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What is ENT?

ENT or Otorhinolaryngology is a surgical subspecialty that deals with the management of various conditions related to the head and neck. This specialty covers the treatment for diseases of the ear, nose, throat, head, neck, and base of the skull as well. The diseases that occur in these organs affect the senses and activities like eating, drinking, speaking, breathing, swallowing, and hearing. 

If you are having trouble performing any of these activities, you can get in touch with Pristyn Care and consult the best ENT doctor in Bangalore. 

Who is an ENT Doctor? 

The doctors who specialize in the surgical and medical management of conditions related to the ear, nose, and throat are called ENT doctors. They are also known as otorhinologist, otolaryngologists, head & neck surgeons, or ENT physicians. 

A physician with a degree in MD, DO, MBBS, MBChB, etc. undergoes surgical training in ORL-H&N residency to become an ENT surgeon. 

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Why Pristyn Care ?

Pristyn Care is COVID-19 safe

Pristyn Care is COVID-19 safe

Your safety is taken care of by thermal screening, social distancing, sanitized clinics and hospital rooms, sterilized surgical equipment and mandatory PPE kits during surgery.

Assisted Surgery Experience

Assisted Surgery Experience

A dedicated Medical Coordinator assists you throughout the surgery journey from insurance paperwork, to free commute from home to hospital & back and admission-discharge process at the hospital.

Medical Expertise With Technology

Medical Expertise With Technology

Our surgeons spend a lot of time with you to diagnose your condition. You are assisted in all pre-surgery medical diagnostics. We offer advanced laser and laparoscopic surgical treatment. Our procedures are USFDA approved.

Post Surgery Care

Post Surgery Care

We offer free follow-up consultations and instructions including dietary tips as well as exercises to every patient to ensure they have a smooth recovery to their daily routines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of ear, nose, and throat infections? 


If the ear, nose, or throat is infected, they will exhibit the following symptoms- 

  • Ear infections have symptoms like earache, wax or discharge, balance problems, or hearing loss. 
  • Nose infections will cause runny nose, blockage, or frequent sneezing. 
  • Throat infections will cause sore or scratchy throat along with pain or difficulty in swallowing food or even water. 

If such symptoms exist, hurry up and see an ENT specialist right away. 

Where can I find the best ENT specialist in Bangalore? 

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What is the connection between ear and throat? 

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What is the most prevalent ENT disorder? 

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Is it possible to treat ENT problems with medications?

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What are the most common tests performed for the diagnosis of ENT disorders? 

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How much does ENT treatment cost in Bangalore at Pristyn Care?

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What are the different factors that impact the cost of ENT treatment?

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Are ENT treatment costs in Bangalore covered under insurance? 

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Are ENT disorders life-threatening? 

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Can I take a follow-up with a Pristyn Care doctor online?

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What conditions does an ENT surgeon treat? 

ENT specialists are medical doctors who can treat your headache caused by a sinus infection, your child's swimmer's ear, or your father's sleep apnea. They are also surgeons who can perform extremely delicate procedures to resolve hearing problems caused due to middle ear problems, open the blocked airways, remove cancers in the head, neck, and throat, and even rebuild these structures whenever necessary. 

Most people are not aware of this, but it takes around 12-14 years of education and training for a person to become an ENT specialist. Throughout these years, the doctors get extensive training to manage and treat a wide variety of conditions. They specialize in- 

  • Otology/Neurotology- This sub-specialty covers the treatment of ear problems, such as hearing, balance problems, ear infections, hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, face or neck pain, and various other conditions. 
  • Rhinology- In this sub-specialty, conditions of the nose are treated. The nose facilitates breathing and if there is any problem like a deviated septum, rhinitis, sinusitis, sinus headaches, migraines, nasal obstruction, skull-base tumors, etc. they can have a significant impact on the individual's life. Therefore, these nose problems should be resolved without any delay. 
  • Laryngology- This sub-specialty covers the conditions of the larynx that affect our ability to speak and swallow properly. Such conditions include sore throat, hoarseness, throat infections, airway and vocal cord disorders, throat tumors, etc. 
  • Head & Neck/ Thyroid- Some of our most vital organs are in the head and neck region. Thus, ENT specialists also provide treatment for the conditions that affect the head, neck, and thyroid, such as benign neck masses, thyroid disorders, Grave's diseases, parathyroid disease, and more. 
  • Sleep Conditions- The inability to sleep properly can have a significant impact on the body's ability to operate and perform. An ENT specialist can successfully treat sleep disorders, nasal and airway obstruction, snoring problems, sleep apnea, and other conditions that may affect your sleep quality. 
  • Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery- ENT specialists also specialize in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery to correct the facial trauma caused by accident, injury, birth defects, or any medical condition. Such conditions include cleft palates, drooping eyelids, hair loss, ear deformities, facial paralysis, trauma reconstruction, cosmetic surgery of the face, etc. 
  • Pediatrics- Children need special attention at an early age as their bodies are still developing. At this stage, children suffer from common conditions like ear infection, tonsillitis, adenoid infection, asthma, allergy, airway problems, or developmental delays. The ENT specialists also provide pediatric care to the children and resolve these problems effectively. 

What are the ENT problems treated at Pristyn Care in Bangalore and How? 

At Pristyn Care, Bangalore, you can get treatment for a perforated eardrum, deviated nasal septum, sinus infection/sinusitis, tonsillitis, adenoid infection, etc. To treat these problems, we leverage modern technologies which are minimally invasive. The common procedures our doctors perform for the treatment of various disorders are: 

  • Tympanoplasty- It is the surgical repair of the eardrum and other components of the middle ear. It is usually performed to treat chronic ear infection that causes serious hearing problems due to perforation in the ear. The surgery involves the repair of the tympanic membrane to treat the infection effectively. 
  • Septoplasty- This procedure is recommended when the nasal deviation starts causing breathing problems. In the surgery, the bone and cartilage of the nose are straightened to improve the airflow in the nose. 
  • Tonsillectomy- It is the surgical removal of tonsils that are located at the back of the throat. This procedure is recommended mostly when tonsils become infected and swollen causing throat infections, sleep apnea, and problems in swallowing food and water. The surgery removes the tonsils and resolves these symptoms permanently.  
  • FESS- Functional endoscopic sinus surgery is a procedure performed for the treatment of sinus infection. It is performed with the help of an endoscope through a small incision and the cause of the infection is treated to open the nasal passages. 

Adenoidectomy- It is the procedure of removal of adenoid glands that are swollen and inflamed due to a chronic infection. It can cause various problems like nasal obstructions, allergies, nose infections, recurrent earaches, etc. And the most plausible treatment method is the surgical removal of the adenoids. 

Why choose Pristyn Care to get ENT treatment in Bangalore? 

There is no doubt that multiple healthcare providers are available in Bangalore that use advanced technologies for ENT treatments. But Pristyn Care excels in the area which matters the most, i.e., patient experience. 

We focus on providing seamless medical care through a patient-centric approach. The patients get additional care and the following benefits which makes us a preferable choice for surgical care:

  • High Safety Standards Against Coronavirus- We maintain the necessary hygiene and regularly sanitize the surroundings to keep the medical centers clean and safe. 
  • Quick Insurance Approval- Unlike other healthcare providers, we handle the insurance paperwork professionally. We collect the papers from the patient and negotiate with the insurance provider to get the claim. 
  • Free Transportation Service- We provide free cab service to the patients on the day of surgery so that they don't have to worry about travel. 
  • Dedicated Care Buddy- We provide assistance to the patients during the hospitalization with the help of our care buddies. 
  • Free Follow-ups- We also provide follow-up consultations and recovery guides to the patients without any additional charges. 
  • No-Cost EMI Service- One of the best services we provide is the No-Cost EMI option that allows the patients to cover the cost of ENT treatments in Bangalore through easy installments. 

All our services are personalized according to the patient's needs. And that is why people become more inclined to choose Pristyn Care. We simplify their treatment journey and make advanced treatment cost-effective. 

How can one book an appointment with the best ENT specialists in Bangalore? 

Some of the best ENT specialists in Bangalore are working with Pristyn Care. So, you only need to contact us to book an appointment with the experts. We have three simple and easy ways through which patients can book an appointment with the doctors. 

  • The first way is giving us a call on the number given at the top and talking to our representatives to schedule your appointment with the best ENT surgeons. 
  • The second way is filling the "Book Appointment" form and submitting your details. Our representatives will give you a call to discuss the date and time of the appointment for a consultation. 
  • The third way is downloading the Consult Doctor application on your mobile to browse the list of best ENT surgeons in Bangalore. You can see the doctor's consultation fee, experience, and availability within the app and confirm the appointment accordingly. 

Irrespective of the method you choose to book an appointment with our doctors, you will have the flexibility to pick a date and time that suits you. Once the appointment is confirmed, you can also choose if you wish to consult with the doctor face to face or over a virtual call.  

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