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What are Menstrual disorders?

The set of problems related to menstruation that have major effects on a woman’s reproductive are called menstrual disorders. No female should take menstrual disorders casually as ignorance might cause the symptoms to get more serious with time. Initially, menstrual disorders are marked with irregular periods along with other physical and psychological symptoms. A female can experience either unusually heavy bleeding or very low bleeding if she is suffering from any menstrual disorder.

Types of Menstrual Disorder

Abnormal uterine bleeding or Menorrhagia- In this disorder, a woman faces abnormally heavy bleeding during menstruation. Usually, menorrhagia is the result of hormonal imbalance. Other reasons can be endometrial polyps, genetic factors, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc. A female suffering from menorrhagia requires changing the tampon or sanitary napkins more than usual cases.

Dysmenorrhea- This medical condition is associated with the menstrual cramps and their intensity. The mild cramps are fine and are not a matter of concern. But, when the cramps become severe and prolonged, it requires immediate medical attention.

Amenorrhea- Amenorrhea is a menstrual disorder where there is an absence of bleeding. If a female in her reproductive age misses 3 periods continuously it is called amenorrhea.

Oligomenorrhea- The condition in which the menstrual cycle becomes less frequent is called oligomenorrhea. A female who has a gap of more than 35 days in her periods is diagnosed with oligomenorrhea.





Uterine Fibroids


Too much use of painkillers and antibiotics

Excess exercising

Chronic health issues

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A proper diagnosis is carried out by the gynecologist to determine the actual cause of the menstrual disorder. Before that, the doctor will ask you in detail all about your medical history and the symptoms you are experiencing.

Following are the diagnostics usually prescribed by a gynecologist:

  • Blood Tests- For checking if the female has thyroid, anemia or has any other abnormal functioning of blood cells.
  • Pap Test- Pap smear test is done to find out if there are cancerous cells, infection or inflammation.
  • Vaginal examination- The vagina is physically examined by the doctor to check the condition of the vagina as well as the uterus.
  • Endometrial Biopsy- To identify the actual cause of the abnormal bleeding from the uterus.
  • Ultrasound- It is performed to look out for any abnormality in the conditions of the pelvis and the abdomen. Ultrasound helps to locate the cysts, fibroids and confirm if there is any abnormality in the pelvic floor.
  • Sonohysterography- It is a special type of ultrasound performed for the uterus. It helps in getting more detailed results than ultrasound alone.
  • Hysteroscopy- A small device, called a hysteroscope, is inserted through the vagina into the uterus. The device has a light and a camera on its tip that allows the doctor to get a detailed view of the cervix and the uterus. A hysteroscopy may also be operative or surgical. In an operative hysteroscopy, small surgical instruments are used to treat the abnormal condition.

Surgical Treatments:

  • Endometrial ablation:- It is the surgical procedure of removing the lining of the uterus by using a hysteroscope. The hysteroscope is inserted into the uterus through the vagina only. It is a day-care procedure performed by administering local anesthesia. The female can go back home on the same day of the surgery.
  • Myomectomy:- The surgery performed to remove the uterine fibroids is called myomectomy.
  • Hysterectomy:- The process can be performed in different ways. Abdominal Hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus by making an incision on the abdomen. Vaginal Hysterectomy is the process of removal of the uterus through the vagina. Laparoscopically Assisted Vaginal hysterectomy is the process of removing the uterus through the vagina by making small incisions in the abdomen for the help of the doctor performing the surgery.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I have been facing heavy and prolonged bleeding during my periods for 3 months. It causes me so much discomfort and pain, what should I do about it?

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Is very little bleeding during periods or sometimes bleeding hardly for a day normal? I am worried if it is a major problem.

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Can obesity lead to menstrual disorders?

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Does excess bleeding during periods affect overall health?

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