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USFDA Approved Procedures

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No Cuts. No Wounds. Painless*.

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1 Day Procedure

Best Doctors For Scar Removal in Pune

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    Dr. Rahul Bhadgale (8Y37SrhghR)

    Dr. Rahul Bhadgale

    MBBS, M S, M.Ch (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)
    14 Yrs.Exp.


    14 + Years

    location icon Pristyn Care Clinic, Shivajinagar, Pune
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    Dr. Surajsinh Chauhan (TSyrDjLFlK)

    Dr. Surajsinh Chauhan

    MBBS, MS, DNB- Plastic Surgery
    10 Yrs.Exp.


    10 + Years

    location icon Pristyn Care Clinic, Pimpri Chichwad, Pune
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  • About Scar Removal Surgery

    Scar removal surgery, also known as scar revision, is a procedure to minimize or improve the appearance of the scar. It emphasizes that scar tissues blend with the surrounding skin and become less noticeable or visible. The surgery can be done for aesthetic reasons and also to restore the functioning of the body part, which was restricted due to scarring.

    At Pristyn Care, we leverage the skin grafting technique to cover the scar in the most efficient way. It is one of the best ways to cover the scar and improve its appearance surgically. We have expert plastic surgeons in Pune who are well-trained and highly skilled in performing scar removal surgery using the skin grafting technique.


    Scar Removal-Overview
    Types of Scars
    • Keloid Scars
    • Contracture Scars
    • Hypertrophic Scars
    • Acne Scars
    Techniques of Skin Grafting
    • Full-thickness Skin Graft (FTSG)
    • Split-thickness Skin Graft (STSG)
    • Composite Graft
    • Epidermal Skin Graft
    See a Doctor After Surgery If
    • Blood or pus drains from the incision
    • Pain persists even after medications
    • Signs of infections exist, such as fever
    Risks & Complications
    • Bleeding
    • Graft failure
    • Infection at the donor or recipient site
    • Poor healing
    • Hypersensitivity
    • Loss of sensation in the treated area
    • Graft tissue contraction
    • Suture marks
    Scar Removal Treatment Image



    Before using any type of scar removal method, the surgeon needs to examine the scar. A full assessment is required to determine the type of scar and its severity.

    There are several scar-measuring devices available that facilitate data collection to quantify the scar objectively. These devices assess parameters such as pliability, color, perfusion, thickness, 3-D topography, firmness, etc. Scar scales are used for subjective scar assessment. It helps to quantify the scar appearance in response to the treatment. These scales are-

    • Vancouver Scar Scale (VSS)- Used for burn scar assessment. It assesses vascularity, height, thickness, pliability, and pigmentation.
    • Manchester Scar Scale (MSS)- This scale attributes scores of various parameters, including scar color, skin texture, relationship to the surrounding skin, margins, size, and the number of scars.
    • Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale (POSAS)- This assessment test evaluates the scar from a patient’s and an observer’s perspective. It assesses vascularity, pigmentation, thickness, pliability, relief, and surface area of the scar. It further incorporates the patient’s symptoms, i.e., pain, itching, color, stiffness, thickness, and relief.
    • Visual Analog Scale (VAS)- It is a photograph-based scale that assesses pigmentation, vascularity, acceptability, observer comfort, and contour of the scar.
    • Stony Brook Scar Evaluation Scale (SBSES)- This scale is used to assess how the scar is likely to respond to the treatment in the short term.

    The surgeon picks one of the multiple assessments to identify the best method to improve the appearance of the scar.


    There are three different techniques of skin graft surgery- Split-thickness skin graft (STSG), Full-thickness skin graft (FTSG), and Composite graft. The following steps are involved in the procedure-

    • The anesthetist administers general anesthesia to numb the body and put the patient to sleep.
    • Both donor and recipient sites are sterilized. An air-powered dermatome will be used to harvest the graft from the donor site. Epinephrine is used to reduce blood loss at the donor site.
    • The skin graft is cleaned or placed in a saline solution until the recipient site is ready.
    • At the recipient site, the scar is cleaned and the skin graft is placed over the area. Sutures or staples are used to stitch the graft on the scar.

    The entire procedure takes approximately 1 or 2 hours to complete depending on the size of the scar. Skin grafting surgery is usually done on an outpatient basis. Thus, the doctor will monitor your health for a few hours after surgery and then discharge the patient accordingly.

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    Why choose Pristyn Care for Scar Removal

    Delivering Seamless Surgical Experience in India


    Effective Scar Removal Treatment

    At Pristyn Care, we use the skin grafting technique to cover the scar properly. The surgery is completely safe and has minimal downtime.


    Expert Plastic Surgeons

    We have well-trained plastic surgeons with 10+ years of experience and ample knowledge to perform the surgery safely. Our doctors compile a customized treatment plan for each patient depending on their requirements.


    Minimal Scarring

    Scar removal surgery is a minimally invasive procedure. The skin graft is placed smartly by the surgeon to reduce scarring after the treatment. Thus, there is no aesthetic downside.


    Post-Surgery Care & Follow-ups

    We provide a detailed recovery guide and multiple follow-up consultations for smooth recovery. The guide and post-op consultations are free of cost.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Who is the ideal candidate for scar reduction?

    Though every person wants to get rid of scars on their body, the procedure cannot be performed for all. Scar reduction is usually a good option if you-

    • Feel bothered by the scar’s appearance
    • Are physically healthy
    • Do not smoke and drink on a regular basis
    • Have a positive outlook toward the procedure
    • Have realistic goals
    • Don’t have any active acne outbursts or other skin problems in the area to be treated

    What are the different options available in Pune for scar removal?

    There are various surgical and non-surgical options available in Pune for scar removal. These methods include-

    • Scar reduction or revision surgery
    • Skin grafting
    • Laser scar removal
    • Chemical peels
    • Dermabrasion
    • Injections
    • Ointments

    Is scar removal procedure covered under health insurance?

    Yes, scar removal, as well as treatment of other skin problems, are covered by health insurance. Many people believe that dermatological issues are not covered under the base insurance policy. However, skin concerns are usually covered under the plans offered by various insurance providers. The exact amount of coverage you will get may vary. You can talk to the insurer and learn all about the terms and conditions of the policy regarding the same.

    Can I use health insurance to pay for the scar removal procedure at Pristyn Care?

    Yes, at Pristyn Care, we accept all insurance policies for scar removal. You can talk to our medical care coordinators and they will guide you through the insurance approval process. Our team will also help you with the claim process.

    Does Pristyn Care provide the No-Cost EMI service in Pune for scar removal?

    Yes, whether you are getting scar reduction treatment with us in Pune or any other city, our No-Cost EMI service is available everywhere. You will have to provide us with the necessary paperwork regarding your finances and avail the service as required.

    What is the success rate of scar removal techniques at Pristyn Care?

    At Pristyn Care, the success rate of all types of scar removal procedures is higher than 95%. We employ the UFDA-approved tools and advanced technology for the procedures that improve the outcome.

    How long it will take to recover after the scar reduction procedure?

    The overall recovery after the scar reduction procedure usually depends on the technique used for scar removal. If non-surgical methods are used, the recovery will take around 2-3 days. If surgery is used, around a week or so will be required to get back to regular activities. The complete recovery may take longer.

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    Dr. Rahul Bhadgale
    14 Years Experience Overall
    Last Updated : July 16, 2024

    What types of scars are treated at Pristyn Care?

    At Pristyn Care, we provide treatment for different types of scars, including-

    • Keloid Scars- This type of scar develops from an injury. It appears as a result of aggressive healing and is composed of extra collagen under the skin. Sometimes, they even extend beyond the initial injury as the skin cells and connective tissues often multiply to repair the damage.
    • Contracture Scars- This type of scar forms when the skin burns. Such scars tighten the skin and can also impair the ability to move properly. These scars affect the muscles and nerves to a deeper level.
    • Hypertrophic Scars- This type of scar also results from injury but doesn’t go beyond that injured area. It is often raised and appears red in color. In many cases, these scars are mistaken as keloid scars but they are easier to treat.
    • Acne Scars- Many people who have experienced severe acne have been affected with acne scarring. Acne often causes permanent textural changes and also leaves indentations on the skin after an acne breakout.

    No matter what type of scars you have, if you want to get rid of it, get in touch with Pristyn Care.

    Benefits of Choosing Pristyn Care for Scar Removal in Bhubaneswar

    Being a leading healthcare provider in India, Pristyn Care provides all-inclusive care and services that are essential for a seamless experience. With us, you will get the following benefits-

    • Top-notch services at the clinics and partnered hospitals in Bhubaneswar.
    • Highly experienced surgeons with specialization in minimally invasive procedures.
    • Free pick and drop service to make the commute on the day of surgery easier.
    • Multiple payment options along with No-Cost EMI service availability.
    • Complete assistance from the initial consultation till follow-ups.
    • Free post-surgery care, recovery guide, and follow-up consultations.

    To learn more about our services in Bhubaneswar provided for scar removal treatment, you can give us a call.

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