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Treatment of Breast Augmentation in Pune?

Breast augmentation surgery is also known as mammaplasty. It is a cosmetic procedure that aims to increase the shape and size of the breasts with the help of breast implants. This procedure enhances the breast shape that looks symmetrical to the rest of the body.

Breast augmentation surgery adds volume to the breasts by inserting artificial breasts implants in the cavity behind the mammary gland. This procedure helps in making breasts look bigger, toned, and fuller. If you are also looking for medical advise or want to undergo breast augmentation surgery in Pune, consult a plastic surgeon at Pristyn Care to discuss all the necessary details about the treatment.



Why Advanced Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Minimally invasive procedure

A faster recovery duration

Rare chances of risks

No visible scarring

Minimal bleeding

Resume work within one week

Advantages of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Improved aesthetic appearance

Fuller and bigger breasts

Increased confidence

Wear desired clothing

Long-lasting results

Why Pristyn Care?

Highly experienced plastic surgeons

USFDA approved technique for breast augmentation surgery

No-cost EMI

Absolute confidentiality and privacy

Flexible payment options

Steps Involved in Treatment of Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation


The plastic surgeon will perform a comprehensive diagnosis before initiating the breast augmentation treatment. The diagnosis may include a physical examination, where the surgeon will analyze the current shape and size of the breast. During the physical evaluation, the plastic surgeon will ask about your medical history and current medication or supplements if you are taking any.  

The plastic surgeon will also recommend some diagnostic tests to rule out any underlying cause before determining the technique for breast augmentation surgery, such as:

  • Blood test
  • Urine culture
  • ECG
  • Chest X-ray
  • Mammogram


After a thorough diagnosis, the plastic surgeon will suggest the most suitable technique to perform the breast augmentation procedure. There are different kinds of methods through which enlarged breast size can be achieved:

Trans-axillary- The plastic surgeon makes an incision in the armpit to access the cavity available behind the mammary gland to insert the breast implant in order to increase the breast size. This procedure doesn’t involve any incision on the breast itself. 

Inframammary fold or Sub-pectoral- In this technique of breast augmentation surgery, the plastic surgeon makes an incision underneath the breast. This technique gives complete access to the plastic surgeon to put the selected breast implant while controlling its positioning behind the mammary gland.

Peri-aeriolar- During this procedure, the plastic surgeon makes an incision around the areas of the nipple-areolar. The color around the nipple skin is darker as compared to the rest of the breast. The incision made during the breast augmentation surgery on the areola fades away in due course once healed properly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of breast augmentation surgery in Pune?

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Which is the best hospital for breast augmentation surgery in Pune?

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Which is the best surgeon to consult for breast augmentation treatment in Pune?

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Does medical insurance cover breast augmentation surgery?

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Are there any non-surgical treatments for breast augmentation?

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What are the dos and don’ts after breast augmentation surgery?

There are some dos and don’ts you should follow after breast augmentation surgery:


  • Always lie on your back while sleeping
  • Eat a healthy diet that is enriched with vitamins, fiber, nutrients, and protein to promote the healing process.
  • Always take your prescribed medication on time to support your recovery duration.
  • Do consult your plastic surgeon, if you feel or notice any odd symptoms during your recovery period.
  • Wear compression bra for at least 2-3 weeks post breast augmentation surgery to support corrected breasts. 


  • Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol during your recovery period.
  • Do not remove your bandage on your own unless recommended by your plastic surgeon.
  • Do not take a hot water bath or soak your body in hot water as it can complicate the post-surgery recovery.
  • Avoid doing strenuous activities for at least 3-4 weeks post-surgery or as advised by your plastic surgeon.
  • Do not indulge in sexual activity for 3 weeks at least after breast augmentation surgery.

Why should you choose Pristyn Care for breast augmentation surgery in Pune?

Pristyn Care is the best healthcare provider available in Pune. We have partnered with reputed hospitals in Pune that are fully equipped to make advanced breast augmentation surgery accessible to all the patients at an affordable cost. Some benefits of choosing Pristyn Care for breast augmentation surgery as compared to other healthcare providers are:

  • We have an in-house team of board-certified cosmetic surgeons in Pune who perform advanced breast augmentation procedures to provide the most effective treatment.
  • We offer free cab service to each patient for pick-up and drop-off on the day of breast augmentation surgery to make their commute process easy in Pune.
  • We provide multiple payments modes such as cash, credit cards, debit cards, or no-cost EMI to reduce the medical finance burden from each patient who undergoes breast enlargement surgery.
  • We associate a dedicated care buddy to each patient on the day of the breast augmentation surgery to handle all the hospital admission paperwork until discharge.
  • We understand that recovery is a key factor of treatment. Hence, we provide free follow-up consultations to each patient to promote the healing process. 

Book your appointment today with the best plastic surgeon in Pune

If you are planning for breast augmentation treatment, consult a highly experienced plastic surgeon in Pune at Pristyn Care. There are three easy ways through which you can book an appointment with a plastic surgeon:

  • Call the mentioned number directly to speak to our medical coordinator directly. Our medical coordinator will listen to your queries and provide all the details concerning the breast augmentation procedure.
  • You can also fill out the form given on our website as ‘Book Your appointment’ with all the required details of the patient. Our medical coordinator will call you at the earliest to provide comprehensive assistance about breast augmentation treatment available in Pune. In addition, the medical coordinator will book an appointment with an experienced plastic surgeon near you on your behalf for a thorough consultation for breast augmentation.
  • Download the Pristyn Care mobile application, which is available for Android as well as iOS. The doctors’ profiles are available on the application along with their experience records. You can scroll through the profiles and choose your plastic surgeon to book a slot for online or offline consultation at your convenience.
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