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What is Myringotomy?

Myringotomy is the procedure in which the doctor will create a small hole in the eardrum so the fluids like blood, water or pus can drain out. In some cases, the doctor will put in a tube so it won’t get backed up again. The middle ear infection is common amongst children and when the antibiotics won’t work then the myringotomy surgery is required.




Partial or permanent hearing

Slow speech development in children

Ruptured eardrums

Infection that spreads to the bones of the ear

Why Painless Treatment?

No Pain | No Stitches | No Scars

30 - 45 min Procedure

24hr Hospitalization

Faster recovery with no pain

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Fewer chances of complication

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ENT doctor examining patient with ear ache


The ENT specialist or an ear doctor will insert an otoscope to see the ear canal if the kid has fluid in the ears for more than three or four months following an ear infection. The diagnosis will depend on the symptoms a patient may be feeling.


A myringotomy is performed under the influence of general anesthesia. The procedure begins with the preparation of the ear for the surgery. The incision is made through a laser beam. During the myringotomy procedure, the ENT doctor makes a small cut in the eardrum through which excessive fluid from the middle ear is drained out. To continue the drainage, the doctors sometimes insert a small tube inside the ear. This will remove the remarkable amount of fluid, which creates an improvement in the hearing when the surgery is completed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to recover from myringotomy?

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What are the advantages of modern daycare surgery?

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Get Myringotomy Surgery for Ear Drainage at Pristyn Care clinics in Pune

People in Pune are facing ear problems on a daily basis. There is no need for incision care as the surgery is performed directly on the eardrum, so there is no incision made on the skin. In the beginning of the recovery process, it’s not uncommon to have drainage from the ear. At this point, the ear can be protected from water, which can get inside the ear via the tube. The surgeon will recommend earplugs during the shower, swimming or by any activity which has the risk of water entering the ear.

Most Advanced Myringotomy Surgery at Pristyn Care clinics in Pune

Some of the tips that our doctor prescribe to ensure faster and steady recovery after a myringotomy surgery are-

  • Change the cotton used to soak postsurgical drainage regularly.
  • Take proper medications as prescribed by the doctor.
  • While swimming or bathing, use earplugs.
  • Do not put anything inside the doctor during recovery.
  • Make sure water doesn’t enter the ear.

Pristyn Care team in Pune provides a painless treatment for fluids in the middle ear. The treatment is performed by laser in approximately 30 minutes. The patient usually requires only 1 day hospitalization if the surgeon does not suspect any complications. A patient will be surprised that unlike open surgery, modern daycare treatment causes no pain to the patient. This daycare procedure is very convenient for patients who have less time to spare. Delaying the treatment can create more complications, so get in touch with Pristyn Care and end your ear problems.

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