from an ACL tear often. ACL tear is commonly witnessed in players related to soccer, football, cricket, basketball etc where sudden jumping, landing and other such body movements are required. The surgery to reconstruct a torn or injured ACL is known as ACL Reconstruction.



ACL Reconstruction Recovery

Surgery healing takes 4 to 8 weeks.

Full recovery usually takes 4 to 9 months

Swelling after ACL Reconstruction

It is normal for the knee to be swollen for a few days following surgery.

Swelling typically persists for 4 to 6 weeks.

Elevate your leg and apply ice packs to the knee, for 20-30 minutes every 2 hours.

Most common choices of graft for ACL reconstruction

Patellar tendon autograft

Patellar tendon allograft

Hamstring autograft

Quadriceps tendon autograft

Return to sports after ACL Reconstruction

Athletes can return to regular sports after about 8 months.

Make sure to take your orthopedic surgeon’s approval before returning to sports.


  • Landing awkwardly from a jump
  • Suddenly slowing down and changing direction
  • Stopping suddenly
  • Receiving a direct blow to the knee or collision, such as a football tackle


  • Rapid swelling
  • Severe pain and inability to continue activity
  • A loud 'pop' or a 'popping' sensation in the knee
  • Loss of range of motion
  • A feeling of instability or 'giving way' with weight bearing


Physical examination for ACL-tear


During the physical examination, the doctor will check the swelling in the knee. The doctor may also ask you to change positions of the knee to check if the knee is functioning properly. The diagnosis, in most cases, can be done on the basis of the physical test alone, but if the injury looks severe, the doctor may ask you to take a few more tests such as – X-rays and MRI.


The surgery to repair a torn ACL is known as ACL Reconstruction. During the process, the surgeon operates and removes the injured ligament and replaces it with a segment of tendon tissue. The tendon tissue works similar to that of a ligament which connects the muscle to bone.

The surgeon will use a piece of tendon from another part of the knee or a tendon from a deceased donor. After the surgery, the patient can resume a rehabilitative therapy course for recovery.

In our Doctor’s Words

Dr. Ashish Taneja

MBBS, MS - Orthopaedics

17 Years Experience Overall

In our Doctor’s Words

ACL tear is one of the common orthopedic conditions among teenagers and sports player. And yet a common fear I encounter is, If I will be able to play sports again?. Well yes, you absolutely will. All my patients have. The only four pointers are- 1.) Early diagnosis, 2.)Timely treatment, 3.) A little rest, 4.)Basic physiotherapy. Once all four are met, you will be absolutely fine and fit to return to sports again.

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Most Searched Treatment

What is the best treatment for a torn ACL?

In most cases, a torn ACL, unlike most other torn ligaments, does not heal well on its own. Some patients might be able to heal with conservative, non-surgical treatments. However, in most cases of aACL tears, the most appropriate treatment option is a surgery. For those patients who have an active lifestyle, ACL reconstruction is usually the best option for their torn ACL.

ACL reconstruction surgery involves replacing the damaged ligament of the knee joint with a tendon taken from another part of the body in a procedure known as a tendon graft. In case the patient has a complete knee extension, surgery may safely be performed immediately after the ACL injury. However, in most cases, orthopedic surgeons recommend having ACL reconstruction surgery some weeks after the ACL injury in order to allow time for the initial swelling to subside and the knee’s range of motion to improve. To know more about ACL reconstruction surgery procedure, cost or benefits, connect with us by calling or using the “Book Your Appointment” form.

What is the goal of ACL reconstruction?

Irrespective of the reason you undergo an ACL reconstruction, the goal of the surgery will remain the same- that is- to restore normal knee function, movement and stability to the injured knee. ACL reconstruction is typically be recommended in the following instances-

  • Complete ACL tear
  • Other parts of the knee or the surrounding area such as PCL or meniscus are also injured at the same time as your ACL
  • Knee instability
  • Unsuccessful physiotherapy or rehabilitation program to repair the torn ACL
  • Restricted activities and mobility because of swelling or knee pain
  • Chronic ACL deficiency due to an untreated ACL tear or injury

If you are suggested to undergo ACL reconstruction, you should not delay the procedure as it can lead to more potential risks and further injuries. Get the best advice on ACL tear treatment in Khora, based on your thorough diagnosis and specific needs, speak to our expert orthopedic surgeons in Khora.

What are the advantages of undergoing ACL reconstruction by arthroscopy?

Most ACL tear doctors in Khora recommend arthroscopic ACL reconstruction as the procedure is much less invasive than the conventional ACL tear surgery and allows the patient to return to sports and regular life much sooner, with great results. Key benefits of arthroscopic ACL reconstruction include-

  • Less invasive procedure than traditional ACL surgery
  • Less risk of infection
  • Much shorter recovery period and hospitalisation
  • Can be performed at the same time of knee arthroscopy
  • Much smaller incision and surgical scar
  • Lesser trauma to nearby tissue
  • Fewer potential risks and negative side effects

Get the best treatment for your torn ACL in Khora at Pristyn Care clinic

If you have injured or torn your ACL, it is important to consult an experienced orthopedic specialist who can evaluate your injury with a detailed diagnosis and will also explain suitable treatment options.

Our orthopedic surgeons specializes in the treatment of knee injuries as well as orthopedic conditions. If you are considering surgery for a torn ACL, schedule your consultation with our expert orthopedic surgeon in Khora.

To consult our expert orthopedic surgeons for any doubts, concerns or queries, visit the nearest Pristyn Care clinic in Khora to know the solution. Book an appointment with the best ACL tear doctors and surgeons in Khora or book an online consultation and consult the doctor via a video call.

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